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I'm Desire...

I'm Desire...

I was stuffed in the back seat with the gunman who had been giving the orders. The limo tinting on the windows made it nearly impossible to see out. The three gunman were still wearing their masks. How in the every day f*ck could they see? I scooted as far away from my captor as I could and clutched my hands together in my lap.

How is this happening? How? Maybe they’ll let me go when we get far enough away. Maybe I should ask them. I turned to the guy beside me. I hadn’t noticed before but he was facing me and staring at me through his mask. I jolted and the words I was going to say died in my throat.

The gunman sitting in the front passenger seat growled, "I’m taking this thing off I can’t even breathe." He pulled off his mask and I saw pale blond hair before I directed my gaze toward the window and away from him.

"Much better," he laughed.

The one next to me spoke as he removed his as well. "It’s cool we’re already twenty miles from town."

So the driver removed his too. Just like that the three of them unmasked themselves. I instantly clamped my eyes shut so that I wouldn’t see their faces.

I heard a deep, chuckle on my right. "Doll face? What are you doing?"

I answered him without opening my eyes. "I’ve seen enough movies to know better than to look at you guys."

Laughter erupted in the car. "Smart thing to do baby cakes, but it doesn’t matter if you see our faces or not," he said.

I let out a slow breath and I allowed my eye lids to open. I’m scared. I blinked a couple of time and gasp as I noticed...

Creepy guy was driving. Well why does that not surprise me.

Creepy guy spoke while glaring at me in the mirror. "No need to pet her Kilo. She ain’t nothing but a stuck up bitch." Then he laughed his creepy laugh and so did the guys sitting next to him.

The one next to me sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. I stole my first glance his way and felt my heart leap into my throat. He was breathtaking. Sexy in that reckless “I’m definitely dangerous” kind of way. He was tan, with a strong jaw a perfectly elegant profile. His eyes were midnight black and his hair nearly as dark. It was pulled back away from his face in a very shorty pony tail. His eye brows were naturally arched and now they lifted at my scrutiny. He winked at me.

"Is that right doll face?" His face became angry as he asked me, "You a stuck up bitch?"

I glared at him. "No!" I snapped. I looked toward Creepy guy in the front seat. "I just don’t flirt with strange men who creep up behind me and stand on my neck."

More laughter, but not from Creepy guy.

The sexy one smiled at me. "Hey, that’s a good thing." His eyes traveled over my face and then down my body in appreciation. I blushed furiously.

Creepy guy said, "Stand on your neck? You should be so lucky babe." He was obviously offended.

I rolled my eyes and said, "Is that why you robbed Sam? Because he made you leave?" I stared at him angrily and the gunman next to me chuckled.

The driver rolled his eyes then smiled at me and said too sweetly, "Okay first of all I didn’t rob anybody. The old man purchased your safety." He lost his smile. "Second, he didn’t make me do shit! If I didn’t want to leave I wouldn’t have. I was just in there casing the place anyway. We needed to know who was in there and how many." He fell silent and the guy next to him snapped.

"Jesus D, shut the fuck up." Then he shot a quick glance my way and I was able to see his features. Sharp nose, strong chin, and pale skin just like his hair. His eyes much like the leader's were dark black.

The driver, Derren, glanced at the others. "What? She thinks I was flirting with her."

"You probably were," the pale one said then laughed.

I glanced to my right to see the leader staring at me again. He seemed to be deep in thought. "I was," he said.

"W-what?" I gasped? Did I just hear him right?

He shrugged and continued to stare at me. "You're beautiful doll. It's a shame too." He glanced down at his lap.

I couldn't help it, I had to ask, "Why is that a shame?" I began to fidget nervously. Biting my lip and rubbing my arms.

He took a deep breath and studied me. Then he sighed again and looked out the window. He didn’t answer. Neither did the other two. The air was thick with impending doom. I swallowed thickly and did my best not to make assumptions. When I was little...I was always scared of being kidnapped. So I always told myself, if I ever was... that I would befriend my captors. Try and make them feel guilty. Try and have them let me go.

Does that shit really work? No better time to find out.

I took a deep breath and inched just a tiny bit closer to the middle of the seat. "I’m Desire."

Then I smiled, just barely as the guy shifted his gaze back to mine. He was staring at me like I was nuts. Then he laughed, and somehow the act made him look that much more handsome. He gave me a pointed look before he rolled his eyes as if to say...

...I know what you’re trying to do...

...not gonna work...

I frowned and looked away from him, back out the window. I scooted back to where I was and sighed. I could almost feel his dark penetrating eyes on me. Analyzing me.

Derren groaned, "Oh I see. He shoves a gun in your back and he gets a name. I go in without a mask and I get pushed out with a broom." He shook his head and glared at me in the rear view mirror.

"As a rule I never talk to strangers," I said pointedly. "You were strange. You still are."

Mister sexy, sitting next to me laughed. "She’s right D, you are."

"How old are you Desire?" Derren asked.

My lifted my chin and looked at him with one eyebrow raised. "Eighteen."

"Just a baby," Derren said incredulously.

The dark haired one to my right, squinted in annoyance and glared out his window while his partner in the front seat commented.

"She ain’t no baby." He gave me a suggestive look that had me closing my arms around myself. "Have you seen that ass?"

The leader snapped, "Shut up Parker." He glared at him and trained his eyes on the back of Parker's seat.

"Don’t act stupid Kilo," Parker complained. "You’re the one who called her sweet cheeks even before we got in the store."

I blushed as the leader, Kilo, clenched his jaw, shooting me a quick look before repeating himself. "I said shut up Parker."

I turned my gaze back out the window and chose to ignore Parker even when he spoke to me. "You see Desire?" He said. "You had a golden ticket for this ride from the moment he laid eyes on you." They both laughed.

Kilo glanced at me and I pretended not to notice. "I like short shorts what can I say? Especially when they come with a pair of legs like those."

I glared at him. He was studying me again. From head to toe.

"I’m right here thanks," I said coldly, looking back out the window.

Derren's voice drifted back from the front seat. "That you are. But for how long?"

With that cryptic comment the car fell silent. I fixed my gaze out the window. Watching the thick Oregon forests fly by as we sailed down the highway. After ten minutes I began shivering. The air in the car was on pretty high. Not to mention I’m sure my body was in shock. With every mile away from Shadow falls it seemed I began to grow more weak. I began to feel drowsy and worn out. Exhausted. It was dark as pitch outside and we were still on a long dark highway. At least they haven’t killed me yet, I thought as my eyes grew heavier. I leaned my head against the side of the car and let darkness take over.

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