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Sitting on this extravagant, private jet... Eyes puffy from crying and heart worn from false hope... I didn’t dare look out the window. We had been on this flight now for three hours. Derren and Parker were both out cold in the back of the plane. I was sitting up front. Kilo sat across the aisle from me.

If we had really been headed to Canada... We would have been there by now. At least I think.

This guy, I think to myself glancing quickly in Kilo’s direction, all he does is lie to me.

Maybe I should start lying to him.

As if he could hear me thinking about him he got up and sat with me. He placed me across his legs like it was the most normal thing in the world to do. Maybe he’s used to having females on his lap.

I stared at him. I let my anger fuel my gaze. I tried not to feel the electric warmth that climbed up my body where we touched.

I was unsuccessful.

“Doll face I-,” he started, but I instantly interrupted him.

“No thank you,” I snapped. “I don’t care,” I said as I looked away from him.

He seemed to get angry. “Don’t interrupt me,” he said and laughed at his audacity. “I was saying,” he continued. “Doll face, I need you to understand something. Edgar Taliman had it coming.”

I rolled my eyes at him and grit my teeth together when I spoke next. “Is this the part where you tell me he was a pimp? Or a thug? Or some other mutant that I should hate?”

His eyes shot around in momentary panic before he relented and said, “No. I wish I could, but he wasn’t.” He swallowed and I watched that muscle in his jaw, working again. Whenever he did that I found myself wanting to touch his face. “Not exactly. I mean he wasn’t a good person,” he sighed. “But neither am I,” he admitted. “However, he was a womanizer and I heard he once slapped his mother. If that helps...” he said softly and attempted a smile. I kept a straight face as he went on. “That’s about it though. Unless you count the fact that he’s the reason you were kidnapped in the first place.” His eyes darkened and mine sparked to life.

That jolted me to attention. “What?”

“He set me and my boys up for a fall yesterday. He and Dale did. They were in on it together. I didn’t know that for sure until this afternoon at the bar,” he huffed and ran his hand along his jaw.

“What does that have to do with me?” I asked plainly.

“Nothing,” he said, his eyes searching mine for any hint of forgiveness. “Directly. But he’s the reason we had to grab a hostage. So we went looking for one. We came across you at the store,” he explained. “And, you were it.”

I spoke slowly to him. Trying to be very clear about how ridiculous his reasoning sounded to me. “He and Dale set you up. So that meant he deserved to die?” Then I added, “That meant use me to kill him?” My eyes filled with tears again, but I blinked them back.

“No,” he bit out, frustrated.

“What about Dale?” I asked him. “Isn’t that your lady friend that invited you to stay the night with her?”

I mentally kicked myself for the jealousy I felt just by remembering their conversation.

He pulled me closer... I let him, but only because I was finally ready to play his game. I needed to get home. I needed to get away. By any means necessary.

If I can use him, why not do it? He had already done it to me.

I just wished he wasn’t so handsome.

“She’s not my lady friend,” he stated. “She was my lady employer for a time. Not anymore though. I stopped working for her a year ago.”

“So how did she set you up if you weren’t working for her anymore?” I inquired sweetly.

“Slow down doll face,” he laughed. “There’s lots of history there. The more I tell you, the less chance there is of me letting you go.” He chuckled.

“Oh!” I acted surprised. Then I said angrily, “Well then, by all means... Shut up.”

“Ooh... someone’s getting sassy,” he said, and opened his legs a bit so I fell a bit deeper into his lap. I pretended not to notice. “I’m tempted to tell you more just so that I have to keep you.”

He was staring at me now. His dark eyes searching my face. His amusement was gone and for a moment he looked vulnerable. What I wouldn’t give to know what he was thinking.

Seeing him that way made me think he might care more for my predicament if I shared it with him, so allowed myself to break down just a little.

“My d-dad must be so worried,” I said sadly.

I began sobbing uncontrollably and to my surprise he slid and arm around me. He forced my head down on his shoulder.

I heard him whisper directly in my ear, “Write him a letter doll face.” I continued to cry and he squeezed my body against his. Somehow it was more comforting than I would have expected. “Write him a letter telling him you’re okay and that you haven’t been harmed. If you write him a letter I’ll make sure he gets it.” He sighed into my hair and kissed my head.

“We aren’t going to Canada are we?” I asked.

“No baby. We’re not,” he admitted, true sadness in his voice.

“You’re going to kill me aren’t you?” I whispered.

He tensed then lifted my chin so that I was looking up at him. “Absolutely not,” he said seriously. “I just can’t let you go yet. Not yet, but soon. I promise.”

I guess he could read the doubt in my eyes because he added, “I had to lie to you to keep us safe. Now that we are in the air, and out of the U.S. I don’t have to lie anymore. I promise you. I won’t. Not anymore.”

I guess I could understand that given the circumstances. I mean, if I were a criminal I would, but I’m not one. So...

I stopped crying and looked at him. "You’ll let me write him?" I asked and he nodded. "How much longer do I have to stay with you?"

He looked pained. "Two weeks," he said carefully, almost as if he expected me to break down again.

Two weeks? Two whole weeks?

"But doesn’t keeping me that long make it worse for you?" I asked him in desperation. "Won’t they be looking for me that much harder?"

"Not overseas, no," he admitted in an almost amused tone. "There is a reason why I have to keep you this long. I have to convince you not to turn us in."

"I guess my promise not to doesn’t mean anything," I said sadly. "But you’re promise to let me go is supposed to mean the world?"

I turned my body nearly all the way around so that I was facing him.

"Doll face..." he whispered softly. "You are so...beautiful. I..." He trailed off in a hush.

I was staring at his lips. They were so erotically shaped. I wanted to taste them. The temptation of it was almost too much.

"You’re not going to kill me," I said in resignation, finally believing it to be true. "If you were, you would have done it before we left. Am I right?"

"That’s right," he admitted.

"Why did you take me from my home?" I asked him. "Just because you think I’m pretty?"

He glanced at me sharply, his almost boyish good looks making him appear younger. "I...can’t tell you that yet. But I will. In two weeks."

I had to wonder how much of that was bullshit.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.


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