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6 Weeks Earlier

6 Weeks Earlier...

“Alright D, this is it, pull in here. We have to grab a hostage. We can dump them later. All we need is a distraction.” I was in the back seat of the borrowed Bugatti. Derren was driving and Parker was on his right.

The three of us had just barely avoided a supreme fuck up. D’s fault. He has a big mouth. Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t closed it for him yet.

When someone hires you to do a job like the one we were hired to do, you don't go around throwing her name around. For multiple reasons. One is it then ties you to said person. Now not only are you associated with that name, but her enemies are your enemies. Another, more important reason, is that just may be exactly what she wanted you to do.

Dale. That bitch. She still wasn't over that one night we spent together. The night that she declared her feelings for me and I smiled, fucked her, then split. I guess she wanted a lot more than I was willing to give. In truth, I didn't even find her attractive. She was way too bossy, not to mention ten years older than me. I mean, I don't really have a problem with older chicks, unless they act the way she does. For some reason she thinks she smarter than everyone else. She slinks around purring like a cat hoping it does something for her wrinkles, when it doesn't.

I realized the whole thing was a set up well before our scheduled drop time. So the Mafia Captain in the Park ended up waiting for no one. What got me was the Feds. They showed up early. A good thing since Mr. Mafia was planning to rob us then murder us to send Dale a message. The thing is neither one of us was counting on Dale calling in the Feds. She didn't do so personally, this I know. How do I know? I just do. I also know who she had do it.

Now most of the Feds in San Francisco were pissed off and hunting for us. We made it to Oregon long before they even realized we weren't going to show.

Now, we were parked across the street from some mom and pop shop in Bumfuck, Oregon getting ready to stage a robbery and grab a hostage. Kidnappings always get plenty of attention. The act alone will take the heat off us. I had just put on my mask when a silver sedan pulled up in front of the store.

“Damn it. More people,” Derren said.

I groaned in agreement. I was ready to get this show on the road. The sedan parked and two laughing females got out. One was blond and a little on the goofy side. The other... well, the other one sucked the breath right out of my lungs.

"Oh shit," Parker whispered. "Look what's been hiding in the woods."

She was petite and graceful. She smiled at her friend and I could swear I saw her teeth sparkle. Her eyes were such a vivid blue that they somehow didn’t seem natural. She had long raven black hair that hung down past her butt in large spirals. Her face was delicately cut. No make-up, yet her lips were red. Her softly rounded face and perfectly pouted lips gave her a slightly naughty look. She looked like a dream. A dream with the most seductively innocent walk and the nicest ass I had ever seen.

“Fuck.” I hissed.

Parker said, “She’s hot. Holy shit.”

I knew right then we should take off and find somewhere else. That I should look away and pretend I never laid eyes on her, but... I wanted her. Suddenly I decided I couldn't leave this place without meeting that beautiful girl. “That’s our hostage,” I declared.

Derren turned in his seat to glare at me. “Are you fucken nuts? Seriously? I thought we were going to wait until there weren’t any customers and take the old guy. What happened to that plan?”

I pulled of my mask and smiled at Derren. “Forget that old guy. I want her.”

“No! Fuck that. We take the old dude.” Derren crossed his arms in front of him like a child and I laughed.

“Okay, I’ll make you a deal D. Go in and case the place, try and get her name. If she gives it to you, we’ll wait and take the old dude. If she doesn’t, then she’s going for a ride.” I laughed as he rolled his eyes.

"Have you forgotten the plan was to dump our hostage on the highway? It'll be dark soon. You going to be able to dump her on the side of the road?" Derren inquired.

I smiled, "I'll dump her, but I want to know her name. So either you get it, or I do after we grab her."

"Something is seriously wrong with you," Derren said as he got out of the car. He walked across the street grumbling the whole way and then disappeared into the store.

Parker giggled, “He won’t get shit. He’s weird when he talks to girls. Don’t you remember?”

I laughed, “I do. I’m counting on it.” There was something about that girl that pulled at my insides. Something that spoke to me. She was innocent. She was mesmerizing. I should have known right then that it was over. I was done. I should have been the one to go in and talk to her. Maybe if I had, a lot of things that were to come could have been avoided.

One thing people have always hated about me, I do what I want when I want, and fuck everybody else. I had girls all over the world, in different countries even. All of them thought they were special, but none of them really were. Not to me. However I would let them feel that way until they asked me. Usually when they did they were in love. I would just shake my head, kiss them goodbye, and that would be the end of that. Except for Dale. I didn't kiss her when I left. I just... left.

I thought for a moment about the girl in the store. Maybe I would get lucky and she would be the party animal type. If that were the case, she'd probably get off on being my hostage. It would definitely make things easier. I sighed as I watched the door, waiting for Derren's return.

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