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Neighboring packs make compromises to create a treaty. Learning about love and loss they will have to work together and remain strong if they want to survive.

Drama / Romance
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The wind whipped around her, the ground soft and damp beneath her feet. Branches snapped all around her as she ran as fast as her legs would carry her. It wasn’t fast enough. Heavy footfall followed her along with a deep snarl. She was losing ground quickly about to be overcome any second. Another snarl, then a growl, and suddenly she was pinned to the ground, gasping for air. Struggling she looked over her shoulder, only to be met with the massive, foaming jaws of a wolf. The wolf opened its jaws and snapped. She screamed.

I bolt upright in bed clutching my throat trying to catch my breath. It was just a dream. I was safe in my home. It had to be early morning. Everything was dark and the crickets chirped. I sigh.
Just a dream.
They were becoming more and more common. The wolf getting closer to the girl each time. Tonight she hadn’t gotten away.
I rub my face with my fists and look around, my eyes falling on the sleeping figure next to me. The gorgeous man that I get to fall asleep next to every night.
My best friend. My lover. My Alpha.
But not, as it was becoming very clear, my mate.
I feel a tear slide down my cheek as I nuzzle myself into his neck and drift into a fitful sleep.

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