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A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

I watched Kilo and Parker leave through the window and sighed.

He didn’t say he was leaving! He said he was going to make a phone call. He looked up at me right before he got into the car, yet still he left.

Some small disturbed part of me wanted to know where the hell he thought he was going. I mean, how dare he just take off and leave me here without telling me anything at all!

He must be feeling pretty sure that I won’t try and escape.

Conceited bastard.

There was a knock on his bedroom door and I jumped. Who?

Oh yeah. I forgot about Derren. He’s still here.

"Come in!" I shouted from the window. For some reason it seemed I was rooted to the spot. Like I was waiting for Kilo to realize he left me here and come back.

Derren entered the room glaring at me like I was old news.

Here we go again.

Mister Creepy Crush.

Just stand there and stare at me with those big weird eyes.

The things he must see with those eyes. They were way too big for his face.

Not for his nose though. That sucker held a presence all it's own too.

"Where is Kilo?" I asked him nervously.

He laughed shortly and I shivered.

Stupid, he knows you just watched them leave. "I-I mean where did he go?" I inquired, trying to steady my voice. It was shaking. I was shaking.

"They won’t be back for awhile," he said simply, moving further into the room. "I thought you and I could take a walk through the woods. What do you say?"

His eyes were cold, his face cruel.

Did Kilo leave him here to kill me? Because he didn't have the heart to do it himself? Oh no! Is that why he looked at me that way when he left?

Was that some sort of twisted goodbye?

I stared at Derren, hugging my arms around myself.

Nope, no thank you, I'm good.

"Are you really asking or-"

"No!" He yelled at me, cutting me off. "I really am not. Let’s go."

He whipped his gun out and pointed it at me.

Yup, he's supposed to kill me.

Oh God.

I am the stupidest girl alive. I really, really, thought that Kilo liked me. I couldn't take my eyes off the barrel of his gun.

"Did Kilo ask you to shoot me?" I asked.

"What do you think?" he laughed. "That he brought you all the way to Russia to make love to you? Are you stupid?"

Tears filled my eyes and began to fall before I could stop them. It wasn't fear that had me crying. It was my toying with stupid fantasies, when I should have been trying to escape. What's the worse that could have happened? They could have killed me before we got to Russia?

I felt the breath leave me and suddenly I was dizzy. This is it then. All because I had to have my ice cream last Friday. I wonder if tragedy always takes place after stupidity, the way it is doing now? Or do some people truly have the honor of being taken by surprise? I really think I would have preferred him to shoot me in my sleep.

"Come on Desire don’t make this any harder than this needs to be!

For the longest minute I just stared at him.

I’m such a fool.

I should have said yes I would take the job. Yes, yes, a hundred times yes!

"Did you hear me bitch?" Derren snapped. "I said let’s go!" He took a step toward me and I held my hands up in surrender.

What to do? Think, think, think.

He wants me to follow him into the woods so he can shoot me out there? Well what’s wrong with in here? Why make it easy for this stupid motherfucker.? Fuck him!

I shook myself. "No!" I yelled. "If you’re going to kill me you can kill me right here."

"I said move. Come on," he shook his gun at me when he spoke and I did my absolute best not to see it.

"Fuck you!" I screamed. "I said NO! Shoot me!"

Just then there was a screech of tires and I gasped. One glance toward the window told me Kilo was back.

I faced Derren. I expected to see him laughing at me. The look on Derren’s face told me everything.

Kilo didn’t know!

Derren was scared to death.

He was going to take me into the woods behind Kilo’s back and kill me?

Not good.

"Shit," he said, stashing his gun in his pocket. "If you say anything about this..." He trailed off and crossed his arms angrily.

I might!

I watched Kilo step out of the car and look up at me through the window. I caught his eye and I hoped my face was adequately frightened. Tears were falling faster now.

He didn't know!

Derren hissed, "Wipe those fucken tears off your face and act natural."

I nodded at him and did as told. Looking back out the window I saw Kilo scowling as he hurried inside.

Please check on me! Please check on me! A silent prayer I made as I closed my eyes.

"Now is the time to see if you can keep a secret," Derren teased.

My eyes snapped open in anger. Ooh! You little bug-eyed jerk!

Kilo entered the room. He stalked by Derren and straight over to me. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

He was staring at me. Like he was trying to figure something out. His brow was furrowed and he was clenching his teeth again. He turned and faced Derren.

"What’s going on in here?" He asked.

"You told me to keep and eye on her," Derren answered with a careless shrug of the shoulders before rolling his eyes.

"I know I did," Kilo said cooly. "So then why does she look like she’s about to cry?"

Derren rubbed his chin and said, "Hmm...don’t know Kilo. Maybe because she was kidnapped and wants to go home."

I can’t let him leave without me.

If he does...

"Why did you leave without saying anything?" I choked out.

He turned to face me and blushed. "I forgot my wallet. I was going to get you some clothes, but maybe you had better just come with us."

He winked at me and I smiled. Oh thank God! I couldn’t keep the relief I felt out of my voice. "Please!"

"Please?" He laughed. Then a cold quiet fell over his face and he tilted his head at me. "Okay then, let’s go. Parker’s not going to be happy, but who cares."

"Thank you," I said. I wanted to kiss him!I wanted to jump for joy!

He stared at me in silence. Like he was trying to make sense of something.

He wasn’t a fool. He could see something had been going on. He turned around.

"D, you should go and get settled in your room," he said in a quietly controlled voice as he walked over to him. "Where’s your piece?"

"In my pocket" Derren snapped.

"I need to borrow it," Kilo said flatly.

"Why? No!"

Kilo held his hand out, "I’m not fucken asking D."

"Give me your piece."

I walked over to him, all the while watching Derren. He was gritting his teeth, but I noticed his eyes never strayed my way even once. He reluctantly pulled his gun out of his pocket and handed it to Kilo.

"Hmm," Kilo said, weighing it in his hand. "Fully loaded, no safety. Is that how we put guns in our pants now?"

Derren growled at him, "I guess so."

"Is that right?" Kilo said. "Didn’t I warn you before I left?"

"Fuck you Kilo," Derren yelled before stomping out of the room.

"Come on Doll Face," Kilo said while turned to face me. "I shouldn’t have left you here with him."

"Why did you?" I blurted out before I could stop myself. My question seemed to take him by surprise.

He lifted my chin and my eyes filled again. "It won’t happen again."

I let out a deep breath and shrugged. "Okay."

"What did he do?" He asked me. His thumb began it's descent from my jaw down my neck. He was searching my eyes with such intent.

I shook my head no. "Nothing," I lied, looking down.

He forced my face back up, "What...did he do?"

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