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Lucas gave me a small smile and asked, "How is it like in your world ?" I said, "Well it's the opposite from your world, but the similar at the same time."

Drama / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Faith Nara

"Faith it's 5am, why are you waking me up ?" Alice yawned as she rolled to the other side of her bed. I smiled, "There's something that I really want to show you." We both got out of our cottage and walked down the hills. The sun isn't up yet, but there was something glowing in the sky. "Woah are those Northern lights ?" my sister asks me as we stared at the glowing streaks across the sky. I said to my younger sister, "Yup and that's what I want to show you. But let's go back home and prepare for today." My sister frowned as we walked home complaining about how we didn't spend enough time looking at the glowing streaks in the sky.

When we got home the house was dark and silent as usual. My sister got dressed and watched some TV. I prepared breakfast and we ate silently together. "So how's your new job going ?" Alice asks me. I replied, "Well it's not that bad as my other part time job." Alice gave me a small nod, "Well can we go traveling this break ?" I sighed, "Sure." Alice gave me a big bright smile and said, "I gotta go to school now. See ya !" I waved Alice goodbye and shouted at her, "Don't forget to bring the keys to school. !" I threw her the keys as she rolled her eyes and walked off.

My name is Faith Nara, I'm 18 years old and living with my sister Alice. Our parents went missing for over 3 years and I quit school this year because our grandparents who was taking care of my sister and me passed away a few months ago. I'm born in Korea and my sister is born in Japan, we moved to Flam Norway since our grandparents live here. My mom is Japanese and she grew up in Norway. She had a business trip to Korea and that's how she met my dad. My dad is Korean, but he grew up in California. Before my parents went missing we used to go traveling during each holiday. We traveled to at least 10 different countries and each country we go to I would record it down in my notebook. Now I'm alone with my sister, I stopped school and did as many part time jobs as I can. The jobs that I work gives me just enough money to pay the bills. Sometimes I just wish that my parents wouldn't have gone out on that day otherwise I wouldn't end up like this.

I got on my motorcycle (my 15 year old bday gift) and drove to my new job. On the way to work I stopped my motorcycle and stared at the cherry blossoms. I decided to take some pictures of it with my bracelet that my mom wore. I found her bracelet 2 days ago in her jewelry box way underneath her bed. I always wondered why she kept it way underneath her bed. But today I decided to wear it outside. As I tried to take a picture of myself, boy with sliver highlights dressed in jogging clothes with headphones on accidentally knocked my bag off my motorcycle. "Hey !" I said to him. He looked up with his light blue eyes and said, "Oh I'm so sorry." He picked my stuff up and smiled to me. "I like that photo. Why don't you keep it ?" I realized that I was about to delete my photo. I replied to him, "Oh thank you for picking that up for me. I'll have to go now." He said to me as I got onto my seat, " I'll see you around then." We waved goodbye and he walked off. I stared at the photo that I took and wondered whether I should keep it.

My medium length brown wavy hair and my round hazel eyes really stands out. I'm wearing a white blouse with a black skirt and a belt. All my clothes are from a Korean website, but I recently started wearing my mom's clothes that she bought from Korea and Japan. I usually wore very minimum makeup, like only lip gloss and mascara. But today I'm qualified to work at an office. After all my hard work, today I got to work at an actual part time job. So I decided to wear a bit more makeup and I started to workout more than usual. I'm a black belt in Takwondo and a dancer. I quit dancing a few months ago because I couldn't afford that, but now I can start my classes again.

I realized that I have 30 minutes left until work, so I made up my mind to go walking around the fields. There was a narrow path walk stretched across the field. I walked down that path as I enjoyed the cherry blossoms. Then I got up to this arch made out of trees and vines, it was a mysterious arch that shimmered in my eyes. It was glowing up with sparkles, I rubbed my eyes to check whether I'm not seeing things. But it actually was. After I inspected it, I walked through the arch. I looked up and saw a flock of birds fly by, a cherry blossom fell from the sky. But when I got to the other side of the arch, the birds disappeared and so did the cherry blossoms. Where am I ? I looked back and saw the arch, the arch was now dried up and wrapped in thorny vines.

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