Asheley’s story

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Chapter 4

Me and Tyler in a room alone, what can go wrong... right?

“So...” says Tyler awkwardly.

“You know this doesn’t need to be awkward.” I say.

Tyler says nervously, “Yeah it is just-“

“Just what?” I ask, butting in.

“Did you see the look on Kathy’s face when I picked you? I know I don’t care what she thinks anymore but she is your friend, so I don’t want to make things awkward between you too.” Says Tyler.

“No, I didn’t see her face. But I don’t care what she thinks because she doesn’t care what I have to say about her and Jack, so.” I say.

“I am just at this party to have fun.” I say flirtatiously and with a little wink and a giggle.

“So am I.” Tyler says, then he winks and smiles.

Everything is such a rush of energy, so I lean in and kiss him, so passionately that I can feel he is taken a back by it. Then he kisses me back, his hand on the side of my face, running it up and down my jawline. Both of his hands then move to the back of my neck, one of his hands running through my hair while the other stays on my neck to reassure me. His kisses are so powerful I could feel them spelling out I LOVE YOU. He looks into my eyes, his hazel eyes staring back at mine in love or fear it is too early to tell, all I know is that I never want this moment to end.


We stop kissing and look at each other. Our amazing moment is ending, I can tell in his eyes that he doesn’t want it to stop, I give him a smile and he gives me one back that tells me I have nothing to fear.

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