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17 years old youngster by the name of John Chan,who has been dreaming of being an actor since he was 7.Being the only child in a single-parent family,John is torn between chasing his dream and being a fisherman with his dad for good......

Drama / Other
Colton Cheung
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Getting Started.


“it’s 7:00 am,today is monday......“said Bixby.

‘swiped it to dismiss’

“Ahhh......fuck school,Ima just stay in my cave forever and live on cup noodles.”I sighed

4 minutes passed,but feeling that was only like 4 seconds.

Changed into my school uniform,slammed open the door.

“Here is you lunch,dinner is in the fridge,i will be back on thursday,no sleepovers!and......rock your audition!“A note on the lunch box from dad,the happy toy maker.

At least that was how everyone called him.

Dad made toys,brought joy into people’s lives,so people always thought he would always be so positive and happy due to his job.

Sadly,he was also a divorcé.

Mum left him few years ago,saying he was immature and careless......

NO.......Not Me!

Looked right in the mirror on the wall with the pic of Joaquin Phoenix next to it......

“And the OSCAR goes to.......JOHN CHAN!!!!!”

I knew I could get there one day,to be as phenomenal as those Oscar winners.

But now let’s focus on the audition first.

Freshened up,had two toasts for breakfast,the day started.

This year was actually the last year of my hight school life,my classmates had been busting their guts studying for the DSE(college entrance exam in hk),at the same time when i was still daydreaming about making a speech to the audience behind the podium.

Got patted on the back,here came my witty friend,Eric.

“What?You really wanna make a living out of acting and fly all the way to USA?Bruv you can’t even afford the ticket!”Eric asked.

Eric had always wanted to be a comedian after he graduated from high school

Yeah......he got jokes,but sometime I just didn’t get any of them,and just decided not to tell him.

Our school was not like the traditional schools out there,it was more of an art school.

We got students excel in music,art,performing,etc......

Eric and I were like the performing students,we both signed up for the audition.

It was the last year for us,and there was a tradition in our school that all form 6 students(twelfth grade) would have a chance to get a role in the summer musical for the last year at school.

And that would be my first performance to take part in.....

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