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I'm a gentleman...

I'm a gentleman...

As soon as I heard Kilo and his female friend head downstairs I opened my eyes.

I heard him load the gun this time.

I know it’s on the floor by the bed.

I could grab it.

I could try again to escape.

It’s now or never...

I hopped out of bed and picked it up. I decided to worry about clothes later. I was holding it up, much like I did the last time when he came back into the room.

Crap. He’s fast.

It took him a few steps before he realized I was standing there. He did a double-take and then groaned. “Desire. Not again.”

“Freeze!” I said, reciting the only command that would come to mind.

He laughed at me and stepped closer. “We both know you are not going to use it.”

For some reason his overconfidence was truly irritating. “Do you want to bet?” I snapped, putting all of my anger into my words.

His dark eyes bored into mine and he raised a hand to his chin thoughtfully. “Fine,” he said. “Go ahead.” He walked all the way up to me and stared down at the gun. “But switch the safety off first.”

Damn it! Really? I took a deep breath and sighed in defeat, lowering the gun.

“Give me the gun,” he said evenly.

I angrily shoved it toward him and he grabbed both my wrists in one hand before taking the gun back. He stared down at me, pulling me slightly toward him. I wrenched myself free and sneered at him.

Disappointment crossed his features for the briefest second. “You’re going to get yourself killed if you keep pulling stunts like that. Now get into bed.” He winked at me and I rolled my eyes.

Okay fine, I thought as I complied with his request. Have it your way. It’s nearly tomorrow already. In just a few more hours it will be daylight. I was sitting up in the bed glaring at him and he leaned in close to my face. I refused to back away from him I just continued to stare. Anger shadowed over him and he raised his hand to my face. Go ahead and slap me, I thought. I fucken dare you, but he didn’t. Instead, he traced his thumb over my bottom lip so slowly that I instinctively opened my mouth. My heart started pounding as his fingers grazed down my throat. My breathing became heavier and he groaned.

“You are going to drive me crazy, aren’t you?” He said softly.

“Am I?” I breathed.

He took a deep breath and appeared to shake himself. “Let’s just get some sleep. Please.” Then his voice became dark with sadness. Don’t make me have to kill you Desire.”

I have been awake all night. Drifting toward sleep the entire time, but never getting there. Like a row boat that floats next to the shore, but always pulls back into the ocean. I have only been up all night one other time in my life. When Sasha and I binge watched horror movies when we were ten. We watched them the entire day after too. Then we passed out cold for day and a half.

I laughed out loud at the memory. Just the thought of Sasha made me smile. I know she’s going to give the cops a hard time about finding me. She’s probably going to insist she get to help. She won’t let them slack off and this I know.

I take a deep breath and I become sad all over again. I wish I could call her and let her know that I’m safe. So that she and my family don’t have to worry.

During the night Kilo, had turned over. Now, one strong muscular arm was draped over me. This guy. What does he think he’s doing sleeping with his arm on me? I’m not your treasure you simple fool!


His hand is dangerously close to my breast and I can feel his breath roll down my neck each time he exhales. One of his legs is bent and stretched over my own. I guess it does bring me s little comfort. Like he’s protecting me somehow.

I sighed. rolled my eyes at myself. I’m so dumb. Sure Desire, like he kidnapped you for your own protection and not his.

Still I can’t help but want to curl into him. Put his arm all the way around me. Instead of having his hand resting on my chest. Have it hold me close.

Okay Desi, stop tripping yourself out.

The more I fantasize about him, the less I’ll see him for who he is. A cruel criminal that robbed Sam and took me hostage. Still he is incredibly sexy and it’s not like I have anything better to do.

I giggled to myself as I turned my face to plant a tender kiss on his lips. Kissy, kissy, wakey, wakey?

I gasped as he shifted his body in response to my kiss and my heart starts beating a mile a minute.

“Mmmm,” Kilo murmurs in his sleep.

Oh shit. My bad. His body responded by pulling me closer. His leg stretched the entire way over my hips and hand pulled me further under him.

Holy fuck. Now, I really won’t get any sleep. I could feel his warmth through the blanket. His muscles were at rest, but still heavily flexed. Now that my body rested under one of his hips I could feel his growing erection. Crap! What the hell have I done?

