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Lie with me?

“Russia?” I repeated.

Whoa. Now that’s pretty far. Some perverse part of my brain was allowed to get excited. I had never been out of Oregon. Now I would get to see Russia. I smiled.

Kilo must have noticed the change in my expression and he laughed. “I’ll take you to see the sights if you want.”

Time to play friendly Desi, what choice do you have?

“Will you really?” I said flirtatiously.

He giggled, “Okay. Don’t do that. Don’t decide to go all fake on me. That was a little too sweet.”

It was my turn to laugh. He wasn’t going to let me fool him. “Fine,” I said. “Then stop being fake for me.” I crossed my arms in defiance.

He smiled at me. “For you?” He took a deep breath and looked all around my face. “The things I would do for you... I...” He took a deep breath as he studied me. “I haven’t been fake with you doll face,” he spoke sadly. “I just haven’t been completely honest. To be fair, I haven’t really lied either. I told you I would let you go after you did what you did. I just didn’t tell you it wouldn’t be until we were out of the country.”

I thought back to when he told me he’d let me go. “You told me I’d get to go home the next day,” I clarified.

“Understood. You’re right. Okay,” he said, one hand lifting to fondle the curls on my back. Chills raced up my spine. “But can you blame me for wanting a little more time with the prettiest girl I have ever seen?”

I gasped. Don’t Desi...don’t let him charm you.

He looked away quickly as if he was afraid he had gone too far.

My face suddenly felt too hot. My lips itched to touch his. Before I even thought about what I was doing I turned his face toward mine.

His skin was soft in my hand and the look of shock in his eyes was priceless. I felt a shudder move through his body as I kissed him quickly on his perfect lips.

His cheeks turned red and his muscles flexed in anticipation, but I turned around.

“There’s a private bedroom in the back of the plane,” he said in a strangled voice and I almost rolled my eyes. “We can watch movies if you want. Until you fall asleep. This is going to be a long flight.”

He was still looking down. I was grateful that he couldn’t see the blush that stained my cheeks.

“Okay,” I accepted slowly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let Parker near you,” Kilo reassured me. “I’ll stay with you in there. I’ll watch you sleep.”

“I’m not sure if I can sleep,” I admitted.

“You should try,” he said. “By the time we get to my place in the mountains, it will be morning.”

“Your place?”

“Yes,” he answered me quickly.

“Will Parker and Derren be there with us too?” I asked, hoping the answer was no.

He appeared thoughtful for a moment. “Some of the time,” he said. “Not all of it.” He appeared deep in thought for a moment.

“I get the feeling you didn’t need to rob Sam,” I observed, looking around at the modern furnishings in the plane.

“You’re right. I didn’t need his money if that’s what you mean,” he said.

“Well, he did need it. Just so you know,” I informed him.

“I’ll arrange for him to be repaid twice over,” he promised and I smiled. “If it makes you happy.”

I rolled my eyes and said, “I don’t know about happy but, it would definitely make me feel better.”

“Then it’s done,” he stated. “I’ll even triple it.”

This time we both laughed.

“Then do you think you might tell me why you robbed Sam in the first place?” I asked shyly.

“Maybe. But not yet. We’ll see how you behave in Russia. We’ll see how many times you hold me at gunpoint over there first,” he joked.

I laughed and he smiled.

“Come on, let’s go watch a movie,” he said. “What’s your pleasure?”

Suddenly I bounced up and grabbed his shoulders. “Ooh! Do you have any horror movies back there?” My goodness, his shoulders are solid, I thought.

“I’m sure,” he said.

“Yay,” I cheered and he appeared incredibly pleased with himself.

I let him lead me to the private cabin and decided to enjoy the moment. What else could I do? Parachute out?


Even if I could...I wasn’t at that point yet. Besides... I was scared to death of heights.

The private cabin was luxurious and crazy comfy. The bed in there was softer than my own at home. I noticed him glancing at me several times during each movie. Each time he looked sincerely happy. We watched movies until I began to doze.

"Time for you to get some rest sweet cheeks," he said and stood up to pull back the covers on the bed.

Then I let him guide me toward the large pillows at the top so that I could lay down. I was reminded of the length of my dress when his eyes roved over me.

I caught his eye, "Lie with me?"

He swallowed thickly and said, "Of course."

He laid down behind me and pulled the covers over us both. It was a large mattress, but he still placed himself against me. I hated myself at that moment because I truly enjoyed the warmth he provided. Even if he was a killer.

Something told me that this way that I was feeling, meant there was going to be trouble.

"I am...really sleepy," I whispered as I closed my eyes.

I felt his hand on my hip under the blanket and he whispered in my ear. "Then sleep Dollface. You don’t ever have to be afraid of me. I’ll watch over you."

"Okay," I replied.

I thought I felt him nuzzle my hair and I moaned at the pleasure of it. Soon I let the heavy darkness that had been eluding my brain take over.

I passed out.

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