The Ultimate Inheritance

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She never knew she would ever return home since the day she left. Ten years seemed like just yesterday, she looked at the letter again, a tear dropped she remembered everything. Her hatred was boiling but she had to face her family again and get what was rightfully hers.

Kikii K
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The Summon

She looked at her vast land, wealth she had accumulated over the ten years since she left Canada her hometown. She smiled at herself, she had become a successful ranch owner in Oklahoma with 100000 acres of land with her name on it. Uncle Kemi, God rest his soul, would be very proud. He had supported her every dream and ambition and stood by her when she went against her father and brothers who believed that family business should be a male thing. She hated thinking about her family, they didn't deserve her.

A knock on her office door disrupted her thoughts, "yes come in", "Madam Camille this came in the mail" Jacky told her. Jacky was her trusted house manager since the day she landed in Oklahoma she had been with her every step on the way she was her number one supporter in the States. Thank you Jacky I'll have a look at it.

I kept the letter aside, I didn't bother to look for the sender, I had an important zoom meeting with some investors, I wanted to expand my businesses I never dreamed of being associated with one business alone. I had the ranch which was my baby, the herds of cattle, the horses. I had a line of five star restaurants and hotels in twenty states and I wanted to open a whiskey and wine plant. I was so tired of buying liquor. Well it's just the competitive beast in me, I never settled.

The meeting was productive, I was in good moods, the numbers appealed to me, here I was thinking about my next business. As I immersed my thoughts to my next move. I was happy my hard work was finally paying off. "Mama I made it" I wished she was here with me to celebrate. My heart ached, she was the only person I kept contact with but I never once told her where I was and what I did. She knew I was just a business woman I had maintained a low profile and legally changed my name so that none of my family members would ever find me, my face off the television, no social media presence I was a modern age ghost but I knew if my father or brothers could find me I was a dead girl walking. I had defied them, I had refused to settle down to an arranged marriage noone was going to force me to settle down. I would settle down in my own conviction.

The envelope on my desk caught my eye. The handwriting I never thought I would ever see again. How did father find me? I clenched my fists I wanted to punch anyone. I was furious. I had covered my tracks so well, covered my past that I never wanted to be associated with again. How did this happen? Who sold me out. Someone was going to lose their fucking job because of this I swore to myself,. This I had not planned for, I slowly opened the letter and my body lost its ability to hold on to strength. "

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