Shit...I hate My Alpha Mate.

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Abby is not the most social person since her ex-boyfriend cheated and left her. When she met her mate, the future Alpha Shane. He rejects her and leaves her heartbroken. She leaves and goes to her grandfather, who is a powerful alpha. There, she learns about her hidden abilities and who her great grandmother is, The Great Luna, The Goddess of the moon. She goes back to her old pack where her mate sees her and wants her back. Will she accept him? or break his heart as he did to hers? or will she choose someone else?

Drama / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Abby’s POV

New school, unfamiliar house and unknown people all before I graduate high school. Why did I have to leave, I thought while kicking a stone? I could have easily stayed with my older brother or grandfather but my mother. She just did not want me to stay with my grandfather because of stupid Jace. My grandfather, Asher Levi III, is the Alpha of our pack "The Knights". It is the second strongest pack in the world as the first is the "Royal Bloodline pack". However, as I think back, I am kind of glad we left. That way I do not have to see my jerk of an ex-boyfriend anymore.


Jace cheated on me with that human slut, Maggie. Then he has the nerve to claim that I’m cheating, and that’s why I think he’s cheating. Sarah told me how she saw him cuddling another girl, but I wanted to see him in the act. Two weeks later, I saw them having sex in his house from the window. I see what Sarah was talking about, her being easy. Heartbroken, I called Sarah and Liz shopping. We have been best friends since we were two years old. When they arrived we waited until they were in the made their way to the bedroom, I slowly pushed open his front door and walked to his room. Sarah kicked the bedroom door open, and it displays a naked hoe on my man riding him to her heart’s content. When they realize what just happened, it shocked them and pale. Jace, being the dickhead. He tried to grab my hand and yells "It’s not what you think!". I ran out of the room and continued to run until I was home. I stayed in my room crying, eating ice cream and watching chick flicks. I made a vow that day today no one who disrespects me and who is not mine.
End of Flashback○

Anyway, walking to my new high-school named Sir Rolle’s High. I open the door and make my way down the hall. There, I see girls flocking around a guy with blond hair and green eyes in a grey shirt and black pants. As I continue to walk along the hall walk to Principal Brown’s Office showed to me the way by a fellow student. I smelt sex and starting to pace back and forth. I thought I was overreacting as none is having sex. I thought this until I saw Miss Blackwood leave the office with her blouse wrinkled and her hair a mess. I only knew her name as my mom and I meet her at the grocery store. I turned and asked her where the bathroom. She pointed, and I jogged to the bathroom to wash my face with lukewarm water.

45 mins before Abby came to the Office
☆Principal Rob Brown POV
The fresh student here stirs my desire with her big breasts, small waist, small ass and big framed glasses according to her Instagram. She’s just so beautiful, and I just want to touch her. However, I can’t touch her, at least not now. I have to let my sexual frustration out, so I call Miss Blackwood the office, her hourglass shape, and enormous chest usually makes me feel good. Yes, I am a 26-year-old man with no wife or children of my own but I have needs and boy she tries to please them. As she walks through the door, she knows what I want. She closes the door and slips her hand in her blouse. She smiles as she shows me her 43 D cup breasts in her bra and her small waist. She slowly walks towards me and stops by my legs. She unzips my pants zipper and puts her hand in my boxers. She pulls out my dick, and it is pulsing waiting for a pussy to fuck. She goes down on her knees and grasps my dick; she gives me a blowjob and I play with her pussy. I feel pre-cum come out as she glides her hand up and down my dick. I grab her head and put my dick in her mouth once more. She sucks it until I tap her ass. She stops sucking and goes to my office table. She bends over the table until her ass is in the air; I spread her vagina lips and I see it is dripping wet. I take a condom out of one of the table drawers, quickly slip it on, then I enter her pussy. She screams and moans in delight as I rock my dick forward and back. After 30 minutes, I climax and rest my head on her chest. I take a nap on Zoe as I dream of Abby and the things I would like to do to her.

Miss. Zoe Blackwood POV

After being used by Rob for his sexual satisfaction for two years and performing wifely duties, I thought he would ask me out by now but unfortunately; he didn’t. Even known I know that he has dated no one but since he heard about this unknown girl, I see the way he looks at her picture, full of desire and lust. I was furious that a nobody like her can turn him on with one look in his direction. ‘All my work went down the drain, because of a pathetic girl who just transferred here.’ I thought as I sit at my office desk. After 5 minutes Rob calls me from the speakerphone to come to his office. With my hand in my blouse, I walk to his office and move closer to him until I reach his legs. I unzip his pants and give him a blowjob and we have mind-blowing sex in his office. We climaxed together as he rested his head on my breasts. From that moment on I decided that I will fight for my man.

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