Leather Heart

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Seventeen-year-old Wren Vallen's newfound attendance at Horizon State College broadens a storm. With her wealth soaring over all those who attend the elite school, she finds herself thrown into a feud of the riches with Justin Gray, the mayor's son, whose family have been at war with Wren's for a lifetime. As the school as a whole, including the teachers, come at Wren with pitchforks, she only has one goal; to graduate. But a boy whose face shields a soul that she previously stole is new to the college too, her chances of sauntering out of the school with a diploma and a jovial smile are potentially crushed by the secret he holds, and the ones that she's yet to discover *** "No one has ever managed to out-smart the students and teacher's who inflict torture upon people of our status. There must be something that's giving you the hint that she's capable."

Drama / Thriller
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Episode 2

“IF YOU’RE NOT going to finish that, you know I will, Tryst.”

Tryston Knight, also known as the eyes and ears of Horizon State college rolled his eyes and pushed his food tray across the circular, graphite table into La’Rae Jones’ palms. “It’s all yours, and what would make that meal much more enjoyable would be cutting off your green hair which is an inch from touching the floor.”

“Life doesn’t come with a sell-by-date, so my death could come subsequently. I’d appreciate it if you let me live life on the edge until then.”

“I’d take that quote into consideration on a spiritual level if your speech wasn’t enormously distorted by the munching of that once full chocolate cupcake.”

La’Rae paused with the remains of the food staining the corners of her mouth. “Shit,” she cursed with wide eyes. “The doctors told me I was supposed to limit sugary foods.”

Tryst took his tray back then pointed to the corners of his own mouth as a gesture for La’Rae to wipe her own areas. She comprehended his actions and lifted her napkin. “Don’t worry about it. You only took like two bites.”

She looked at Tryst with a scowl, retrieving his tray with a ‘duh’ expression. “Um, I still want your sandwich. My mum always told me that wasting food was never an option.”

“Strange words coming from a student attending Horizon State...here, we all thrive in wealth so why consider what’s wasted.”

La’Rae’s eyes averted to her task of ripping off the crust of her cheese sandwich, suddenly feeling down at the heart-piercing topic of her mother.

“So, tell me about your findings on new enrollments!” she enthused.

Tryst lifted his Horizon State blazer, his hands on the Sword crest of it as he used his other hand to gauge into his inside pocket, he retrieved his blue-cased phone and turned it on. “I took pictures of the two new files my grandfather was sorting through,” he explained, and La’Rae envied that his grandfather played such a vital role such as the Principal of the college.

She scoffed. “What a stalker.”

He looked at his phone, reading silently from it. “If it weren’t for my ‘stalking’, then you wouldn’t know that the new boy has a criminal record.”

La’Rae found three lines snaking along her forehead. “You’re lying,” she gasped. “isn’t that a bit hazardous?”

Tryst nodded to himself. “Indeed...in my opinion, it’s a little bit reckless on the behalf of the college.”

Shaking her head, La’Rae put down the sandwich. “Don’t tell me more about him - I’ve got enough on my plate to worry about.”

“OK,” said Tryst, acquiring his index finger to swipe left across his screen. “the girl’s far more boring. Wren Vallen. Stinking rich and an average face.”

“She won’t get much attention, we’re all rich, every student-chat will be buzzing about the new boy’s criminal record.”

Tryst turned his phone off and crossed his arms, leaning back in his chair. “I personally, have no interest in the girl - but when I said stinking rich I meant it. I’ll find out her yearly income later, but for now, she’s listed under being adopted into the Tevyn family.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. She’s the adopted daughter of the owners of Tevyn Entertainment, Wren Vallen may not have their well-renowned surname but she sure as hell has their money.”

La’Rae shook her head. “Poor girl...the teachers will slaughter her, and that will only influence the students, don’t you think?”

“Or maybe for once she’ll be someone so superior that they manage to respect her?”

That one made La’Rae laugh. “Don’t be naive, Tryston,” she rarely ever used his full name. “we both know that the richer the student the more detested they are by the teachers. Every time the school’s profile becomes more valuable, they expect their wages to increase yet it remains frozen at the digits they’ve always remained as. You know they don’t strike - that’s too common for them, instead, they drive the wealthy students who they reckon should be sparing them some money and attempt to ruin them. Not physically...but mentally. This Wren will be another Kendall Vicente.”

Tryst looked around at the other tables in the canteen which were taken up by many of the students arriving for their first day back. “Don’t mention Kendall too loud. Before you know it, Kora will have a knife to your throat.”

La’Rae rolled her eyes. “Why did the teacher’s have to bully her older sister to suicide? Kora is the devil reincarnated yet she lives under their praise...only because they feel they owe it to her because of what they did to her sister.”

“Forget the Vicente’s - Vallen will be the name to look up to, soon.”

La’Rae started to play with her green hair, swirling it around her middle finger. “There are no good arguments without bets, how long do you think Wren will last for?” she questioned.

“I reckon she’ll graduate,” Tryst said, eyeing his phone once more and gazing at the picture of her file. “something about her face. It sounds weird, it really does, but...” the image of her messy hazel hair, dark skin, the face that held horizontal lips. “she looks average. She doesn’t look like she’s worth digits not in my vocabulary. She looks as if a bodyguard didn’t escort her around the playground during primary school, and a maid didn’t prepare all of her suppers.”

Laughing, La’Rae leaned closer toward him. “Well, I bet she’ll last two months,” she watched Tryst with a grin. “Don’t stare at her too much, you’re probably already growing a tent down there,” she released her hair to point downward.

“Shut up. I’d never like someone so plain.”

“Same, but somehow I started to get used to pasta with no sauce and ate it every week,” La’Rae enquired. “sometimes, we surprise ourselves the most.”

Tryst ran his fingers through his ginger hair and cleared his throat, adjusting the topic to what it was before. “What we didn’t take into consideration was that Tevyn Entertainment and Gray Enterprises are head-to-head companies...well, that was until Mr Gray became mayor and slightly topped Mrs Tevyn. Justin Gray will despise Wren - it’ll be like a mini-feud, a quarrel in which only one of them will come out alive and the other will crawl out damaged.”

Somehow, Tryst always managed to drag Justin Gray, the mayor’s son’s name into a conversation, and the more frequent it happened the further she grew exhausted of it. Justin had taken Tryst’s girlfriend, before that, they were as thick as thieves.

“Don’t be absurd. Everyone knows Justin hates his father, he won’t be doing that man any favours by torturing his father’s enemies adoptive-daughter. Matter of factly, he’ll probably end up in her pants. We both know that Justin will fuck anything that walks.”

Tryst hummed in agreement. “...And the girls here will decapitate anyone’s attention he captures.”

La’Rae leaned her elbow onto the table and sat her chin onto her palm. “What did you say the new boy’s name was?”

“I don’t think I mentioned it: Zyon Kohren.”

La’Rae almost fell out of her chair. Her heart crashed like waves against her ribcage and she gripped the graphite surface to maintain her stability.


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Wren could feel the boy whose uniformed shirt she held in her fist’s body trembling whilst the furnace of his skin crafted a moist layer across his forehead.

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