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Family??? What do u think the family is like? Complement each other and share affection??? What would happen if the girl was told to look for a real family?? Is that family beautiful?? Affection..... Or not???

Drama / Humor
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Chapter 1

On a beautiful sunny morning, there was a beautiful girl about 6 years ago who kept smiling broadly. Currently the girl is playing with her three handsome brothers. The four of them played in the Park behind the house.

They play chases like a police and thief game. The police are the girl and the thieves are the three brothers. The girl was busy chasing her three brothers and occasionally she stamped her foot in a sign that she was annoyed.

The girl named Juliana with the surname Wu. Usually called Juli or Lili. She has three brothers and parents who loves her very much. Lili's mom named Susanti Lee. Lili's mom is originally Indonesian and she's just a housewife.

Lili's dad named Bryan Wu. He is a native of Taiwan, but he chose to live in Toronto. He's a CEO and also the owner of the largest company in Taiwan and has many branches. The first child in the Wu family is Wu Yang Yang with a handsome face and a firm and friendly face. Yangyang is currently only 15 years old.

His second child was named WuChun. Wu Chun has a handsome face and traits that are opposite to Yangyang and Yi Fan. He is a stiff, flat and cold person when he is outside the house. But it's different when with his younger sister, he will change 180 degrees. At present he has just turned 13 years old. He was only 2 years apart from Yangyang.

His third child named Wu Yi Fan, he has sharp eyes and is also handsome and only 9 years old at this time.

Juliana immediately entered her big house like a palace followed by her three brothers. Juliana was still annoyed with earlier while her three brothers smiled with satisfaction.


"Mommy, Lili doesn't want to be accompanied by brother!" Lili exclaimed, pursing her lips while pointing at one of her brothers.

"So Lili wants to be with whom?" Asked Lili's mom while smoothing her child's hair softly.

"Lili wants to go alone." Replied Lili with a miserable expression to her mom.

"Cannot!" Yangyang said firmly.

"Mommy...." Lili whined while putting on her pitiful face.

"Cann't, if Lili want to go out then go with your brothers to keep Lili safe." Said Susanti softly.

"不要!! (No way!!)" Replied Lili by pursing her lips -again- while folding her arms in front of her chest.

"If Ji doesn't want to go with gege then Ji also cann't go out." Ancam Luhan.

"But... but Lili is already big." Said Lili determinedly.

"For us Lili is still small." Said Yangyang, Wu Chun and Yi Fan only nodded their heads in agreement, make little Lili annoyed with her first brother.

"Okay fine." Lili replied irritably as she walked out of the house stomping her feet.

"Well, that's our little sister." Yangyang said happily while following her step out. While Susanti who saw it could only shake her head slowly.


As long as Lili walked alone with Yangyang, she grumbled inwardly. She doesn't dislike walking with her brother but today she wants to walk alone. Lili needs privacy.

"Hey, don't put on your face like that, the beauty will be lost." Teased Yangyang while poking at Lili's chin. Lili who was bothered like that by Yangyang could only be annoyed.

"Hey come on don't be like that. Let's eat ice cream." Yangyang asked while pulling Lili's arm to the nearest minimarket.


Now Lili is very happy because she has spent five bowls of ice cream. Initially Yangyang bought one bowl but Lili whined asking to buy again, because it was ashamed to be seen by people so well lastly bought four more bowls in accordance with Lili's wishes.

Finally Yangyang can breathe easily when Lili invites him home. Before he paid for the ice cream first then they left the minimarket to go to the house.

When they got home, Lili was busy babbling about her activities while she was out with her mom. Susanti just heard her daughter's story while stroking her child's hair affectionately. But not with her two brothers -Wu Chun and Yi Fan-.

"WHAT?! What Lili said?" Wu Chun asked, he was afraid of hearing wrong.

"Lili eat ice cream as much as five bowls." She answered innocently while showing her five fingers.

Yangyang could only be silent while praying that his two younger siblings wouldn't scold him.


This time Yi Fan who spoke out loud, he was quite shocked at the answer to his favorite sister.

"Ughh, I'm dead." Yangyang thought in his heart while pretending to be busy reading a book while Yi Fan walked straight to Lili then put his hands on Lili's forehead. He is afraid that Lili will get sick.

"Lili doesn't feel sick right?" Yi Fan asked with panicked and worried.

"No." Lili answered briefly with a confused expression and then walked off into her room.

"Brother Yangyang, what do you mean by five bowls? Do you want Lili to get sick huh?" Snapped Yi Fan angrily, he didn't understand hired first brother's mind.

"U-umm.. That's not what I mean..." Yangyang panicked on his own, he was so panicked he threw the origin of the book he was holding.

"Then why did you give her five bowls?" Not finished Yangyang talking, Wu Chun already cut it.

"I did it because she asked." Snapped Yangyang, his patience had run out.

"But you can stop it." Said Yi Fan insisted.

"She who whined earlier." Said Yangyang not wanting to lose, Yangyang's breathing fluctuated, sign they he was holding his emotions. Yangyang's face turned red.

"Stop it. Don't make a fuss like this. After all, Lili is okay and you guys apologize to Yangyang. It's rude to snap at your brother." Interrupted Susanti while massaging her forehead.

"Okay fine, I'm sorry but.... If Lila gets sick, I will not hesitate to scold you." Said Wu Chun and Yi Fan while going into their respective rooms and slamming the door causing a loud noise.

Yangyang snorted harshly then looked at his mom with guilt.

"I'm sorry mom.. I'm guilty.."

Susanti shakes her head in disapproval.

"You're not mistaken. Forget it."


Two weeks have passed, now Lili is getting ready to go to school with her three brothers. Lili is different from other children, she is so genius that she is at the sixth year, this year she is already in the third grade, while the same age is only the same age. She stepped forward so she could be third grade. While Yangyang class 3 junior high school, Wu Chun class 1 junior high school and Yi Fan class 4 elementary school.

Lili is in school with Yi Fan. Making it easier for Yi Fan to look after his younger sister. If Yangyang goes to school with Wu Chun, they aren't too worried because Lili who is different from school can continue to stay with Yi Fan, Yi Fan will be happy to keep his younger sister tight.

To be continued....

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