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She fit me like a glove...

She fit me like a glove...

She was sleeping and shivering at the same time. I took off my jacket and placed it around her shoulders. My fingertips brushing her butter soft skin in the process. I just couldn't take my eyes off her. Damn it, she was pretty. I should have taken the old dude.

Derren eyed me from the front seat. "Kilo what the fuck are you doing?" He groaned in irritation.

"Nunya," I said simply, inching closer to Desire.

"For real? She’s a hostage... Take your jacket off her. We’ve got to dump her soon," Derren reminded me.

I forgot about that part. He actually thinks that I'm going to wake up a girl this beautiful to toss her out into the cold? To leave her to her death?

I asked him, "How fast are you gunning it?"

"One hundred and ten," he answered.

Parker grinned, "We should be there in no time." He glanced back at Desire, reaching a hand out to touch one bare calf. "Take your jacket off her and the rest of her clothes off too." Then he laughed as I smacked his hand away.

"Parker," I warned.

"What?" He shot back angrily.

"We should have dumped her before she saw our faces," Derren commented.

"We aren’t dumping her tonight." I said simply. "She’ll freeze to death out there." I eyed her in her tiny shorts. Having my jacket tucked in around her was still not enough to warm her. I could still see her shivering.

"What are you suggesting then smart guy? That we keep her?," Derren scoffed.

"We’ll dump her tomorrow when we’re long gone from here. In the daylight," I said. I glanced at her again, watching the soft rise and fall of her chest. "So she has a prayer of survival."

Derren laughed. "Oh yeah, sure. That's a good one." Then he smacked his forehead and said in his most sarcastic tone, "Hey, let’s leave her at the ranger station! Yeah?" Then he burst into giggles.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Shut the fuck up Derren. You are the main reason we're in this mess."

"Okay. But we are. In this mess," he stated.

I gazed at her. Her lips were shaped perfectly. Her hair was as shiny as spun silk. She was gorgeous. So gorgeous that my pants were feeling way too tight. I took a deep breath and readjusted myself in my seat.

"I think we’re far enough we can slow down a bit now. We’re nearly to that road," Derren said as he slowed the car down a bit.

Parker looked over his shoulder and eyed her bare legs. "Well if we’re going to keep her for a minute then I can think of a couple more felonies she can bear witness too."

I felt my fist clench involuntarily and I glared at him. "You aren’t touching her Parker. I don’t play that shit."

"Me neither," Derren agreed.

"Whatever," Parker complained while rolling his eyes. "I thought you said she was a smart ass D. She thinks she’s too good."

That's because she is, I thought.

Now that she was asleep I let my eyes roam over her body in full appreciation. She was definitely raised right. Exceptionally lovely. Perfect, unblemished, all soft, and innocent. We really should have taken the old man but when I saw her, I just wanted to know her a little bit. I instantly decided to take her with us. Dumb as it was I felt like I couldn’t pass her up. She was probably the envy of every girl at her school. The star of every guys wet dream. She looked like a living, breathing doll.

I scooted closer to her because she was still shivering. "I’m going to take a nap too. Wake me up when we make it to the spot."

Derren hissed, "Are we really going to keep her around that long?"

"Yeah. I’ve got a plan for her," I laughed. "I think maybe, she can be convinced to help us out."

"Oh fuck," Parker groaned.

"Shut up Parker," I snapped.

"I don’t know what you’ve got in mind Kilo, but it better be worth it," Derren said.

"We’re not just robbers now, we’re kidnappers too," Derren warned, looking back at me in the rear view mirror.

"Not if I can help it," I replied. I glanced down at Desire. "Not if she can help us."

"Shit," Derren said.

I smiled at him. "Turn the air off asshole. The girl is freezing back here."

I scooted so that I was right next to Desire. I couldn’t help myself, I reached over and turned her so that her head rested on my chest. Damn, I guess that was my first mistake of many because she fit me like a glove.

Parker giggled, "Twenty bucks says she freaks when she wakes up in your arms Romeo."

I smiled at him. "Twenty bucks says it’s worth it just to find out."

She smelled like vanilla and sugar. So I gathered her close, pulling her body onto mine. I wrapped my arms around her and almost lost it when she gave a little sigh of pleasure.

Her hair fell softly over her face as I pulled her legs up onto my lap. Feeling like a weirdo, I rubbed my hands up and down the outside of her thigh to warm her. Her skin was exquisite. Looking at her I couldn't imagine ever being lucky enough to kiss those lips. I certainly couldn't see myself leaving her if I was. She was enchanting.

I thought about how scared she was back at the store. The way she whimpered when I yelled. She had no idea what that little sound had done to me. Thanks to my mask, neither did anybody else. I frowned and had to stop myself from apologizing to her. I had to remind myself that it was good that she was scared. The reason I had Parker shoot up the telephones is because after she cried out, I switched my safety on. I didn't want her in danger.

I groaned and looked out the window. The masked gunman doesn't want her in danger, I thought. I am a weirdo. Even so, I looked back down at her. I tightened my arms around her, then fell asleep.

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