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Sierra a 16 year old girl. She is a very beautiful girl but she doesn't see it....she has heterochromia which means she has mismatched eyes one is light brown and the other is a color of honey. She is the "loser" her mom died when she was 8.....since then she changed...but then one day she discovered something about her mother that completely changed her life.

Drama / Action
Paola Gomez
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How it all began...

You are probably wondering what im doing inside my room...locked up. Well it all began about a week ago i was just chilling in my room. "Sierra!" my dad called. Yes im Sierra, Sierra Altanez, i have mismatched eyes one is brown the other is a honey color its called heterochromia, i also have green hair and its my real hair its not dyed or fake i dont know why i have green hair but i dont like. My mother was just like me...except she was beautiful and im...well...different. Anyways,my dad kept calling my name. I was annoyed but me being me got up and went to my dad. "What?!" i said in an angry sort of annoyed voice. "You mitgh wanna watch your mouth young lady" my dad said. "Well im here what am i good for?" i asked. "Can you go to the store and get some things for me?" he said. Okay that was enough for me i was chilling in my room it had been a long day and now the store?! But ofcourse i said "no". "Why not?" he said. "I am not really in the mood sorry dad" (yes i know i said that,i was not gonna say "oh its been a long day i dont want too,now i was gonna be dead if said that). "Oh c'mon" my dad said looking at me with his face. "Fine" i said. You see my dad has this talent of making this face that makes everyone say yes to him (thats what i love about him). So i went to put on my shoes my jacket and went to the store. On my way i say a man sort of following me but i did not really pay attention to it. When i finally got to the store you wont believe what happened.

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