The real girl

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About a girl named Grace and what she is doing through with her friend and her sickness.

Drama / Romance
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Meeting them

Grace is a young lady who is looking for love, but there is something that gets in the way. What gets in her way is a sickness is called... cancer.


"Hello?",asked a beautiful lady named Grace.

"Hey! Grace was wondering if you are going to the Allegan county fair?", asked one of Grace's friends Kelly.

"Is that even a question Kelly?", questioned Grace.

"So you're there, right?"

"Yes, I have a new horse here. You should come check him out." Grace told Kelly.

"You know I can't say no to one of my favorite people in the world." Kelly told Grace.

"Well good, because I really would love to see you and your wife. I really miss you guys!"

"Good that. We will be there soon. Love and miss you Grace."

"Love you too."

Grace went down to the horse barn to check on her painted friesian Chance. She rescued him from some older people that were going to give up on him. Grace got to the horse barn, her dad (Dan) was helping his miraculous wife Ronna put some pictures of Grace and Chance training. Grace's mother even made a book of horses that Grace has trained over the years and them going to great homes.

Walking over to Chance's stall, "Hey Chance!"

Petting Chance, Ronna and Dan finished putting up the last picture.

Ronna asked Grace, "What you think?"

"Can't believe I am going to be competing again. Thank you guys so much, this means a lot to me.", committed Grace.

"I am glad that you found the right partner, you guys have worked so hard." Dam told Grace.

"Thanks dad, wanting to tell you that Kelly and his family will be here soon." Grace told Dan.

"Ok sweetie, Why don't you go brush Chance?", Dan asked Grace.

"Actually I was going to go do that. Plus I need to get some training in later, if that is fine with you."

"That would be fine with us Grace.", Ronna told Grace.

Grace walked into the storage stall to grab the brushes and comb. Then went in to brush out Chance. After 30 minutes of brushing went by a voice said, "You know you can't hide from me Grace, the little one is wanting to see you."

Gracie turned around to see her good friend: like a brother Kelly. The same person that was there for her when she needed him the most, but there was still one thing missing and that was his 2 younger brothers. She was so excited to see Kelly, she speed walked out of the stall; leaving the stall door open.

"You know that horse of your is going to get out," Outsmarted Kelly.

"I know who would get him, if he did get out,"Laughed Gracie.

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