A Complicated Love Cycle

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Quan was Mary’s First and forever love . They were destined high-school sweethearts. Until she made one crazy choice and now there whole relationship is at stake. Isn’t that what she wanted though?

Drama / Romance
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Mary’s P.O.V

As I sat in Jazzmin’s backseat I couldn’t help but to reminisce on the terrifying memory from 30 minutes ago. “WHYYYY” was the only thing running around in my thoughts torturing me.

Why was I such a selfish Bitch, I had the perfect man that girls would drool over and boom I fucked it all up.

As my Bestfriend’s car calmed to a stop I hopped out as quickly as possibly.Feeling the sting of tears in my eyes as I Bolted Straight pass my mom due to not wanting to talk I couldn’t barely Catch my breath. When my body collided with my soft bed and fuzzy pillows all I Could do was grasp them and cry. I didn’t deserve a shoulder to lean on....

All I could think about was how does Quan feel. He may be nonchalant,but I know he has feelings ... I just cried harder and harder feeling completely clueless.


The wind annoyingly blowed my hair in every direction as Quan was zooming through the streets . I recorded us happily singing Lil Baby’s new album on Snapchat as he caressed my face w his free hand.Although he annoyed me (in a cute way) I adored everything about him. The way his perfectly cut jawline clenched when we argued, his smooth chocolate skin,his ruff hand, and those waves in hair were just a whole nother obsession. Life couldn’t be any better when your in love.I stared at his sexy self considering he looked delicious today. He was wearing some ripped denim blue jeans and a green and black jersey (showing every muscle) and his green and black Jordan’s. Maybe It was love on my brain, but I was truly obsessed.

After about 15 minutes we pulled up to the mall. The scent of new things filled my nose as we walked through the door.I LOVE SHOPPING ! I basically raided forever 21 and sadly I was only there for one thing. But I still found what I was looking for (mainly). I was supposed to be getting something for a date tonight with Quan to celebrate our 4 year anniversary but I ended up with 4. Soooo, my bff and twin was going to choose tonight ,they just didn’t know it yet.

After about a hour I finally checked out. The look Quan was giving me made me want to die of laughter. I always drug him along after promising to be in and out the mall, but that’s not very Mary like is it?

After finding a fire shirt in Newsquare (the store) for Quan and the same for myself to wear as a t-shirt dress our shopping was complete. “Baeee Can you just get me one burger from McDonald’s to hold me until later?” I batted my long eyelashes innocently and stuck my lip out in desperation. “You better be glad I love yo fine ass, he said getting in the right lane to get my burger!!” Yes, To be Slim thick I could eat and food was also the Love of my Life so I was past excited.

Skipping to later, as I got ready some boy texted me on Instagram for the 7th time in 2 weeks. I wasn’t famous or anything but I got a good amount of attention on there and this was a normal thing but this boy was soooo damn fine. But after thinking about my baby I simply ignored the message as always . Quan was a D-boy so it wasn’t irregular for VERY important things to come up. He absolutely had to canceled. Knowing his lifestyle I wasn’t as mad as I should’ve been and he left me a big teddy bear,some roses,lingerie,pink clothes/slides, $600, and the keys to his other car. The text he sent was long,sweet, and heart felt. He also pushed some to go out with my friends tonight considering it’s been a minute since I’ve went out with them.

Later that night I found myself giggling uncontrollably and barely walking. Due to the liquor I was definitely tripping and my body felt 4x heavier . Jazzmin and Keshia were even more fucked up than me so I didn’t even ask.Suddenly, I felt my whole body fall forward in slow motion it seemed like, sure I was gonna fall I squeezed my eyes shut and just prepared for it ....

Until I felt a firm grip scooping me off my feet. Oh NO . I shut my eyes and prayed this was a manly girl but NOPE . I opened my eyes to see a dimple faced brownskin boy laughing at me. His skin was so pretty and those dimples sunk with almost every movement. Suddenly it felt like my stomach was floating. Not because of butterflies though.

Before , I knew it vomit was roaring out of me all on him,myself, and the floor. “Aw shit shawty, we gotta dip ,come on.” OMG the way words rolled of his tongue turned me on, or was it the liquor. Omg I’m in love why are my thoughts doing this??? He gently carried me to his car and we drove to a cute house. It was a big average suburban house .

He took me to a room (I’m guessing his). It was big and gave off a cool vibe since the walls were grey and he had black furniture with some red lights around his ceiling. He guided me to the bathroom and helped me in a warm bath. Omg yes I was naked , in front of him! “Don’t worry ma, ain on nun weird I’m just cleaning this mess up that’s all”

After he said that I couldn’t help but let out the biggest smile, I was aware that I was under the influence but , is it possible to be in love with 2 people. Or is love at first sight real? Cause this boy was really tugging at my heart .

After we were both clean I fell right asleep in bed .

I shifted in a unusually comfy bed , I mean Mine,Quan,Jazzmin’s, and keisha’s was comforting but this one hit different. Opening my eyes , I was instantly Alarmed because WTF. I got out of bed and saw a cute boy on the floor and a few weary memories flowed back to me and that feeling in my stomach as well. Omg have I really caught feelings for two dudes ?

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