The Love of His Life

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The promise you broke And the trust that you never deserved. Bruce Denvers is a playboy who has brought 3/4 of the girls in his school to bed. He's been a playboy ever since he transferred to a new school. He's hot but he plays, he breaks and he flirts. Though, girls claim that he is the sweetest boy, he never stays. Stuck between choices that could ruin friendship and trust. Who will he choose?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter one

Bruce's POV

"Babe, let's continue! Just reject your mother's call gosh!" Coleen, a slut, whined as I got up and started putting on my clothes.

"I can't it's almost 3pm I'm sorry" I groaned while rolling my eyes on her patheticness. She continued to whine as I closed her room door. I ran to my car and drove to my house. Once I got there I was greeted by my big brother and my parents. Just as I got to my room, my laptop started ringing. I immediately answered with a smile on my face. The video call connected instantly.

"Hi baby!" My girlfriend, Ivy, said as she looked at the camera. I looked at her surroundings to see that she was at Starbucks. My eyes went to her top clothes and felt content when I saw her wearing a Grey T-shirt and a black Jacket. Her brown hair was tied in a messy bun and her blue eyes seem to sparkle. Her freckles only made her cuter. Then I saw her table, she ordered her favorite drink, raspberry tea. I also saw papers on her table, she was probably studying for her school next month. She likes to study before the first day starts and she claims it helps her adjust.

"Hello to you too baby girl" I said with a smile placed on my lips. I couldn't help but admire her cuteness as she started to focus on writing on her paper. She looked at me or the camera and smile warmly.

"Look baby, I'm starting my notes for the first day!" She giggled as she showed me her notes. It was so cute.

"Aweeee! Aren't you starting on a new school though?" I asked her as she grinned widely. I knew she was up to something because ever since she told me she was going to start in a new school, she grins.

"I miss you baby, if only you weren't so far" she pouted as she drank her drink. She's right though, if only I wasn't so far away I could hug her all day and never let her go. She lives in London, England. And I live in Canada. It's 7 hours away in plane.

"I miss you too baby...I promise when I visit you there next year, I'll spend all the days I'll be there with you" I smiled at her as her eyes go 'awe'. She smiled and crossed her arms.

"Hmph I better be the only girl who gets to be with you" she frowned at me. She's so possessive that it makes her look so cute. I know that the thought of me with another girl breaks her heart a lot. She trusts me and I don't deserve that trust. If she finds out that I've been messing around with other girls, I know she won't forgive me. She deserves the world yet she's stuck with me.

"Yes baby, you're my only girl and I just so happen to be in love with you" I said as I saw her lips go back to a smile. I saw her dad on her back. He sat beside her and smiled. The only thing that she got from her father was her amazing blue eyes. When I first met him I thought that he was her brother, with him looking so young and all.

"Hey Bruce! How's Canada?" Her father asked, startling her. I then realized that she was actually waiting for her dad to fetch her at Starbucks. It was actually a relief to know that her dad will be either her on her way home . She won't meet any harm like rape.

"It's been great dad, but I kinda miss England" I laughed. Her parents let me call them mom and dad. They said I was already a part of their family. And said their looking forward for a future of me and Ivy, I am too.

"Ah homesick. Well visit anytime son! Our doors will be open for you. Anyways I have to take this little cupcake home" He said motioning to Ivy. I looked at her and saw her things already packed and her drink finished. She smiled on the screen and looked at me.

"Goodbye baby... I love you okay? Stay mine! Oh and have a great afternoon love" she said with a huge smile on her face that I will never get tired of seeing.

"I love you too, I'm all yours love. Stay mine as well" I laughed with guilt as I remembered what I've been doing.

"This baby is all yours! Hihi~ Bye!" And with that, she dropped the call. I sighed on my seat and placed my hands on my head, my elbows on my lap. I felt so disappointed in myself that I have to do this to her. I knew she was loyal to me, I have her guarded by her friends and my friends. They tell me everything that happens. Even the boys that tried to hit on her.

Funny story actually, a boy gave her a bouquet of flowers on valentines and she threw them in the dumpster in front of that guy. I was so proud when I heard that story, but I felt so guilty. I just can't stop myself. I’m a teenage boy with needs, you know?

I went to my bed and laid down thinking about her. I laid there and slowly fell asleep with her in my mind.

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