Asheley’s story

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This story follows a teenage girl who’s life as always seemed out of place but what will happen when u have to add friends, love and crimes into the mix. Will she and the people she loves ever survive?

Drama / Romance
Amber McLaren
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Chapter 1

Monday morning, the worst day in my opinion but something about today makes it even more miserable. I look out of my bedroom window and it is raining, of course it is when does it ever not rain in Housegale. Even though it is the middle of July!

I pack up my school bag and leave the house in a hurry. I don’t want to be late on the last day of school before the summer holidays. Rumour has it that if you’re late on the last day of school you have to spend your whole summer in detention. I definitely don’t believe that, but even the slight chance I would have to spend my whole with Mrs.Rudbee was enough to make me hurry up. I always wonder why anybody would want to marry such an awful witch.

I arrive just on time by the disappointed look on Mrs.Rudbee’s face.

“Asheley, nearly late, just missed out on detention.” She says with a frown on her face.

“Sorry Mrs.” I grumble.

“Hurry up don’t want to be late to class now do we, pull that skirt down while you’re at it!” Mrs.Rudbee shouts after me.

It is only 6 more hours until freedom I thought.

It is break, so I sit down waiting for my friends to arrive. I wasn’t in the popular group at school but I don’t struggle to make friends ethier, I am just normal. I am sort of glad I am not part of ‘that’ group because all they seem to care about is drinking, gossip and drugs. I am an athlete so thought of drugs will never appealed to me but I do love to party.

Lucy and Mia come over to me and sit down, Lucy is my best friend at school, but she always stays around Mia who I think is quite rude, bout nobody else seems to dislike her so maybe it is just me. After a few minutes Shelley, Grace and Opal sit down. I don’t know Shelley that well as she only just moved here with her identical twin sister Aria. The information a have gathered from her so far is that she and her sister are very close, they both have jet black hair in a long bob, their eyes seem to change every time I see them and she is really smart. Which is probably why she is better friends with Opal as she is sort of the brains of the group. Opal has long blonde hair that she always wears in a ponytail, she is also that tallest in our group (nearly 6ft) and she wears contact lenses which make her misty blue eyes pop. I am the mum of the group, I have blonde hair as well but mine is in along bob and I have ocean eyes that I think look nice against my pale skin. Grace is the funny one, she has long brown hair that only goes up when she is dancing, she has light brown eyes and she is the smallest of the group (about 5ft3). Lucy is the kind one, she has ginger which is a bit shorter than mine and dawn eyes that look lovely against her freckles. Finally there is mia, she has curly dark blonde hair, blue eyes, she is very pretty but she is just there.

“So, Asheley how was Maths today?” Asks Opal.

“It was okay.” I reply, knowing that she wants me to say it is hard so that she can help me and tell me what I am doing wrong, which I don’t need right now.

“Oh good, just tell me if you need any help with the algebra stuff, again.” Suggests Opal

“Okay.” I say, I knew deep down she was trying to be nice but her words stung, ‘again’ like I am useless

“Oh, does Asheley need some help.” Mocks Mia.

“Stop it Mia!” Snaps Grace.

“She was just trying to be helpful Grace, me need to snap at her.” Replys Lucy.

“Oh please.” I sarcastically respond.

“Urgh. No need to be rude Asheley.” Says Mia with a smirk on her face.

Grace and I just roll our eyes, I think I see Shelley shake her head. Maybe I am not the only one fed up with Mia.

Finally, it is the last class of the day. I have been waiting for this school year to end since it had started because 6 weeks away sounds like paradise. But will it be?

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