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Chapter 158.

I take the window seat and look out the small round window. I sigh and buckle up. People pass and a guy with dirty blonde hair seats next to me.

He turns to look at me and says"Hi"

"Hi," I say back and lean back against the seat. Minutes later, everyone is seated and nerves kick in. I have never flown to any place or left Gauteng. I have also been afraid of the plane even when I have never boarded it. I have seen a lot of movies to stay away from it.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard flight 176. We are currently third in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air approximately ten minutes' time. We ask that you fasten your seatbelts at the time and secure all baggage underneath your seats or in the overhead compartments. Please turn off all electronic devices, phones, and laptops. Smoking is prohibited for the duration of the flight. Enjoy your flight" a voice says and I try to breathe as the plane keeps on increasing its speed.

"First time flying?" The guy next to me asks and I nod. My stomach is in knots.

"How old are you?" He asks and takes a bite of his granola bar.

"19" I reply and look back at him wondering why he wants to know about my age.

"And married," he says looking at the ring on my finger. My fingers go to the ring and play with it to calm my nerves.

"Something like that"

"Don't tell me you are running away from him because if you are, it's stupid to keep his ring. I would sell it if I were you. "He suggests.

"Am not running away"

"Looks like you made it"

"Huh?" I say confused.

He points to the small window, "we are already in the air"clouds welcome me when I turn to glance. I didn't even feel it when it took off.

"Hi, can I get you guys anything?" A flight attendance asks.

"Two glasses and a bottle of red wine please," the guy tells the girl and she hands them to him.

"That's all for now. Thank you" she nods and moves to other people wheeling the tray.

"You do know it's early for a drink right?"

"We have to celebrate you surviving your first ever flight," he says and pop open the wine. He grabs a glass and pours the red liquid inside. He hands me the glass and pours himself too. I sigh and bring the glass to my lips. I take a sip and notice him staring at me.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I ask.

"Have we ever met somewhere? I feel like I have seen you somewhere but I don't remember." He says and I swallow the lump in my throat. I silently pray that he doesn't recognize me and anyone for that matter.

"I don't think we have met" he shakes his head as if to clear his head and place his glass on his lips.

"Olivia by the way" I introduce myself leaving my marital last name behind.

"Am Dick" I choke on my drink and he chuckles patting my back.

"Yeah, I get that a lot. I also don't know what my parents were thinking naming me Dick" he informs and I finally get my breathing back to control.

"Sorry," I apologize.

"It's okay." He leans back in his seat and takes his headsets out of his bag. He plugs them on his phone and inserts them in his ears. I look out the window sipping my wine and minutes later a voice starts to sing. I frown and look back to Dick and find him singing. A few people also turn to look at the person who decided to ruin their peace.

Have you ever had that moment when you have your earsets in and singing along thinking you sound exactly like the singer? Yep, that is what is happening right now. Dick is even taping his foot on the floor singing rise up by Andra Day which sounds horrible coming from his mouth. I grab his phone from his hands and press pause. He takes off his earsets from his ears.

"What was that for?"

"That was for my sanity. God! You sound worse than a broken record." I inform and he scowls.

I sleep for the rest of the flight.

"Hey, wake up" a hand shakes me for the fourth time and I finally open my eyes.

"God!you are so difficult to wake" Dick grabs his bag from the compartment and I stand from the seat.

"I know" I grab my small bag and we both walk out.

"Here is my number if you ever need a tour guide" he doesn't even ask me if I want his number and just put them on my phone.

"It was nice to meet you" with that he walks away with only his back bag. I sigh and wheel my bags to exist. Fresh air and noises welcome me. People walking out and some going in. Taxis dropping people off and taking them away. I wheel the bags next to the road and signal a taxi.

A taxi pulls in front of me and the driver climbs out of the car and walks to me.

"Let me help you with that miss" he grabs my bags and take them to the car boot.

"Thanks," I say and hop in the backseat.

"Where to?" The driver asks as he buckles up. I take out my phone and open the text the landlord texted me with the apartment building address.

"Here," I show him the text and he nods. He pulls into the busy road and I look out the window.

Half an hour later, he pulls in front of the apartment building. There are few cars parked in the lot.

"Thank you" I hand him the money and hop out of the car. I open the boot and take out my bags. I watch as he drives away and I walk to the building in front of me. I walk into the lobby and find a woman dressed in a dress suit standing next to the reception table talking to the receptionist.

"Hi, my name is Olivia Ferguson. I spoke to a woman called..."

"Ava Austen," the lady in a dress suit says holding her hand out to me to shake.

"Nice to meet you."

"Same here. Here are your keys." she hands me the apartment keys.

"If you encounter any problems, call me." I nod.

"I hope you enjoy your stay with us, Ms. Ferguson." I nod and she walks away.

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