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Here goes nothing...

Kilo had explained the “task” to me during a delicious breakfast.

The eggs had been cooked perfectly. They melted in my mouth with a cloud-like buttery softness. He explained to me that there was a man he needed to speak with. A man by the name of Taliman. Edgar Taliman. All I needed to do for him was get the guy outside.

I took a deep breath as I stared at my reflection in the mirror of his bedroom. I can do that if it means I get to go home. Not a problem boss man, I thought while smiling at myself.

I turned around and eyed the choice of dresses Parker picked out for me while he was out. They were extremely fancy. Time to pick one.

There were two to choose from. One was sparkly green, covered in sequins, yet didn’t have the appearance of being cheap. I always thought that sequins made you look cheap. Now, looking at this dress I realized they could also make you look glamorous. However this one was shorter than the other and extremely sparse on top. So although I was in love with the color and the way it shimmered, I opted for the silver, long-sleeved dress.

The silver one was also sparkly, but it was something in the fabric and thread making it glimmer. It was a touch longer, although also short. Skin-tight and thigh length. The green one would barely have covered my ass at all. This one did that job just a touch better. What I didn’t realize was how low cut it was. It had a scoop neckline that pushed my breasts up a little higher, giving me a bit more cleavage. I actually, really, really liked it. I smiled at myself as I put the matching silver heels on and thanked the gods that they were not stilettos. The bright silver complimented my deep caramel tan and dark hair. My eyes even seemed brighter.

I began to brush out my long curls. I pinned them up so they trailed down the center of my back and fell over my face just slightly. After I was finished, I hardly recognized myself.

“Oh,” I said to myself and I ran my hands over the fabric, smoothing the dress out. I looked like a movie star.

I had never even worn anything like this to a school dance.

It made me wonder, what kind of man is Taliman? He must have a very particular kind of woman. The kind that wears short skirts.

A sharp knock on the bedroom door jolted me from my thoughts. I guess it’s time.

Kilo's voice sounded from the hallway. "Desire are you ready?"

I took another deep breath and tried not to feel so out of place in the dress.

"Yes, I’m coming," I called out.

Here goes nothing.

I stepped out of the room just as he complained, "Come on Desire, we haven’t got all day."

His back was turned as I awkwardly stepped toward him. Derren and Parker were facing me at the top of the staircase and the looks they gave me had me freeze. Derren, cleared his throat and pulled his collar. Parker's eyes raked over my body in slow appreciation causing Kilo to spin around.

"Well damn," Parker said.

"Is something wrong?" I asked in alarm. Kilo hadn't said a word, nor moved a muscle other than the one in his jaw that liked to work when I was around.

Maybe I put the dress on backward? Maybe that's why it's so low cut. Why are they staring at me like that?

"That’ll do it," Parker nodded.

"Yes it will," Kilo whispered, barely audible.

"Should I wear a different one?" I asked spinning in a circle for his approval.

"No, no, no," he said softly, his eyes glazing over. "You look perfect." He blushed as I smiled up at him.

"Oh, okay then," I stated and locked my hands together in front of me.

Kilo was dressed in all black like before, as were his friends. Whatever concerns that inspired in me I kept to myself.

"Let’s get this party started," Kilo said gesturing for me to lead the way.

We made our way down to the car and got seated exactly as we were before we arrived. The difference being that I was not on anyone's lap this time.

"Say goodbye to the cabin from hell," Parker commented as we sped off.

Kilo was sitting so close to me in the car I felt terribly exposed. His eyes hadn’t left me since I came out of his room. I played with my hands in my lap in a futile attempt to ignore the heat radiating off his body.

"Remember Desire," he said. "All you have to do is get him into the alley. Then you walk straight to the car and get into the backseat." He turned my face gently with one hand so that I was looking at him. "It will be quick. Whatever you do, don’t look into the alley after that," he warned.

I squinted at him curiously and decided to dismiss the questions that popped into my head. I just wanted to go home.

He took a deep breath and said next, "Don’t even think about escaping because, Parker will be watching you inside."

I glared at him, my nervousness from before flying straight out the window.

"Can I trust that you will behave?" He asked softly, his eyes searching mine.

I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes. "Can I trust that you’ll let me go home?"

Kilo laughed and then said, a little too quickly, "Of course."

He eyed me up and down and I crossed my legs in apprehension. Maybe not the best idea because it made the skirt ride higher up on my thighs.

"By the way, you look amazing," he said. "You can keep the dresses. Although I really would like to see both of them on you."

My eyes bulged for a second as I felt him slip his arm behind me in my seat and squeeze the outside of my thigh. A thousand tingles of electricity shot up my body making me blush. I did my best to control my breathing as my heart rate sped up with his touch. I rolled my eyes at myself as I realized I was pressing myself further into the seat and in effect, further into his hand.

He leaned down slightly and I felt his lips on my ear. "I’d like to finish what you started this morning."

I swallowed thickly and his lips lingered for the briefest moment before falling away. A loud grunt was heard from the front seat and a glance at the review mirror revealed Parker scowling at me.

"What’s the problem Parker?" Kilo asked, his hand squeezing again, ever so slightly.

Parker didn't answer him, just turned in his seat to glare out the window.

We drove for a good hour or so before reaching Tacoma, Washington. A bigger city than I had ever laid eyes on. I think my admiration must have been plain on my face because he smirked at me. My eyes only got bigger as we navigated through the high rise buildings and enormous city. Kilo giggled at me and pulled me closer to his body. I actually smiled at him in astonishment. He grinned down at me and his hand began caressing my hip on one side. I gazed at everything with the wide-eyed wonder of a child and bit my lip as we pulled up to a tall, mirrored glass building.

"Ready yourself Desire," Derren said, pulling to the front of the place. "We’re here."

I took a couple deep breaths and did my best to review all that I was to do.

I was to go inside, order a drink, and ask for Edgar.

Once Edgar was with me I was to drop the name Dale to urge him outside.

How hard could it be?

"Okay. Here goes. I can do this," I said giving myself a pep talk. "I can do this."

I glanced up at Kilo and he said, "Honestly? Desire, in that dress, you can do anything."

Our eyes locked again for a long moment. His jaw was clenched as he leaned forward. For the briefest moment, I thought he was about to kiss me. I almost closed my eyes, but the sound of the car door being opened stopped me.

He had reached behind me to open the door. The blush that raced up my cheeks was actually painful.

I exited the car, but not before I saw the curious look he gave me.

I faced the grand hotel and entrance and sighed. Okay, here goes nothing.

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