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Chapter 2

"Sir would you like to come out of your room you've been there for weeks," the maid said through the door. Lucas wrote in his book calmly as he didn't look up. The maid sighed and walked out of the door. Lucas continued to write the book, but then he stopped and looked outside the window. "Intruder number 13. She was found in the South West rain forest. Probably 14,000 miles away from here. She claims that she doesn't know why she got here," said a guard. He look outside the window and saw a girl about his age, shouting at the guards and trying to break free. She had shoulder length hair flowing in the wind, a short skirt wrapping around her thin legs, and a face that didn't look familiar in Aliyas. Lucas stared intently at her as she walked into the main building.
For the first time in the few weeks, Lucas opened the door and stepped out of his room. He walked down the dark hallways and through the hidden passage way that leads him towards the main court. As he looked through the window he say flashes of the girl with her head frantically turning left and right. He couldn't help, but smile.

I looked around and saw thousands of court members gathered around this giant table. I looked up and saw an elderly man dressed in a look alike of a Navy uniform. He stepped out of the clear elevator and stared at me. The cold icy type of glare. I frowned as he walked up to me and tried not to smirk. "My my my, who's this young woman not following the rules ?" he said with a sly grin. "I don't know what you're talking about. Rules ? I'm clearly following the rules sir," I said.
"Judge Bailey, who do you think she is ? Not following the rules and claiming that she doesn't know the law ?"
The judge replied, "Mr. Wilson I think she's not being honest here." The judge turned to me and explained, "Clearly you aren't following the rules. Wearing inappropriate attire and roaming around in restricted areas ? Look at yourself trying to show the whole Aliyas that you are more powerful and wealthy. I suggest this young lady should go to level 1."
Level 1 what does this even mean. Am I even in Earth ? What's Aliyas ? I never heard about this place called Aliyas in my Geography. I pulled all my courage together and said, "I think you're clearly misunderstanding me. I'm not from here, please try to understand me. What even is Aliyas ? Who even are you ?" Mr. Wilson stared right into my eyes, his light blue eyes reminded me of a monster that's going to devour me any minute. "Miss, I think you should rethink about your actions. You are definitely disobeying me," Mr. Wilson said.
But I knew that he clearly understood me and is just trying to torture me. I glared and broke free from the guards. My clothes were now cover in dirt and I am frustrated that this guy is acting like a psychopath, like I don't even think this place is real. "Sir you disappoint me, I know that you're just trying to hide the fact that I came from somewhere else apart from your country," I whispered. Mr. Wilson grew so mad that he shouted at the guards, "Take her to Level 1 right now !" The guards grabbed me, I tried to break free. I looked back and saw someone hiding in the background. He had Toffee brown hair and a smirk on his face. I tried to say something to him, but it was too late, I was thrown into so called Level 1.

The girl glared at my dad. She whispered something to my dad and was taken away. I smiled without noticing it. She looked back at me with confusion on her face. I stared at her and admired her hazel eyes. She looked different, kind of like foreign. I decided to follow her, I didn't know why. I'm probably just curious since she doesn't seem to be from here.

"Someone get me out of here !" I shouted. I scanned the room trying to find any object that could help me break out of the clear glass door. There was a white bed with a desk and in a closed area of the room there was a sink with a toilet. The desk was empty. I remembered that I'm a black belt in Takwondo and I could probably kick the glass door open. I started stretching, I mumbled to myself, "Ugh I should've wore a pair of shorts instead of this skirt." I stared at the glass and jumped in the air. I spun around and kicked as hard as I could. The glass didn't break, but it only cracked. Then I heard a knock on the door, "Oh crap," I whispered and look around. There stood a boy around my age he's tall with Toffee brown hair, wearing a black suit, and he stared at me with his crystal blue eyes. "What are you ?" he asked me. "What am I ? I think you meant who am I," I replied. He coldly said, "Actually what are you ? Are you even human ?" I glared at him, "What do you mean ?" He sighed and closed the metal door while locking it, "What's your name ?"
I replied, "Faith Nara. Yours ?" He stared at me and said, "None of your business." Then he turned around and left. "Wait !" I shouted. But it was too late he left.

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