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"I Soon Found Out That My Lonely Life Wasn't So Pretty"

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This story is about the end of the world, in which the Atomic Age is still at its peak in the 21st Century. An atomic bomb, that was supposed to be going to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean for a usual test, went off prematurely near the shores of the Pacific Northwest, from which the west coast suffered dramatically. As the radiation makes its way from the west to the mainland-- Austin, a loner who lives in North Dakota, learns of this, takes the news a little more… Differently.

Drama / Other
Richard Braums
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Chapter 1

The Yellow deteriorated Pony seems to mock me with its ever so slightly cocky grin just makes me wish the damn thing would just twist its own head off. But what am I supposed to do about it anyways, like it matters at this moment, just trying to get my mind off things. And it looked like it worked for a while there, but I think I might keep going. It makes you wonder how it got there in the first place; A slip of the hand? Or a careless ‘not giving a damn just may as well leave it there my life is not to pick up other people’s trash’? Somewhere along those lines I guess. You’d think that being an employee for the Salvation Army would give the people the audacity to drop their shit off and dip out without our knowledge. We accept donations, assholes, not trash. Where was I. Oh, right. The rainbow-ish hair faded from its glory days long gone from the radiation of the shine. Many days go by while it lies there in its own puddle of dismay. Poor sonofabitch. Bluey sparkling eyes long faded with the other colors of the rainbow, no more glistening for children now kiddo. It looks haunting to be honest. I dunno why any parent would get a thing like that for a child, maybe that’s why they were giving it away-let some other poor bastard have that demon. It’s not my kid anyways. Just trying to get my mind off things.

May as well throw the damn thing away, getting tired of looking at it. Well, maybe not. Maybe just leave it there, HR won’t bother, HR will never bother. Speaking of, she’s now walking out of the store, briskly making her way to her minivan, man is she a milf. Her hips sway back and forth as usual but not as I saw them before, it’s heavenly. I know me and the guys talk about her often, especially the sway of her hips, makes you wonder how they work in bed. Often is an understatement. Whenever we see a fine broad come through here, we talk about her, like a bunch of horny virgins on prom night. We’re just men after all, we don’t see a lot of them. But Miss HR lady never fails to impress us guys in the back, she’s always nice, generous and what not. Maybe she knows that we ogle her every time her back is turned, maybe she likes it or not, can’t tell these days. Just trying to get my mind off things.

Seems like time paused for a moment. Pretty sure she would’ve made it to her vehicle by now, but may as well enjoy it while it lasts; this’ll probably be the last time I’ll ever see her, especially a woman of that caliber. She locks her eyes onto mine for a bit, I give her a generous grin, then drives away. Pity. Deeply. Forgot the Pony is still lying there watching me thinking of all these things and judging so disgustingly, you won’t be the one to judge, we know what’s coming. After all, just trying to get my mind off things.

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