It’s nearly dawn, maybe I should wake him.

“Kilo,” I whispered.

He didn’t stir, but he did when I kissed him.

Don’t even think about it, I told myself. His face nuzzled into my neck and he moaned again, still sleeping. I could feel his lips. They were just barely grazing my neck. My body began to tingle in places that I knew it shouldn’t. I attempted to scoot a little away from him,but it only resulted in him clutching me tighter beneath him.

I wondered, what “task” does he have for me today? Whatever it is, I’ll do it. I have to right? What happens if I don’t do it? Will he kill me?

I guess it’s best to assume he will.

Suddenly I heard him moan again as he moved his body halfway onto mine and opened his eyes. He was looking down at me sleepily.


His eyes were dark and heavy with lust. I flinched as he dipped his head down and nipped my earlobe with his teeth. I gasped and chills raced all the way down my body.

He whispered directly into my ear, his hot breath making me tremble, “Morning doll face. Guess you didn’t get much sleep.”

“Mmm,” he murmured pressing his hips into me just slightly so I could feel the strength of his desire. He lifted his head again and his eyes fell on my lips.

“No,” I answered him. “Not really.”

He was flexing his muscles now. All of them as they rested against me on top of the blanket.

He spoke softly while pressing himself, gently against me. “Let me just tell you this. If you ever kiss me again, I’ll kiss you back and I don’t think you want that.”

I stared at him in shock, my cheeks burning from embarrassment. He pulled the covers down to my waist, so that my chest was exposed. Oh.

He went on, “In fact, I’m more than tempted to right now. Is that what you want?” His eyes finally met mine, before dropping down again, this time to my breast. “You want me to kiss you back?”

I was dumbfounded. I had no idea how to respond. A burning warmth was beginning at my center and traveling south at light speed.

I stared at him and whispered, “A little kiss never hurt anybody.” What? Why did I say that?

He raised his dark eyes to mine in shock. I stared into their depths as my heartbeat got louder. He studied my face for a long moment, then he began stroking my cheek, then my hair.

A steady heat transferred from his fingertips down my neck. It nearly stopped my heart. I took a deep steady breath as he edged closer to me, his hips digging gently into mine desperate for connection. I wondered if he could feel the slight tremors in my body as it yearned to press against his. Traitor, I thought to myself.

I felt my own hips move against his and heard a soft moan escape my own lips. His body shuddered in response and he muttered, "Fuck."

Then he took a deep ragged breath and turned around, leaving full of molten heat.

"Why do I mess with myself like this?" He muttered and got out of bed.

It took me a moment to adjust to the instant cold that I felt with his retreat. I clutched the blanket higher on my body and tried to hide the disappointment I felt.

"I guess we had better get this day started," he said. "I’m going to send Parker out to get you something to wear for that job this afternoon. You’ll have to be dressed a certain way for this to work. We’ll talk about what it is I need you to do after we eat. When Parker returns we’ll shower and get dressed."

He glanced at me and crossed his arms in anger. Is he mad? At me? He's the one who left me laying here.

"We? We will shower?" I asked.

"Yes, we will," he stated. "You first then me, but in the bathroom, together. Don’t worry." He smirked. "I’m a gentleman." Then he winked at me and I sat up angrily.

"Of course. Without a doubt," I tossed back.

He laughed easily. "You’re funny sweet cheeks." The he glanced at the closet. "I’ve got a couple things you can wear right now."

"Why can’t I just wear my clothes?" I asked.

He smirked again. "Well, because you disappeared in them. Don’t fret my pet. I hope you aren’t opposed to wearing high heels." He gave me a suggestive look that told me he was picturing me in them.

I hate heels.

"Not a problem," I lied.

"We'll see," he said. "I left you a couple of choices at the foot of the bed. I’ll meet you downstairs." He started to leave, but then turned back around. "Do you like your eggs scrambled?"


"Umm. Sure. Preferably unsalted and...detoxified," I snapped.

He placed both hands on the bed and leaned toward me. His eyes traveled over my cleavage and then back to my mouth. "I’m not going to poison you sweet cheeks. I want to be able to get a goodbye kiss from you when you go."

Then he picked up his gun, winked at me, and left me to get dressed.

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