my eighth grade life

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eighth grader sidney narrates this story all about her middle school friends, activities, and most importantly, DRAMA

Drama / Humor
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my first week of eighth grade!

the day has come, my first day of eighth grade year and last year of middle school. i’ll be among the oldest grade at school. i won’t get picked on by older kids, and i won’t be the awkward seventh graders at school dances (my middle school only allows school dances for seventh and eighth graders...) i got to a catholic school, even though the kids there don’t neccisarily act too catholic.

my name is sidney miller. i’m 13 years old and 5 feet tall. i’m pretty short for my age, or at least compared to the 5’6 tall people at my school (on average!) i have an ombré type of brown eyes and no freckles except for a couple little random moles which don’t count. i have and olivey type skin tone with lightish brown hair. btw i’m pretty mad because i hate how short my hair is right now, i look like an elf. it’s like chin lengthed and i look really funky. i mean the girls on pinterest can pull this haircut off! why can’t i?!

here’s a bit of a back story about my tragic hair... in seventh grade my mom told me not to cut my hair so short at the hair salon, but i wanted my hair to be shorter than my sisters, like it had always been, until she got a haircut a couple weeks before. my mom has dark brown, shouldered length hair with dark brown eyes. she is pretty short (like me) and is 5’1 and a half i think. my sister’s name is london. she has the perfect length , brown hair that sits on her shoulders (lucky) and is a sophomore in high school. she has lots of cute freckles on her face which i’m also jealous of... she’s probably 5’5 and also goes to a catholic school. even though i wasn’t talking about him, i guess i’ll tell u about my dad too (aka the last person in my family other than the pets). my dad has the average male height of 5’11 with blue eyes. too bad i couldn’t get his tallish genes or blue eyes. me and my sis are so mad we didn’t get his blue eyes that we both want. i guess my moms brown eye genes are too dominant... he also has brown hair like the rest of us, but by far is the lightest shade of brown among us. he also has my little, random moles on his face too. well back to my hair. it still hasn’t grown back to my shoulders! ugh

anyways, back to my first day of school...

it was probably 6:00 am when i woke up. i have to be in class by 7:45 am and i wanted to be a bit early to take some pictures with my friends. i tried to straighten my hair to look less like an elf, it didn’t really work out to well though... i put some mascara, lip gloss, and a necklace on with some black old skool vans. i wear kind of plain, yet trendy, shoes because i have to wear my plaid skirt and polo uniform to school. it’s hard to match sometimes. i have a blush pink hershel backpack with my laptop, schoolbooks, and snack inside of it. i ate some lucky charms and a banana for breakfast (i’m a very picky breakfast eater) and then i walked outside so my parents can take my first day of school pics. then, we were off to school!

i got there at maybe 7:25 and went to my homeroom after seeing and taking pics with my friends from other classes. at first i didn’t get a good homeroom because the teacher and london had some ruff moments together in the past, so i switched to a one with a bunch of my friends. it’s pretty great. i walked in and see my shadow, eva.

a shadow is someone who follows you around to see the school and classes the year before they come (so she shadowed me in seventh grade...) i didn’t know if she recognized me, so i gave her a shy smile and a little wave. she just stared at me, so i assumed she didn’t.

i was pretty annoyed because i had to be seated in the second row behind one of the tallest kids in the grade. his name is joshua and is like 5’10! almost my dads height. “great,” i thought “i get to sit behind one of the tallest kids in the grade for my whole year (at least in homeroom)”.

joshua is one of the popular kids. all of them are like so tall and i have no clue why! some of them are named chase, luke, graham, bodie, and many more. they all are pretty athletic, but not too smart...

after school at the curbside pick up, i saw a girl who was new to our school named leah. i talked to her for a bit at a snack break and she seemed super sweet and she loves hugs, which isn’t a bad thing. she has long, red, and curly hair which is really pretty. she has paler skin and has freckles. i also really liked her jansport backpack which had an orange plant on it. i was thinking about getting that backpack at tillys with my dad, but i ended up getting my pink hershel one which i’m also in love with! me and leah got really close that day and it seemed like everyone liked her (or at least in my friend group). we made a handshake and exchanged numbers.

so, the first day of school was pretty uneventful. but you know what this friday is? the start of HIGHSCHOOL FOOTBALL WEEK!!! all of the eighth graders go to the highschool games usually to see their friends, see their future highschool play (lots of kids from my middle school go here for highschool), and because their families and siblings go to the games so they tag along. for me, all apply. me and a lot of my friend group decided to go tonight. we all wore white because it was a whiteout to look cool (even though honestly we aren’t... we are like the friend group made of all girls who aren’t neccesarily popular but most certainly are not the nerds).

walking into the game is saw me and some of my acting friend’s old summer camp crush. his name was hurley and was only our crush for a week, so i wasn’t to excited. i did take a pic of him to text them and i’m pretty sure he caught me in the act. oopsie.

my friends that are going are named adeline, gabby, eva, kayla, and brooklyn.

