Everything she lost..the darkness within

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Alexia had a dark secret she was bound to keep hidden forever, a dark life she had once lived that had destroyed everything she had grown to love her family had died in a fire that no one knew how it had come to be but only she, her friends had been mercilessly slaughtered and all that destruction had been in the name of love. A love that had caused her so much grief and sorrow, a love that had ruined her to the core, a love that she had carefully ran away from and hoped it wouldn't follow her the same way it haunted her dreams! But then everything finds a way to come back the same way the darkness never leaves our minds Find out what this beautiful woman is hiding!

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1 The Dream

Astrid was gazing at the stars admiring them when she heard a familiar voice call out to her a voice that she had admired once but now sent a fear that doomed her, fear gripped onto her as he called her, “Astrid am here my love” he said in his usual casual cool voice as if nothing had happened, as if he didn't, know what he had done to her. Within that instate her mind went blank as she started running away from him as far as possible as she could manage, she ran.

“Astrid how can you run from me for the rest of your life, l will always find a way to find you, you're mine...” then his voice faded into the starry night as the distance between them grew larger and further. When she stopped to take in some air feeling better for the fear, she had felt had disappeared, then she felt firm arms tighten around her tiny waist and suddenly that same fear a rash of fear crept in her body as she stood glued to the spot.

The stars disappeared as the darkness crept in

She felt his smile on her cheek as he brought his face on her ear then he whispered into it, “Astrid you're mine, am all you've got left and am you all will have” tears escaped from her eyes.

“I will find you even if it means hunting you down my dear Astrid and once l do you will never be able to ever leave me again” his hands moved slowly to her throat as they found a way to her throat, there his grip tightened around it, she screamed and scratched his arms’ trying to free herself she couldn't breath then the memories the dark ones that she wished to forget came flooding in her mind as she recalled all the bruises he had inflicted on her body mercilessly as she screamed for forgiveness.

“Am never gonna leave you”

Her eyes flew open to be greeted by the stream of sunlight that had crept into her room through the window then tears flowed down her cheeks as she searched the room for him knowing he wasn't, there a rash of relief flooded her mind

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