Asheley’s story

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Chapter 3

I sit next to Layla and Tyler. Tyler is a really good friend of mine, even though we had our ups and downs, I have always been there for him and him there for me. He is also Kathy’s ex-boyfriend which did make us a bit awkward for a while, but we are fine now.

“Everybody listen up, you all know how the game works so let’s get started. Martha have u got the randomiser ready?” Exclaims Sam.

“Yes!” Shouts Martha, she is a tall girl from my swim club, she has short curly blonde hair and is very nice.

“Then let’s get started!” Shouts Sam.

Everyone cheers.

“Okay, first up is... Ellis!” Says Sam very dramatically.

“Alright, I pick dare.” Ellis says confidently.

“Okay, your dare is going to be picked by... Jack.” Says Sam.

Jack says, “Ummm, okay I dare you to kiss any girl here-“

“Easy!” Ellis says already leaning in towards Layla and obviously not going to wait for what Jack is going to say.

“Wait, apart from Layla, DUH.” Says Jack cocky.

Ellis sits there looking stunned and says, “I can’t do that, it is cheating.”

“I don’t care. Mate!” Shouts Jack.

I see Kathy giggle a little, which I hate her for, Jack also sees her do it, he gives her a little peck on the lips, which makes me hate them both.

“Just make it quick.” I hear Layla whisper to Ellis.

“Are you sure.” Whispers Ellis back.

“Yeah, you know the for-fit will be worse.” Whispers Layla.

“Yeah your right.” Ellis reply’s.

“C’mon mate, hurry up and pick.” Snickers Jack.

“Alright, by the way I am getting you back for this!” Shouts Ellis.

Ellis walks over to Simone (Layla’s other best friend) and gives a quick peck on the lips. Simone is a small, brown-haired girl with bright brown eyes, she is lovely but always speaks her mind. Ellis and Simone the high-five and then she whispers something to him that I can’t hear, then Ellis sits back down next to Layla and gives her a huge hug. He looks like he had just committed murder. In this moment I stop liking Ellis the way I use to because I truly understood how much he likes Layla.

“Next up is... Asheley!” Shouts Sam.

Everyone looks at me, this is the reason I don’t like truth or dare, when it is your turn to go.

“Okay I pick truth.” I say as confidently as I can, I always know picking truth we these guys is the safest option.

“Alright and the person who will be picking your truth is... Me.” Says Sam. Urgh great now there is no chance I can get an easy one.

“Kiss, marry, avoid. Reggie, Tyler and Jack.” Exclaims Sam.

Oh no.

I can’t do this.

Okay, Asheley think.

I am still not completely over Reggie, but I don’t want him to know that because I don’t want to get back together. Me and Tyler are good friends so I guess he wouldn’t mind marrying me and I am not sure about Jack.

“Okay, avoid Reggie.” I say.

Everyone looks up at me in surprise.

I carry on, “kiss Jack and marry Tyler.”

Jack looks at me seductively, as I know he would, and Tyler looks really happy. I can’t even face to look at Reggie right now.

“Okay next up is... Tyler.” Says Sam.

“And the person choosing is Layla.” Says Sam.

Everyone looks at Tyler, including me.

“Dare!” Shouts Tyler.

“Okay 7 minutes in heaven with ethier: Asheley, Martha or Kathy.” Says Layla.

I look at her and she gives me a side smile that I don’t think I anybody else can see.

“Asheley.” Says Tyler while taking my hand.

Butterflies is all I feel!

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