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This is a bl story the first character is a doctor and second one is army captain this is a super short love story.

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Red blood chief
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Chapter 1 First time i see him

Hi guys this is my first time when i wrote a novel so please support me.

This is a boys love story so bl lover please read my novel.

Thank you....

So let's start ----------

I am Ara. I am a new doctor in ajou hospital, i am super happy, finally my dream came true. this is my first day in ajou hospital and i am so so excited.

This is Ara, talking to himself. Cute tiny and some times stupid but sweet and chill guy yes i say guy, Ara is a guy not girl.

So this is his first day in hospital.

Are are you Ready don't be late his mom said

Ara - yes mom i am leaving.

Ara run from home to bus stop.

Why why why the bus is late today. I don't want to be late aaahhhhhh... I am about to crying.

Wait oh my god bus came so i am not going to be late.

Then Ara Take the bus and went to the hospital. When he enter the hospital Ara says so big so beautiful so many doctors here oh my goooooo he falls down on the floor, all of sudden a doctor came and ask him are you ok kid. I am ok i am ok Ara say that time he was so embarrassed. Hello i am doctor jin are you new the handsome smart doctor asking who is standing front of him.

Ara- yes i am new

Doctor jin - then come with me i will give you your duty

Ara - ok sir

D. Jin - call me jin ok kid

Ara- ok

D. Jin - here your duty, you should work with doctor jack

He is in emergency vard now go this way. He pointed his finger in his left.

Ara- ok thank you D. jin

Its ok kid now go you are already late. Wait, i didn't ask your name

Ara- yes yes i am Ara, doctor Ara Jones.

Ara smile and run that side

Enter the emergency vard

Ara- i am doctor ara i have a duty here where is doctor jack

One of male nurse said he is not there sorry doctor today he is absent. So you are head right now. Ara was scared no no i can't, dont worry we are with you.

Then he said okkkk but in heart he was crying and says what to do what to do.

Run run everyone suddenly run to front door, ara ask what happened, doctor it's a emergency one patient is coming he is very serious we should treat him immediately. Ok Ara ask and run out with tham ambulance coming they pull stracher and patient came out lots of blood on his body.

Ara - i think there are 3 bullets in his body first sholder second chast and third waist side and on the face... when i see his face so handsomeeee...Ara Ara walk up we should treat him immediately asking himself.

That was my frist time i see him.

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