Asheley’s story

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Chapter 2

Saturday, the best day of the week, especially when it is the first Saturday of the summer holidays. I have. A party tonight, but it is with my swim friends not my school ones because these 6 weeks mean yes to swimming an no to school. I swim for Housegale Swimming Club and I swim at Nationals, which I am really proud of but I don’t brag like most of the other swimmers. My best friends at the club are Katherine (everyone calls her Kathy) and Layla. Kathy is the crazy one out of the 3 of us it is probably why she is the life of all the parties, she has dark brown hair, brown eyes and is very small (smaller than Grace). Layla is my swim sister, she likes to party and she gives the best advice, she has brown hair as well but it is a lot lighter, she has bright brown eyes, she is shorter than me but not as short as Kathy and I don’t think I have ever seen a spot on her face.

Samantha’s house is really nice, you can really tell why most of the parties are held there, she has a massive living room which is connected to the kitchen and she has a massive garden, which normally has a big fire in the middle of it. The main reason we have parties there is because of how big it is but also because her parents are hardly ever home. Her parents also trust Sam’s older brother Jaime with the house, but he just lets her do whatever she wants in it. Keep in mind Sam is crazy, crazier than Kathy.

“Hey Asheley!” Screams Sam.

“Hey, it is a great party!” I scream over the really loud music.

“I guess your parents aren’t home.” I say already knowing my answer.

“Yeah, I got a free house. Please don’t get up to any funny business with Reggie on my bed alright.” She says while laughing.

Reggie and I are the on-off couple at the swim club, everyone knew it. I mean who wouldn’t fall for the poufy blonde hair, blue eyes that could light up a dark room and perfect smile. Of course I like him, but right now we aren’t together. Whenever this happens he will date other girls and I will stay single because I know eventually he will come back to me. All the girls told me to try and go after other boys but anybody I tried to talk to would not like me or only like me as a friend, undateable Asheley. I know our relationship was toxic, but something just always pulled me back to him

“Hey girl.” Says Jack.

“Hey Jack, no +1 girl tonight.” I say sort of serious, sort of sarcastically.

“Wow Ash, you are full or harsh words aren’t you, but your right no girl, Sam made it very clear that there would be no business going on in her house. Or garden.” Jack groans, I let out a light laugh.

Jack is your typical F-boy that would break a girl heart in 1 second, he has short blonde hair with blue eyes to match, he is a bit chubby on the waist but his face is rock solid, the problem with his face is it always looks so angry, which adds to the overall druggy appearance. It is his reputation that makes him a F-boy. Luckily, I never really found that whole attitude sexy, so I never fell for him. I also know about his home life as our mums are close. Jacks parents are going through a divorce, so him and Ali (his sister) are going in the wrong crowd. Which also isn’t exactly hard given they live in the ruff side of Housegale.

“I got to go, maybe I can get Kathy to do shots with me?” Jack says, and as he walks away he winks at me. I roll my eyes.

Kathy was one of the girls who fell hard for Jacks bad boy behaviour. She always thinks she is that one in control of their relationship but really he has he wrapped around his little finger. I tried to step in once but Kathy didn’t like that, so I just let her do her own thing when it comes to boys. Kathy is nice girl most of the time but when it come to boys she can be pretty crazy.

“Hey you guys.” I say to Layla and Ellis.

“Hey Asheley, come sit with us.” Lays says with her arm out, Ellis smiles.

Ellis and Layla are the swim teams #relationshipgoals. They have been together for 8 months now and are the cutest couple I have ever seen. The only problem is, before Layla even cared Ellis existed he was my first real crush. Who wouldn’t fall for his sandy blonde hair and icy blue eyes, he was so perfect. It wasn’t that I didn’t want Layla to go out with him, she deserves a great guy like Ellis, it is just I wonder why it would be like to be Layla for just a day. Her life just seemed so normal compared to mine.

“What are you guys doing?” I ask.

“Nothing much.” Reply’s Ellis.

“We are just trying to avoid the display.” Layla says while making sick noises.

“What display?” I ask while looking around the room. Then I see it, Jack who is practically swallowing Kathy. Despair is all I feel, how can she be so stupid.

“See them now?” Asks Layla.

“Yep.” I say disgusted.

“I almost feel bad for her.” Says Layla.

“I don’t, she should know better than this by now. I mean how many times does she go back to him, giving him a second chance and every time he breaks her heart that little bit more. She has to stop doing this.” I say annoyed.

Then I realise that maybe I should be taking my own advice, maybe I am not talking about Kathy and Jack, maybe I am talking about me and Reggie. In this moment I decide that me and Reggie are never getting back together. Layla sees my face and knows what I am thinking, she gives me an approving smile, which is all I need to know that I am making the right decision.

“Who wants to play truth or dare!” Someone shouts.

There are lots of shouts from all over the house of everyone saying yes, even Kathy and Jack stop their PDA to scream yes.

“Alright everyone go outside if you want to play and get a seat around the fire!” Shouts Sam

Everyone stomps our like a group of elephants.

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