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Doll face...

Doll face...

I had never in all my life thought this might happen. It almost didn’t seem real, but one look at the gun in this guy’s hand told me that it was. Very real.

“Please we don’t have much!” Sam pleaded.

The gunman closest to the door spoke, “Okay, yeah right. I’ll take the much that you’ve got then.”

“And we’ll take the not much in the back too,” said the tall one. His voice was smoother than the other guy’s. Deeper. He seemed to be staring at me. “You. Sweet cheeks, you get it for me.”

I wasn’t sure who sweet cheeks was so I didn’t move. I just stood there like a deaf mute. A look of pure terror on my face.

“Didn’t you hear me doll face?” He asks.

To be fair...they had masks on. I couldn’t even see there eyes. So I thought, maybe he’s not talking to me? Right, he’s talking to Sasha while pointing the gun at you.

As if to make himself clear he stepped closer to me. He placed himself so that he was directly in front of me.

“Look baby...I don’t want to have to get rough with you. To the back of the store. Now.” He said quietly.

Before I could do anything more than whimper, the second gunman stepped closer to us. He said, “She’s real cute. Maybe I can talk her into it.”

The taller one screamed at him, “Shut up!” I yelped again as he yelled and he turned away from his partner to stare at me again. “She’ll do as she’s told. Won’t you doll face?” This guy, he seemed to be in charge. A thought that was not however comforting.

I spoke in a shaky voice, “Y-Yes. Of course.”

He slowly stepped around me so that he could point the gun at my back and barked out orders. “Blondie. Over there.” He motioned for Sasha to step toward the first gunman and away from me.

She began crying quietly and I shook my head at her so that she would stop. She gulped and took a deep breath. The leader was about to usher me toward the back of the store when Sam stopped him.

“The safe’s not back there,” he said matter-of factly. “It’s right here.”

I felt the guy behind me lean closer to my ear. He whispered, “Come closer.” When I didn’t move I felt a gun push into my back and I yelped.

He spoke from right behind me. His mask grazed my ear. “Quiet doll face.” He turned to Sam. “You better be telling the truth or doll face dies right now.”

I whimpered and I could swear the gunman flinched.

“I swear it’s right here!” Sam spoke in a panicked voice as he worked to reveal the safe beneath the counter. As soon as it was visible the leader nodded toward gunman number one and the guy handed Sam a gym bag.

I gave Sam a fearful look as he began filling a gym bag with the contents of his safe. He caught my eye and nodded. “Don’t worry Desi. It’s only money. Not worth a sweetheart like you,” he said.

“Ain’t that the truth,” The masked man behind me cooed in my ear. The warmth of his breath shifted through the fabric of his mask and down my neck.

Sasha turned to me and said, “Desire?” Her eyes attempting to comfort me from where she stood.

“I’m okay, Sash. Are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded, still crying. “I-I’m okay.”

The gunman stepped to the side of me and said, “I’m okay too just in case either of you was wondering.” He turned toward Sam. “Just a warning, if I even hear the sound of tires approaching then doll face right here’s gonna get it. So if I were you I’m put a move on it old man. Don’t forget the surveillance footage either.”

Sam finished filling the gym bag and tossed it toward the first gunman. “Here that’s all of it. Half a months till.”

The two gunman closest to the front began laughing as they prepared to leave. The guy next to me pointed the gun at my head. I did my best not to panic, but the truth was my ears started ringing and I had to take a deep breath.

He spoke to me. “That your car out there?”

“Y-yes,” I answered him.

“Toss the keys to my friend over there,” he commanded, still holding the gun to me. I did as told. “Good girl. Now you Blondie, and you old man, on the ground, on your bellies.”

I began to do the same when he stopped me. He reached down and snatched my arm in a vise like grip. He pulled me up gently. “Not you doll’re coming with us.”

I gasped. What? Why? I said, “Why? But I-”

Sam was quick to protest, “No! Take me instead!”

All three of them laughed. What was funny about that?

The second gunman spoke, “Nah...I don’t think so.”

The one next to me spoke to Sam, while still pointing his gun at me. “You’re the one who’s going to make sure we make a clean getaway. See because, if we don’t then we’ll kill her. Just think about that when you finally call the police. So I’ll be needing everyone’s cell phones too.”

He gestured for one of the other gunman to collect them. I watched as the man proceeded to destroy both right before shooting the land line phone. I screamed of fright. Okay, definitely a little more alert now.

The leader stepped closer to me and spoke in a gentle voice, "It’s okay was just a telephone." Then he laughed and I could swear I felt him trace my back with his gun. He faced Sam, "Now about how far is it a walk to another house or store?"

Sam spoke from his place on the ground behind the counter. "At least five miles."

The lead gunman spoke, "Perfect. Let’s go doll face."

I began to plead with him, "No-no wait please I-"

He raised the gun at me again, shutting me up. "Walk," he commanded. So I did. Very slowly, as if I were in a trance I stepped toward the front of the store.

"We’ll be leaving her car here. But there won’t be any keys. You two remember, her life is in your hands," the leader said.

Sasha began crying, "Desi, no!"

The second gunman yelled at her, "Shut up! Unless you want to come too."

Sasha agreed, "Okay."

The second gunman laughed, "Psyche. Stay down."

Sam stood and gazed at me. The second gunman yelled at him too, raising his gun in threat. "I said get down old man!"

Sam ignored him and spoke to me sadly, "Just do as they say Desire and you will be alright." I nodded and Sam lay back down on the floor.

"Out doll face," the leader said. We stepped outside and I looked around in hopes that someone, anyone might drive by and notice what was happening. No such luck. The sports car from across the street pulled up with the first gunman in the driver seat.

"Come on get in the car!" The guy shouted.

The second gunman laughed and hopped into the passenger side front seat. The leader shoved me toward the open driver's side door. I gazed into the dark of the sleek interior. For some reason I was frozen.

The leader pressed my back gently with his hand and said, "Go on doll face. I’m right behind you."

Yeah, because that makes me feel better, I thought. "O-Okay..." I stuttered before taking a deep breath. Still, I couldn't bring myself to get in.

The gunman placed a strong hand on my shoulder and spoke directly in my ear. "Get. In. The. Car." He said and pushed me.

So I did, I fell into the backseat and he fell in behind me. The door slammed shut and the car screeched onto the highway.

Then just like that...we were gone.

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