adeline has dark brown hair and it is pretty long. she has dark brown eyes and is, of course, 5’6. she is pretty chill and sometimes kind of weird, but that’s okay.

gabby is a really sweet girl, but on the shorter side like me. she has dark brown hair and eyes and loves the color pink. she is mostly friends with me and brooklyn out of the people at this football game because we are also in a different friend group. that friend group is pretty much apart of the friend group at this game though. our whole group is like a mix of a lot of littler friend groups in one big one.

anyways, brooklyn probably is the most popular our friend group because she was the star soccer player on the team last year. she also has a “boyfriend” if you can even call it that because we are only in eighth grade. his name is jj and is like the same social stature as us, just in the boy group (sometimes he is more of a loner though). me and adeline don’t really like jj. he is kind of a jerk and we don’t see why brooklyn would want to be with him. jj has like a weird grayish blond hair color and is like an inch or two shorter than brooklyn. he also has a faceful of freckles and i have no clue what color eyes he has. brooklyn is super sweet and kind. she has really shiny brown hair and is the average height of 5’6 (lucky!) she also has brown eyes and a has a nice, tan skin color.

by the way, me, adeline, gabby, and maybe more people think brooklyn doesn’t really like him and just wants tho be a girlfriend for popularity sometimes, but that’s okay i guess. i bet a lot of people do that...

eva has longish blond hair and is 5’6 about (at this point i’m not surprised the new girl fits in better than me height wise). she seems shy but nice i guess, but i don’t really know her personality that much. eva became better friends with brooklyn, so we hung out with her at the game. even though she just moved to california and is only staying for eighth grade, her dad is the football coach, so that’s why she is here. i’m pretty sure we both know that she rembers me, but i kind of choose not to talk to her much because honestly, i’m kind of scared to. that may sound weird and mean saying she is the new girl and should be scared of me, but i don’t know...

last but not least, i get to tell you about kayla. me and kayla have had lots of drama in the past. sometimes she tries to much to be like me, but i don’t know why. also, sometimes she gets insecure of people and says something kind of mean that sometimes puts them down to make herself seem better. her and adeline bud heads a lot. when i say a lot i mean A LOT, but all of that’s besides the point (for now at least)... kayla has shoulder length, light brown hair and freckles. for years we have been the same height, but i am finally like 3 inches taller than her. (yes!) she and i are really alike so most of our drama happens probably because we are to alike (in some ways at least).

so brooklyn and eva were texting jj and were secretly whispering which made me feel left out. no one else seemed to be left out, so maybe i was being dramatic and there was nothing to feel bad about. what was left of our friends were walking past the stands as a guy dressed as jesus started a fight with someone dressed up as an angel. eek!

the highschool we were cheering for was playing the rival catholic team. on the other side was kendall (one of my good friends who is in the mixed friend groups of the big one and the littler one gabby is also apart of). she was sitting with kaylas friend (who is kendall’s friend too) her name is lindsay. i would want to be friends with lindsay, but i don’t think she likes me though. that’s okay i guess...

also on the other side was one of my friends from acting’s cousin. she is a grade younger than us, but i still know who she is. i texted my acting friend (one of the same ones from earlier) and she said to go say hi to her. i couldn’t because there was a fence in between the fields and i would probably get i trouble if i went on the other side.

so, once brooklyn and eva came back, we went together to talk to brooklyn’s boyfriend and some of his football friends. jj is in some football team and get a special access to the field somehow. we went to the fence and started to talking to the boys (i don’t know there names). they all seemed pretty obnoxious, but we had nothing better to do other than talking to them. they kept throwing trash in the other side of the fence and told us to pick it up. we were all like “uh what? why” and they were like “just do it”. gabby picked up there trash being the nice person that she is. (i honestly didn’t know what the point of their trash throwing was because it has no importance at all whatsoever) then, things started to get more juicy. one of them came up with the idea that brooklyn and jj should kiss. boy, was i excited for something intresting to happen! both brooklyn and jj instantly became red because of embarrassment (not that you could tell very well due to the dark sky and lack of light where we were.) he started offering $20 for them to kiss, but it didn’t really make a difference. then there was endless bickering and the boys were cussing for no reason andddddd thennnnnn, nothing happened. :( i mean i’m not really mad about it because we shouldn’t be kissing people when we are 13, at least i don’t think so. But, hey, can’t blame a girl for wanting some kind of boy drama to happen!

even though it wa the rival team, i found one of their shirts that they were giving out and i grabbed it. it was really comfortable and it would be a good pj shirt, so i was excited! that excitement quickly faded when brooklyn’s brother (who goes to the highschool we were cheering for and who is in london’s grade) snatched it right out of my hands and ripped it to shreds. i was so mad, but tried to laugh it off and not show it. to this day , i am still mad, but whatever...

it was maybe 9:30 pm and we lost the game :( and i had a stomach ache for some reason. me and my friends went to corkys after to eat because ,why not. i didn’t eat much because of how bad my stomach hurt, but we still had fun !

after that i went home and went to bed happy with my first week of eight grade.
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