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Chapter 161

I strangle as a hand pulls me to an alley.

"Shut the hell up," he says and pushes me against the wall. I wince in pain and stare at the dark blue eyes staring back at me like a piece of meat. I try to push him away but his knee connects with my stomach. I let out a cry of pain bending, but a hand connects with my face.

"Help" my voice comes out weak and I fall on the concrete floor. A leg connects with my abdomen and I let out yet another painful cry. Tears roll down my eyes.

"Please stop" I beg and the guy comes into my view but this time, brown eyes are staring back at me.

"Tay!?" His lips form a smirk and my heart pound against my chest.

"Did you really think I care about you?" He lets out an evil laugh grabbing my hair harshly.

"I don't care about you. You were just a puppet in our game and you fell for my lies." He brings my face close to his. His breath fanning my face.

"You are ugly and needy. Did you really think I would love someone like you? your body is ugly with those scars. It's a miracle that I haven't puked on it yet. Get this through under that stupid head of yours once and for all." He moves to my ear.

"I don't love you and I will never will." He throws me back on the floor and stands up. I lift my head up to find him and Donald staring back at me with evil smirks.

I jolt awake and look around my room. I touch the spot the next to me and find it empty. Tears stream down my face and I pull my legs to my chest and rock back and forth trying to calm down. This dream was worse than the others. I wipe my tears and grab my phone on the bedside counter. I dial Tay's number and place the phone on my ear. It rings and goes to voicemail causing me to cry more. I need to know that the dream wasn't real, it can't be real.

I try again and this time it goes straight to voicemail.

I speak into his voicemail box, "Tay" I sob into the phone.

"I can't do it. I can't sleep and this time the nightmares are worse. The first one I had of you, you were just watching Donald have his way with me and you didn't do anything to stop him. You just watched" I cry into the phone and tug my hair crying.

"It felt so real. You were there"more tears roll down my cheekbones.

" The second time, you didn't just watch. You said that....that you never loved me. You said my body disgust you" another sob escape my mouth and my phone slips out of my hands and on the bed. I hug my legs and let more tears out.

I run to the bathroom and strip out of my clothes and step into the shower. I turn it on and slide down the glass and to the tile floor. All I can think about is that dream and Tay. I really needed him with me. For him to hold me and tell me that the dream wasn't real. To tell me he loves me and he would never do something like that to me. I pull my legs to my chest as the warm water cascade down my body.

I thought a change of environment will make them go away. I thought I would be able to live the past behind. I don't want to rely on pills to sleep. Am tired of them. I want to be able to sleep without being afraid of what kind of nightmare I will have.

I stand up and turn the shower off. I step out and grab a towel and wrap it around my body. I stare at my face on the mirror and the girl staring back at me looks like me but she is broken. She is a mess. Her eyes are puffy and her nose is red from all the crying.

Will I ever get through this?

Will I ever have a normal quiet life?

Will the nightmares ever go away forever?

I can't handle the pain anymore. It hurts more than the last time. I unwrap the towel and drop it on the floor. I hands go to my small scars on my stomach. I trail after them with my finger.

I sigh and walk back to my room and dress up in pajamas. I lie on the bed watching the ceiling trying to get back to sleep but the thought of having nightmares stops me from closing my eyes. I look at the time on the clock on the bedside counter and sigh when I see it's just 1:30 am.

Tay's POV.

I groan and try to find a comfortable position to continue sleeping but I keep tossing and turning. I sigh and open my eyes. I push my hair back and search for my phone. I might as well do some work since I can't sleep. I roll off the bed and tighten the towel around my waist and walk to our room.

"How the hell am I going to find my phone in this mess?" I say and sigh. I grab black joggers and a long sleeve t-shirt and put them on. I push my hair back and try to find my phone and laptop. I grab the mattress and spot my phone on the floor along with the laptop. I grab them and walk back to the guest room.

I charge my phone and open my laptop to start working. I answer some emails and after a while, I grab my phone and turn it on. I relax on the chair while I wait for it to turn on. I put the password and notifications pop in. I stare at the phone when I see two missed calls from Olivia and one voice message from her. I tap on the message and place my phone on my ear.

"Tay" she sobs into the phone and I sit up straight.

"I can't do it. I can't sleep and this time the nightmares are worse. The first one I had of you, you were the there watching Donald have his way with and you didn't do anything to stop him. You just watched" she cries into the phone. I pause the message as I can not listen to the pain in her voice.

She dreamt of me hurting her? I would never do anything to hurt her and her dreaming of me doing something so awful breaks my heart. I dial her number and it goes to voicemail. I tug my hair frustrated. I grab the phone again and dial the pilot's number.

"Get the jet ready. We are leaving in thirty minutes" I say into the phone and hang up. It has been so long since I used the private jet. I push the chair back walk out of the room to my room and put on my shoes. I walk downstairs and grab my car keys from the kitchen counter and walk out the front door.

I hope in the driver's seat and reverse the car out of the house's driveway. I drive into the empty road and dial Jessica's number.

"Hello?" Jess says in a sleepy voice.

"You have two hours to find Olivia's exact location. I want to know which apartment she is in. The tracker I put on her phone doesn't say which apartment room she is in." I inform Jess.

"Couldn't it wait until morning?"

"It is morning already" I comment and the park my car close to the plane and hop out.

"You know what I mean"

"Just get me the information, yeah?"

"Fine" she hangs up and I walk up the steps.

"I hope I didn't wake you from your sleep too Hailey?" I ask my pilot.

"Not at all, sir"

"What is the destination this time?" She asks as I sit down on the white leather seat.

"Cape town" I inform and she nods and disappears.

"Would you like something to drink sir?" The flight attendant asks.

"No, thank you" she nods and leaves. I grab my phone and listen to the rest of Olivia's message.

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