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This "story" is mostly about experience and answers, because all of us have questions, but how many of us have answers?

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My thought process was cut by the lamp which twitched, making me realize the tv was still on and how late i would be for the “convention” which made me give up on it. I Got up and walked in a lazy way in the direction of my kitchen so i could grab myself some coffe, black coffe, and turn on my laptop so i could entertain my brain for a while until it drifted away again. i grabbed a mug, filled it with water and put it on 50 seconds on my microwave, meanwhile i turned on my laptop and browsed through my games for a while, hoping that something would happen, that the past would come back and give me all those friends to play with, did not happen, instead i was interrupted by the beeping of the microwave and went to get my semi-preparated coffee. Now holding it in my hads i thought: “maybe it’ll make the coldness go away...“. While that sense of hope thrilled my body, my mind was conscious enough to know it was not my first try, i needed actual help, and i was working on that, in a slow pace, but i was. I proceeded to put the coffe powder in my mug filled with hot water and stirred it.

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