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How life really is like. All here in this book. I have a preview with the first chapter I hope you like it.

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Have you ever felt like no one was listening. Like you were talking, but the people around you couldn’t here. Like you would be a different person if they would just hear you. That’s me. People say I am annoying because I talk all the time and do weird things and say stupid stuff. I spent the first 3 days of kindergarten behind a tree at recess. I am afraid that people will not like me because I don’t have cool apps or a skinny body or the best teeth. Movies always end with the girl who was different be cool but that is not how it is in real life. My parents are fighting, my dad is yelling at my mom “I had a really bad f*****g day. He was screaming it at her, and I thought that he was going to slap her. You could not understand how much I wanted to kick him. He said “I love Brooke.” before I left to go to my friends sleepover and my response was a 😕 face. We are going through a really hard time right now because of CoVid-19 which I think would have never happpend if Trump got impeached. I know people are living on the streets, hungry and dying but if you never let out your feelings because you know someone else is haveing a bad day then you are probably depressed. My life sucks and I know that. I don’t talk to friends about it because then they will talk about how “ other people are going through a harder time then you, don’t be pity on yourself. So I just never say anything. That still causes problems because then anytime someone is going through a hard time that I know about I can’t say I can relate. Sometimes I just want to screw the world, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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