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Chapter 159.

Tays POV.

I gulp down the rest of the whiskey. I have lost count of how many drinks I have had since morning. She didn't even hesitate to board the plane. She left and didn't turn back. She left me. I throw the bottle of whiskey against the wall screaming. I flip the mattress and everything that I can get my hands on.

Someone start shouting my name but all I see is Olivia leaving. She might not have seen me at the airport but I was there. A part of me was hoping she would turn back and come back to me.

"Tay calm down" a familiar voice yells. Nate touches my shoulder and I drop on my knees to the floor tugging my hair.

"She left" I sob. Nate stays silent. I can sense he doesn't even know what to say to me to make me feel better.

"She didn't even hesitate. She left me. I lost her. It's over." Tears stream down my cheeks and I don't bother wiping them off.

"Am sure she will come back man" I chuckle and lean my back against the back of the bed.

"There is no need to lie to me, Nate. Give it to me straight. I can take it." I wipe the tears and Nate leans against the wall across me.

"I thought you guys worked things out yesterday?"

"She seduced me into having sex with her because she was leaving today. It was goodbye sex" I inform and run my hand over my hair.

"I'm sorry. You more than anyone deserve to be happy." Nate says sincerely.

"I feel like am cursed you know?" Nate holds his hand up.

"Hold that thought," he stands up and walks out of the room. I take a moment to look at the messed I made. The mattress is on the floor along with the duvet. The lamp is also on the floor destroyed and glasses scattered around. Feathers everywhere. The bedroom door opens and Nate walks in the a bottle of whiskey and two glasses.

He sits next to on the floor and hands me the glass. He pours the liquor into my glass.

"You were saying?" He reminds as he takes a sip from his glass.

"I was saying I feel like am cursed" I gulp the drink in one go.

"Why do you think so?" He asks pouring me another drink.

"I finally found the woman whom I love with my entire life, but all this time it felt like I was fighting just to be with her. And now that I think about it, I never got her. There was always something that wanted to separate us."I say and take a sip of my drink.

" Don't say that Tay. She might have left but you are still married to her"

"For how long though? It only a matter of time until she sends me divorce papers." I gulp down the rest of the drink.

"Maybe I don't deserve her. I lied, insulted, and betrayed her yet she stayed by my side."

"It's good to have someone who loves you no matter what, you know. I have fucked up so many times but she stayed. I really fucked her up in a way, all the lies I told. She stayed by side even after I tried to get her infected with the virus."

"Yeah, she is one hell of a woman. I thought she would file for divorce" Nate adds.

"There were times I left like I should let her go but my heart couldn't let me. The thought of another man touching her made me sick. A part of me always knew she would leave one day. She young,19 and am 25. She deserves a better man." I grab the bottle of whiskey and bring it to my lips and take a gulp. I throw my head against the bed and hand the bottle back to Nate.

"Age is nothing but a number. You know that" Nate reminds.

"I know, " I agree.

"It's just a part of me always reminded me that she could better than me. I have hurt her so much. I made her cry than I made her laugh since the beginning of our relationship." I pour out my feelings to my little brother. Sometimes it amazes me how good of a listener Nate is.

"It's not too late to make her laugh" he suggests.

"Her moving away means she doesn't want me anymore otherwise she wouldn't have left."

"Then follow her and fix it?"

"You make it sound simple" I grab the bottle of whiskey and take a huge gulp.

"It is simple"

"Come on Tay. You have always said you wanted to have branches. This is the chance to do it." I look at Nate and take another gulp.

He pats my shoulder and stand up and walks to the door. I sigh and use the bed as support and stand up. I walk to the bathroom with wobbly legs and strip out of my clothes. I turn the shower to cold water and step in. Half an hour later I step out and wrap a towel around my waist. I walk out of the room to a guest room and throw myself on the bed and close my eyes to deep sleep.

Olivia's POV.

I throw myself on the bed and look at the ceiling. I have been unpacking my stuff for the last three hours and to say am tired is an understatement. My stomach growls in hunger and I roll off the bed and slip into my tennis shoes. I didn't change my clothes, I just took off the hoodie. I enter the living room and grab the keys and my phone. The apartment is small but beautiful. It has one bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and the kitchen. The walls are white and there is a TV planted on the wall. A single blue couch facing the tv and two white chairs next to the couch. A coffee table. A balcony that gives you the view of the beach. I can hear the waves crashing. I light my phone and it's 8 pm.

I walk to the door and walk out locking the door behind. The elevator opens and I step in dialing Nora's number. She answers on the third ring.

"I was beginning to worry," she says and I chuckle.

"Sorry I didn't call sooner. I was busy unpacking." I inform and hear a sigh.

"How is the apartment?"

"It's good" the elevator dings open and I step out.

"It sounds like you are walking?"

"Yeah, I am going to the diner across the street to get something to eat. I will call you later." I hang up and slip the phone into my pocket. There are few people on the street walking, teenage couples standing near a corner. I glance at the beach and see the water crashing making a mental note to go there tomorrow.

I cross the road and walk into a diner. I scan for a seat and spot one by the window and walk it. I slid into the booth and grab the menu.

"Hi, welcome to Gloria diner. What can I get for you?" A familiar voice asks and I lift my head up to a familiar face.


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