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Change of Plan

Change of Plan

"You’re lying," he said to me. "I could tell something was wrong when I looked at you through the window." He took a deep breath and put both hands on my shoulders. "Don’t lie to me baby. Tell me, what did he do?"


I started to open my mouth, but just ended up shaking my head and lowering my eyes. I didn’t want to make things any more complicated than they already were.

He released my shoulder and glared at me. Fine. You don’t want to tell me? I’ll go and ask him myself," he snapped and turned to head for the door.

I couldn't let him, "No wait!"

"What?" He turned back to me, plain irritation plastered on his face.

I wasn't sure what to do. I began to fiddle with the sleaves on my dress. If he confronts Derren, then Derren will think I’m a snitch and I might die that much sooner.

So I did the one thing I knew would keep Kilo distracted.

The one thing I had been wanting to do since I awoke in his arms in Washington.

I kissed him.

I slid my fingers behind his head and pulled his lips down to mine.

His lips were so soft.

He surrendered immediately, pulling me against him and lifting me into his arms.

Oh, he feels wonderful.

His hard body against mine. I could feel the powerful muscles of his chest against my breast. Electricity coursed through my veins and jolted me everywhere he touched me.

"Desire," he panted. "My Desire."

His breathing turned ragged and his tongue danced in my mouth. He was sucking the air out of me, his need pushing against stomach. That throbbing began again, between my thighs and I began to pull away. He smiled and nibbled on my lips.

"Fuck," he said. "We better go shopping while I can still walk. But when we get back..."

His hands slid over my rear and squeezed. I blushed furiously.

"Hey!" I said.

He smirked at me. "What? I couldn’t help myself."

I giggled and his hands slid under the dress to grab the flesh of my butt as he kissed me lightly.

"Come on," he whispered, taking my hand in his.

We made our way downstairs without incident. Kilo held my hand all the way to the car where a very angry Parker waited outside. I couldn’t stop the butterflies from hatching in my stomach at the small act of intimacy.

I tried not to feel guilty about it.

"What? Are you serious Kilo?" Parker groaned.

"Get in the back," Kilo commanded then laughed.

Parker shook his head. "I thought we were going to make a stop. Is she coming too?" He rolled his eyes.

"Change of plan," Kilo said.

Parker smiled at me cruelly. "So we’re not going to see Elizaveta?"

Parker laughed and Kilo glared at him.

Kilo shot him a look and Parker laughed.

Elizaveta? Who is that?

I let out a loud sigh and Kilo hissed.

"Fuck," Kilo cursed. "Parker. Go inside."

So he had been on his way to see Elizaveta? Whoever that was? Meanwhile I would have been shot to death in the woods? I nearly choked on fresh tears. I did my best to hold them back. I didn’t spill them but my eyes blurred with jealousy. It must have shown on my face because Kilo glanced at me and his face fell in disappointment at the sight of mine.

"Hey," he coaxed, "Desire, no please. Don’t be upset. I’ll explain later."

I pulled my hand from his and he clenched his jaw. "Just," he sighed. "Please?"

I gave him the coldest look I could muster up. Lifting my chin and crossing my arms in offense. He turned to Parker.

"Parker, GO!" He yelled at him.

"What?" Parker laughed.

"You heard me. I said go inside." He glanced quickly at me, then back at Parker. "I’m taking Doll Face with me, alone."

"What the fuck?" Parker complained.

He pulled Derren's gun out of his pants and said, "If I have to tell you again, I’ll give you one of Derren’s bullets in your foot for being so slow. Go. Inside."

Parker chuckled and then sighed. "Whatever. I need a nap anyway. Have fun princess," he said and winked at me.

He stomped into the house and slammed the door.

Kilo looked at me. He stepped close and spoke in my ear. "I was taking him to meet Elizaveta. I just wanted to get his mind off you." He reached for my hand again, when I didn't give it his face took on a sad look of uncertainty. Like he was afraid he'd ruined everything. "I thought maybe, if he got some he wouldn’t be such a dick."

"If you say so," was all I said. I was still upset.

"I do say so," he attempted a smile. "Believe me baby, ever since I saw you outside that store in Oregon. You, are the only thing I have wanted. So bad that I had to have you for my hostage."

He winked and my head snapped up.

The fuck did he just say?

"What?" I snapped and he giggled.

"Ha, ha just kidding," he said nervously, then cleared his throat and opened the passenger door. "Let’s go."

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