Other Side of My Life

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Lena packed her bags and set off to start a new life in a different country to escape the reminiscence of her past, but little did she know her life would get intertwined with a headstrong girl Jade, who's life isn't perfect either and Alex, who believes there's more to Lena than she likes to show. Can Lena find closure in love, remorse and wrath?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Lena looked out of her bedroom window, clenching the bars of the window and turned around to look at her room, it all came back like a kaleidoscope of good, bad and ugly memories one last time before zipping her suitcase.

She dragged her suitcase from her bedroom to the living room, the wheels made a squeaking sound, she couldn’t afford a new suitcase though it was her first travelling abroad. She didn’t have any demands or complaints because she was great full for the opportunity to be going out of the country, also because she felt it was a waste of money.

She looked at her mother, who looked like she would break into tears any moment and said, “I am going there for a better future, I’ll be back in no time.”

That was not the sole reason.

Her mother swallowed a lump in her throat and said, “What am I to do until then, you’re all I have.”

Lena was never good with expressing her feelings, she said “Lets go to the bus station soon, I don’t wanna be late.”

Lena tried not to cry during the car ride to the bus station, she knew she couldn’t hold herself back when the moment came to say goodbye. Her eyes darted from one person to another at the bus station, she felt a surge of anxiety looking at all those strangers, she was twenty one years of age and never traveled anywhere alone.

Both of them got out of the car, took the suitcase from the backseat and their eyes wandered around the bus station to find the right bus to the airport. Lena thought to herself, “Is this the right thing to do, to just leave? It’s too late now.”

Lena tried to catch her mother’s eyes, who refused to hold her gaze, they broke down at the same time, hugged each other with tears running down their cheeks.

With rivulets of tears running down her cheeks, Lena said, “This is not a goodbye, you’ll always be in my heart ma.”

“I still don’t know why you want to go so far away from here, but I want you to find whatever that you’re looking for. I love you Lena.”

“I can’t explain why this means so much to me, but I’ll be back soon. Love you too ma.”

Lena waved goodbye from the bus until she lost sight of her mother, she sighed and smiled mysteriously.

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