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Seduction 101

Seduction 101

When we left the boutique I was dressed considerably warmer. Kilo tried to get into the dressing room with me, but the clerk would not allow it. He stared daggers at her, but settled for waiting outside the door.

While I was trying things on he had slipped a handful of under garments beneath the door to me. It turned out they fit me perfectly. So now, not only did I have a closet full of new clothes...I had new lingerie too.

As we drove away from the store, my nerves began to falter. I glanced over at him as he maneuvered effortlessly through the mountains.

“Are you sure he’s not going to kill me?” I asked. I tried to read his facial expressions for any sign of uncertainty.

“Let’s put it like this,” he began smoothly. “I’m sure that I’m not going to let him. He is my uncle. It will be fine.” Then he laughed and added, “As for Parker and Derren? He thinks they talk too much.”

I laughed and he smiled at me.

“He’s right though,” he grinned. “They do. They don’t even know him and already they have told him that we took you hostage. With any luck they’ll be dead when we get there.”

Okay. Is that how we feel about our friends?

“If they are your friends, why would you want them dead?” I asked him.

He grit his teeth and sighed. “They aren’t friends. They are partners. They are loose lipped morons. I warned them a few times about it. Derren’s mouth gets me into more trouble than he’s worth. After this thing in Barcelona, I’ll dump them for good.”

I shrugged, staring out the window at all the glorious snow. “You mean after THE job?”

He scowled, “That’s right Doll Face.” His hands went tight on the steering wheel as he said easily, “But don’t you worry about that right now. Let’s just enjoy these couple of weeks we don’t have to work.”

I wanted to ask why he needed me for the job. I didn’t figure now was the time so I stayed silent. He appeared worried and it made me want to reach out and stroke his handsome face. Rub the wrinkles away that were creasing his brow. I didn’t realize how hard I was staring until he spoke on it.

“You’re wondering what you have to do,” he said.

I hadn’t been, but I said, “Yes.”

He stared angrily out the window as he steered the car deeper into the mountains.

“There is a man named Marco. He lives in Spain. He is one of Dale’s, partners, of sorts. They deal in illegal guns and drugs, that sort of thing. Each of them controlling equal parts of capital that they invest in certain, businesses,” he explained quietly.

“You mean like the Mafia?” I inquired.

I half expected him to laugh, but he didn’t.

“They were heading up a deal with one of said businesses in California,” he went on. “Dale called me to make the drop. She said she didn’t trust them. That they might try and rob her. I didn’t care one way or another if they did, but she has access to certain files. Files that I want erased. She promised to do that for me if I helped her.”

I had to wonder...what kind of files. I knew better than to ask, so I simply prompted him. “Go on.”

“I had Derren as the go between between me and their guy. Derren ran his mouth about who had hired him.” He laughed. “It was obvious when we got there that something wasn’t right. Feds were everywhere. They were ready to intercept the drop.”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

He grinned at me and winked.

Be still my heart. He was so boyishly cute when he smiled..

“Maybe one day I’ll give you that answer too,” he said with a smirk. “Long story short? Dale thinks she’s slick. She is a woman scorned and she’s out for blood. She made a big mistake by trying to take it.” His face turned serious as he said, “I need you to get into Marco’s good graces. He’s a bit like Edgar, but not as trusting. What will appeal to Marco the most about you, is your innocence. You don’t hide it well, which is perfect. You will act as my girlfriend when we visit him.” He looked over at me nervously. “He won’t question why we are there because he doesn’t know that I know about the feds. Just the fact that you belong to me will be enough for him to want you. That’s the kind of dirty son of a bitch he is.”

I rolled my eyes and said, “So it’s back to Seduction 101?”

He laughed. “Something like that. But I don’t want you to worry. You’re only going to provide him a distraction while I rob him of his files.”

So he wants me to seduce some rich criminal so that he can steal some files???

“Will I have to-,” I paused to take a deep breath. “I mean, what if he-”

“No!” He glared at the windshield. “Don’t even think it. I’ll have Parker and Derren keep watch over you the whole time. If Marco touches you at all then I’ll deal with him. The goal is to get the files and get out without him realizing why I’m there. I fill you in more later. You probably won’t have to do much Desire,” he reassured me. “All you have to do is walk in a room and men forget themselves. It’s not just your beauty that draws people in, it’s your-”

“Innocence,” I finished for him. “Yeah I know. I remember you said that.”

“I don’t have that innocence,” he admitted, coldly. “I never did.”

“So if you did, you would be seducing Marco?” I snapped.

“No,” he laughed.

I thought for a moment about the woman, Dale. Then I asked, “You said that Dale was a woman scorned. By who? You?”

He didn’t answer me. Maybe because we had just pulled up in front of his place. He parked next to a large SUV and shut off the engine.

Turning to stare at me, he made no move to get out of the car. Instead, he undid his seat belt. Then he reached over and undid mine. His hand brushed heavily over the top of my legs in the process.

“Come here Desire,” he said gently.

I laughed, “What?”

He sighed, “Come here. I want you on my lap when my uncle comes out to greet us so that he sees you there.”

“I don’t follow,” I retorted, raising my chin defiantly.

“Just come here.” He reached over and pulled me onto his lap before I could stop him.

I worked to control my nerves as I realized his eyes were level to my lips.

There are those butterflies again.

His breath was traveling softly down my shirt as were his eyes.

“Hey!” I protested, attempting to sit away from his body. He wrapped his arms around me and locked me into his embrace.

I could feel him growing hard through his jeans and a tingling electric current was filling my core.

“You smell so good Doll Face,” he whispered. “Didn’t I tell you that when we got back we were going to continue where we left off?”

“No. I don’t remember you saying all of that,” I lied. I know he was referring to when I kissed him in his room.

His right hand slid down from my back under my bottom and his left hand pulled at my hip.

He was trying to turn my body around. He swiveled me quickly so that he had access to my lips. I felt one hand go into my hair and the other squeeze my hip. I only got a quick glance at his lustful gaze before he brought my face down to his.


He cut me off by press his mouth onto mine and coaxing my lips apart with his tongue. I gasped and that was all he needed to dance between my teeth. I was tasting him again. Gently.

“D*mn you Desire.” He hissed and his raised his hips slightly, so that I could feel the strength of his desire.

I placed one hand on his cheek and nibbled on his lips. He truly was delicious. I have only kissed two other boys before him.

One in the ninth grade and one in the summer after junior year.

Neither of those kisses was anything like this.

This was erotic, intoxicating, invigorating...

He was invading all of my senses.

I felt a urgency down below accompanied by a heat that was new to me.

“I want,” I said softly into his mouth, trailing off as his kiss became more urgent.

One hand slid from my hip and underneath my sweater. The other tightened in my hair to an almost painful degree. His fingers feathered my back and toyed with the clasp on my bra. The feel of his palm on my bare skin sent shivers up my spine. He palmed my breast and I cried out.

Then he whispered into my lips, in the deepest, sexiest voice I had ever heard, “What? What do you want baby?”

I pushed his hand harder into my chest and he groped my butt roughly. I felt his warm fingers slide over my nipple, underneath the fabric of my bra and I shuddered as his mouth found my neck. He began to nibble and suck. My own hands went into his hand and pulled.


Some one rapped on the car window.

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