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Nobody move...


When we pulled up to Sam's we weren't surprised to see there weren't any customers. In our little town, even Friday nights were quiet. We parked and got out of the car. I vaguely noticed the flashy sports car parked across the street, but paid it no mind. The windows were black anyway. Probably just a weary traveler pulling over to take a nap. That was not unusual in this neck of the woods.

Sasha and I walked into the store and waved to Sam who sweeping up the area behind the counter.

"Hey there girls. What a surprise." He laughed.

I smiled at his sarcasm. It was our ritual to stop here every Friday night for snacks.

"I’ll grab the snacks!," Sasha said before she raced toward the back of the store.

I called out to her as I pulled my phone out of my pocket, "Sasha! Make sure you get the ice cream!"

She yelled from the freezer section, "Oh I am believe me! Double chocolate mousse, here I come!"

It was a typical Friday night with my best friend Sasha. Here in the tiny town of Shadow Falls, Oregon there isn’t ever much to do.The population of this pit stop mountain village could be counted on one hand. Well not really...but you get the picture. There is only one school out here and it houses grades K - 12. Not the place where big things happen.

Bad things? Yeah...maybe.

I yawned as I checked my phone. It had been buzzing in my pocket as I drove, but I never text and drive so I waited. Now looking at the call log I rolled my eyes.

"Crap! I have to call my dad!" I spoke to myself as I dialed.

Sasha and I were late for our usual weekend date. It would be just me, Sasha, a horror flick, and my 60 inch.

My dad answered after the second ring. "Desire."

"Dad Sasha and I just stopped at the store right quick. We’ll be home in ten. The school project ran a little over. You need to stop tripping," I cooed in best daddy's girl voice.

"I need the car back Des! Hurry up. Ashley isn’t feeling too hot and wants me to take her to see Doc Brown," he said in an annoyed voice. I smiled, picturing hims rolling his eyes as he spoke. Ashley was my not so new step mom and a constant pain in my ass.

"Okay daddy, see you in a few. We'll hurry," I promised.

Funny how when you really know someone, you can hear them smile. "Love you peach," he said.

"Love you too daddy," I said before I hung up and glanced toward the back of the store. "Sasha hurry up! Just get the ice cream!"

It’s like they say... You should never forget to say “I love you.” Never. It was right then that my life would change forever. Excitement here I come.

I spun around and blushed. Some tall gold and yummy guy stood right behind me. Like...right behind me. So close he could have been in my pocket behind me.

"Oh...excuse me!" I exclaimed, stepping back a little.

He was studying me carefully. He had big blue eyes and appeared to waiting for something.

"I asked you your name sweetie," he said.

I just stared at him. Shadow Falls was too small not to know someone so he was obviously not from around here. Therefore he was a stranger. Me and every other kid I know has always been taught one thing.

NEVER talk to strangers. Even if they are drop dead gorgeous.

I shifted uncomfortably. "My name? It’s sweetie."

The guy laughed and shook his head at me. I stepped back and shot Sam an uncomfortable look. He was quick to oblige, clearing his throat to get the stranger's attention.

"Can I help you son? Is there something you need?" Sam stopped sweeping to give the guy his full attention.

The stranger just glared at him before seemingly scanning the store with his bright blue eyes. After one more scandalous glance my way he turned around and left.

I let out the breath I had been holding as Sasha came walking back up to the counter.

"Creepy," I muttered then laughed.

"Yeah," Sasha agreed as she watched golden boy walk across the street. "But good looking creepy in the tie me up and spank me kind of way." Then she turned back to me and winked suggestively.

I laughed as we approached the counter. "Oh God you would," I commented and she grinned.

"Over and over again," she said, smiling slyly.

We laughed and turned to Sam so that he could ring us up when the store bell chimed again. Sasha and I turned expecting to see our Creepy Crush standing there again but, it wasn't. Instead it was three masked men all dressed in black, all pointing guns at us. My heart began to pound as I realized what was about to happen.

"Holy shit, " Sasha whispered. "Desire?"

But I couldn't speak, I stood there in shock as the three men stepped further into the store. I couldn't see their eyes through their masks, but something was telling me one pair would be blue. Shit. I should have told him my name.

The tallest one stepped toward me. I could feel him looking me up and down. He raised his gun at me and I yelped involuntarily.

"Sorry," I said. "I-I didn't mean to yell. I'm sorry" Please don't kill me for it, I thought. He laughed at my apology, obviously finding it amusing.

The three of them had guns trained on the three of us. I could hear Sasha whimpering in fear, just barely.

The tallest one, the one closest to me spoke. "Nobody move! This is a robbery. Behave and everyone will be okay."

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