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Me and my bright ideas...

Me and my bright ideas...

A goodbye kiss?

Here I am blushing again. Okay so lets see what he’s got. I shifted to the foot of the bed where he left a teal, silk dress shirt and a pair of black drawstring sweats for me to try on.

I put them on and the silk of the dress shirt hugged all of my curves. Oh, crap. I guess this will have to do. So I got up and stepped toward the door in my bare feet.

The smell of bacon and eggs wafted through the air as I cautiously stepped outside the bedroom. I must have been staring at the ground. I ran right into one of his partners in crime with a loud thud.


I looked up and gulped. Dark black eyes peered down at me and a shock of white hair fell forward as he spoke. “Oops. You should pay more attention gorgeous,” Parker warned.

“Okay. S-Sorry,” I stuttered feeling my heart start beating a bit too quickly. Parker’s eyes traveled over me greedily. He made no secret of the fact that he was checking me out.

He smiled and stepped closer to me. “It was my fault,” he said. “I saw you coming and put myself right in your path.”

“Oh,” I replied my head darting around him looking for possible routes of escape.

Parker was positioned just close enough to snatch me if I tried to get around him. He eyed me in such a way that I felt naked standing there. After facing me, he stepped forward some more giving me no choice but to step back until I hit the wall behind me.

“Do you have a boyfriend back home Desire?” He asked.

I gulped. I didn’t, but should I say I did?

“Of course I do,” I said nervously. Like it would make any difference. His simply smirked at me and moved even closer.

“No you don’t. I can tell,” he laughed. Then he leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “It’s in the way you walk. You see, if I were your man, I’d see it in your walk.” The he winked at me and reached out a finger to drag around the front of my waistband.

“I don’t think I follow,” I said darkly.

He dipped his finger into the front of the sweats and pulled me closer to him. “Your inexperience is in your every step.”

I pressed my hands to his chest and pushed him, but he didn’t budge. “Stop,” I said.

He just smiled and pulled harder on my waistband. “You know you are almost too pretty. What were you doing in that nothing of a town? A girl like you could be so much more.” He raised his other hand to my face as he said,“I could show you...”

My heart began to hammer in my chest as he dipped his head in and nibbled my throat. It gave me the creeps and I shoved at him. He pinned me to the wall and snickered.

“Come on now. Calm down,” he said. He peered into my eyes and whispered, “I don’t bite. Well...that’s a lie. I’ll bite if you want me to.”

I was just about to scream when I heard Kilo’s voice.

“Desire.” He was loud and authoritative. Parker dropped my wrist and stepped back. I had never been so happy to hear a gunman’s voice.

I could breathe again.

One glance at him told me he was pissed. “Come on,” he said, never taking his eyes off of Parker. "Let’s go and eat. Parker was just about to head to the store. Weren’t you Parker?”

Parker laughed as I all but ran to hide behind Kilo. “Sure thing,” he said. “That’s right. What are you? A size two in dresses?” He asked me as if nothing had happened.

“Y-Yes,” I answered. My fear had yet to be shaken from my voice and I felt Kilo tense at the sound of it. I hadn’t even realized I was leaning into his back until that moment.

“I thought so. I’ll be right back then,” he said as he descended down the stairs.

I was still breathing hard and Kilo glared at Parker’s back. “That slippery bastard,” he seethed. “I shouldn’t have left you alone up here.” He took a deep breath as he turned around and stared down at me. “I’m sorry Desire. I know he scared you.”

Okay, maybe...a little, I thought.

Kilo was still wandering around without his shirt and I felt my eyes wander over his chest. Yup, tattoos over the right pectoral. Just as I had imagined. I dragged my eyes back upward and stepped back a bit. Kilo was still glaring at the steps. I cleared my throat to get his attention.

“He is a little creepier than the other one,” I admitted.

“You have no idea,” he laughed.

I listened to Desire take a shower from my spot on the toilet seat. The shower curtain was dark red and impossible to see through, but somehow that made things worse. My imagination was all I needed to have a raging hard on while I sat there.

I thought about how her lips felt when she kissed me. When she thought I was asleep. So soft, so inviting. It was the last thing I expected her to do. That was enough right there to scramble my thought processes. It took every ounce of my self control not to kiss her back and take her right there. God how I wanted to. Instead, I laid there and feigned sleep. Purposefully stretching my body across hers until she was almost completely under me.

I suppressed a groan as I heard her drop the soap and I pictured her bending over to pick it up. I shook myself and undressed myself, wrapping my bottom half in a towel as I waited for her to finish. I contemplated stepping inside with her for just the quickest second. I knew better. She wasn’t that kind of girl. Not the party girl I was hoping for. At the same time I knew, if she had been that party girl I’d have dumped her somewhere last night or else we’d just leave her here at the cabin today.

Nope. This girl? Desire? She was yanking on a completely different chain.

I took a deep breath and thought about Edgar. That silly little pervert won’t know which way is up when he meets Desire. I hope she can get this done without attracting too much attention. I haven’t told her yet that I have decided she has to accompany us out of the States. I think it’s best if we let her go after we’ve left the country. I think, that I’ll just keep shining her on until we’re in the air. That will mean I get to keep her another week.

Really Kilo? Get to keep her?

I don’t know what it is about her that I want so bad. Maybe her innocence. Maybe her beauty.

It wasn’t supposed to be anything more than a quick thing. Me and my bright ideas. Now it’s like... I just can’t let her go. I have always had the sickest need to torture myself with the impossible and she’s it. Impossible in every way.

She walks with the air of a girl who has been good all her life, but her eyes shine with a brilliance of feeling when she’s scared and when she’s brave. What I wouldn’t give to see what her eyes might behold when they are full of passion.

That thought is enough for me to continue down this path of stupidity. That, and the added image of her wearing my clothes. A burning need to have her is keeping me from thinking clearly.

I will take her with us. I just want to have her one time. I won’t be any greedier than that.

At least...I don’t think.

I sighed and watched her pull down a towel. I stood with my back against the wall as she pulled the curtain aside. I sucked in a sharp breath at the sight of her long, wet hair falling all around her and clinging to her skin.

Holy shit.

I hadn’t even heard the water shut off. If I thought I was having trouble before... The sight of her in a towel brought it to a whole other level.

“I’m done,” she said and stepped out of the tub.

She drifted by me too swiftly and I resisted the urge to snatch her by the waist.

"I left your outfit in my room on the bed," I said stepping into the shower. I left the curtain open, I wanted to hear everything. She averted her eyes the moment I turned the water on. "Get dressed then sit down and wait for me to finish." I fixed her with a threatening glare and added, "I think you know better than to try anything else."

She nodded slightly and headed out of the restroom. I smiled seeing that she left the door open. That gave me a clear view of the hallway. No one could get to my room without passing me in the shower first.

A very smart move Miss Desire.

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