The good Evil

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What if you decided to let evil determine your actions..what if evil was just another kind of good ..

Drama / Mystery
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Evil and good, dark and light, no stop Do not say it like that, but the opposite; Good and evil, light and dark ..

We are used to making bad things in the last, and good things are always first, but every action has a reaction, to ignore the other side of us (evil) does not mean that we eliminate it, it cannot be eliminated; The good and bad duality must exist so that we can continue life.

Ignoring sometimes expresses a different attention,spiteful but important attention But it is important to define something, whether a decision or a reaction or us ; to determine who we are..

Evil helps most of the time in getting what we want “happiness”,Evil pushes us to do anything for our benefit, or perhaps we are the ones who push ourselves to evil because of our human nature. We prefer everything that relaxes us that strengthens our existence and gives us strength without feeling that we are losing or giving up something ..

Are we evil and trying to be good guys, or are we good guys and try to not be bad, I don’t know which is the first, but I’m sure that we all have a dark side, an evil part that wants to control, wants to appear,I have not studied psychology, but this is just a chat about what I lived or still live it.

I will talk about me, about my personal experience, about the struggle of good and evil inside me,Evil that only tries to protect me and make me happier and stronger, and the good that wants me to be a good person to be happy ..

The whole story started when I started to hear a conversation inside me, yes I always hear it, a conversation between two people or maybe I should say two parts of me, good and bad,a dialogue is going on between them all the time, I hear it carefully, I don’t know if there is another person like me who has this ability.

I will tell you the end result, evil always cries at the end and he pleads with goodness to help him, yes good wins in the end as we used to hear ...

But evil has always cried for me, it has always been defeated and broken for me, but he never died every time he returned to stand up and wrestle with goodness..

While the two are fighting (good and evil) I notice a lot how evil defends me, and understands my desires and my ambition to achieve them,While goodness tries to define a path to reach it, a very long and difficult road for me.Every time I hear the dark side talks about me and understands me more than good, I tend towards evil and get to know it ..

Goodness has always helped me in my relationships with the people around me, and it gave me a great feeling towards my living environment,But it has not reached the level that Evil have reached in understanding me.

I highlighted it “evil”, and neglected the good. Well, this action shows that in the end, we are the ones who determine who chooses whether it is good or bad, and I chose evil between me and myself and left goodness between me and people , and I am not surprised by what I do, as the majority of people are like this; they do not show what is in their depths, and the depths are the most important to define our personality.

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