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Karina Engstad grew up in a perfect family, and she wasn't the perfect one she got kicked out of her house at the age of 16 and she flew to California with her high school boyfriend Samuel Berekely. While living with her rich boyfriend she gets pregnant a few times and one of the kids she had was exactly like Karina and Karina's childhood mistakes. She'd misbehave, party, not listen to her parents, and she was the trouble maker. Now let's see how Karina survives the obstacles with a teenage daughter as wild as her. Will her boyfriend stay with her? Will she find her family members? Will she be able to handle all the kids? Will she be able to financially support her children? There are many questions. Keep reading to find the answers.

Drama / Children
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Karina's Timeline

A middle-class family in the 19th century in New York City, 5 of them Max, Katherine, Klohe, Katrina, and Karina Engstad. Max is the father of the family he was raised in New York with very strict parents he wanted to raise his kids just like he was raised. He met Katherine in high school. She was a beautiful teenager she was very talented she had a voice like an angel. They both got married at 26 and had their first kid at 29 they decided to raise their children in New York just like they were raised they had set very high expectations. Klohe Engstad was the first daughter of the family. She grew up with straight A's and had many skills she loved reading as a child she was calm and listened to her parents every time. 2 years after Klohe, Max and Katherine decided to have one more kid and they had Katrina. Katrina was an honest child, she was straightforward and very sweet, she grew up hating school but she still came home with A's and B's. She had a harder time growing up because she had to catch up with Klohe and her parent's expectations. Katrina did it her way she did what she loved but once her parents weren't satisfied she'd stop what she had started. 1 year later they decided to have their last-child and they were hoping for a boy. Instead, they had Karina who was a life changer in a bad way. Karina Engstad didn't care about what her parents did or said she didn't follow her sisters she did what she wanted. She went to school to hang out and hookup, she never listened to teachers and would always get complaints. Her grades were never passing her parents had a hard time disciplining her because she wouldn't care or listen. Karina wasn't like this till the age of 12, her parents didn't think Karina wouldn't need the same effort put into Klohe and Katrina because of the way they turned out. Karina noticed the effort her parents would put into Klohe and Katrina she took out her own way to get attention. Bad attention. From the age of 13 Karina did what she did she did not care about what others thought. Then once Karina's 16th birthday came she was in a secret relationship for a few months her parents did not allow a relationship till college. Karina went to celebrate her birthday with her boyfriend that she loved. Samuel Berkeley he was a rich boy and all eyes were on him at the time. They went to Sam's house and got drunk with all her friends at 16. When coming home she was drunk and her parents saw what she was wearing, the way she was walking, and they saw Sam. That day, nobody knew what was coming Karina got kicked out of the Engstad house and ran away with her boyfriend at 16. Max and Katherine weren't aware of Karina leaving forever she was kicked out of the house for the night because of how angry and raged Max was. But Karina and her rich boyfriend took a flight to California. Klohe and Katrina didn't know about this at all. Max and Katherine were so worried but nothing from Karina came, they'd been looking for her for 2 years. In the 2 years, Karina and Sam have been a happy family living in wealthy Los Angeles, California. Karina and Sam are 18 years old and legal adults and Karina is pregnant 8 months with her first child. Karina had left her parents and sisters in the past and she's going to start over and make her kid's lives extremely special. Karina has been modeling during this time to get her income and Sam has been getting money off of his family. Karina got paid a lot because she was one of the most stunning women models in the United States. Long dirty blonde, perfect curls, dark hazel eyes, long and dark lashes, and a body that's one of a kind. Karina and Sam were living the life, they were 18 and had so many responsibilities. They were still dating, they lived together and they had a child together. A few months in Karina gave birth to a daughter Rebekah Engstad-Berkeley. Rebekah was a beautiful baby she was taken care of very nicely but 4 months in Karina was pregnant again. This time they were scared truly, they didn't know how to financially support the 4 of them. But they figured it out with Karina waitressing and Sam still getting money from his father. Sam decided if he wanted for this family to work he had to study so he majored in law. Karina pregnant with her second child she had gotten Rebekah to start learning words, colors, and numbers. Most importantly Karina wanted Rebakah to be a dancer so she had gotten started on that. Karina was 19 by the time she had her second child also a daughter named Stacy. Karina was still the foolish girl she was as a 16-year-old she still partied with two children at home and did what she did as a teenager. But her number one priority was her children she'd do anything for them. She maintained to be an amazing mother she fulfilled her responsibilities and had fun. When Karina was 22 Sam had finally purposed and they were engaged. Karina was once again pregnant she was 6 months in while she was engaged. At the time Sam and Karina couldn't have a big wedding in order to finance their 3 kids. When Karina was engaged 3 months in Rebekah was 4 years old, Stacy was 3, and their son Tyler was a newborn. Right after Karina and Sam got married and moved into a larger house. Sam had turned 24 and Karina was a few weeks from turning 23 but again was an unexpected pregnancy. Tyler was 4 months apart from this new baby. This pregnancy was where the fun awaits. For the record.
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