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Chapter 163.

Tay molds our lips together and I wrap my hands around his neck. He slips his tongue in and I groan. My hands travel down and tug his t-shirt. He breaks the kiss and pulls his t-shirt over his head in one swift motion and crash our lips together again. My hands move up and down his chest. He breaks the kiss and trail wet kisses down my jaw to my neck. I throw my head back to give him more access. I pull my lower lip between my lip to keep a moan from coming out.

He breaks the kiss and break away from me.

"What happened?" I ask, confused.

"This needs to go," he says, and before I can ask him what he lifts me up so that I am sitting, and pull my pajama shirt up. I lift my hands up and he pulls the shirt over my head and tosses it on the floor.

"Better," he says. I lie back on the bed half-naked. Tay hovers above me and look into my eyes.

"You are beautiful, Olivia." His thumb runs over my jaw.

"You have a beautiful body and am fucking proud that you are my wife." He pecks my lips and my heart warms up at his words.

"Don't ever think I will be disgusted with you or body because of your scars, okay? I love all of you" His eyes show emotion but I can't make it out since I am not good at reading people. He molds our lips together and this time the kiss is slow, full of emotions and passionate at like the first time we slept together.

I tug the roots of his hair and he groans in my mouth. He trails wet kisses down my jaw and I dip my head further into the fluffy pillow. He moves up to my earlobe and my hands clutch on the sheets as my eyes roll at the back of my head in pleasure. He pulls my earlobe in his mouth and stars apparel before my closed eyes. It's like am reliving the day we slept together for the first time.

He moves down and pull my nipple in his mouth and play with the other. I bring my hand to mouth as pleasure builts at the pit of my stomach. He moves to the other nipple and sucks and bites sending me over to a place I didn't even know existed. He trails kisses down my stomach to my belly button. His hands tug my pajama shorts and he pulls them down along with my panties. He places kisses on my leg moving up to my throbbing core. He licks my clit and my back arches while my toes dig into the sheets.

"Oh, God!" I bite the inside of my palm. Tay lifts his head to look at me with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Don't come" he orders and I nod my head repeatedly. He ducks his head down again and licks my clit sending me to the edge again. He replaces his tongue with his thumb and moves his tongue to my heat. He licks my folds and I throw my head deep into the pillow bitting the inside of my palm hard.

"Tay? I can't hold it anymore" I inform and he withdraws immediately leaving me a panting mess.

"I told you you can not come yet. I want you to come around my cock." He says and pulls his jeans down. He hovers over me and get between my legs.

"Spread your legs for me, my love?" I open my legs wider and he positions the head of his length at my heat. He lock eyes with me as he moves his member up and down my heat, teasing me.

"Tay," I moan and that's all he needed to push in. I gasp at how big he feels. It's like he gets bigger and bigger every day.

He groans and buries his head in the crook of my neck.

"Fuck!you feel so good," he says against my skin. I lift his head up and make him look at me.

"I love you," I tell him and peck his lips.

"I love you more," he says and starts to move. He pounds into me slowly and passionately while still locking eyes with mine. Beads of sweat have formed on his forehead.

I wrap my legs around his waist when his pounds increases and he places sloppy kisses on my lips, eyes, and cheeks.

"You are so tight" he informs and my walls clench around his member, warning me.

"I'm coming," I say and within seconds we both reach our climax. He collapses on top of me while being careful not to crush me with his weight. We stay like this for about ten minutes.

Tay pulls out of me and throws himself beside me pulling the sheets over our naked bodies. He pulls me against his bare chest and wrap his hands over my torso. He place a kiss on my bare shoulder.

"We have to go shopping. There is no food here in here." He informs and I hum in response too tired to reply.

"And I also need clothes. I can't wear the same clothes until I leave." I hum in response drawing small circles on his hand avoiding to comment on him leaving. He moves my hair to the side and place a kiss at the back of my neck.



"I booked an appointment with a marriage counselor for tomorrow at nine in the morning." He informs and my thumb stops drawing circles on his hand.

"Please say something?" His voice beg. I honestly don't know what to think or say.

"I really don't know what to say, am not really the kind of person to open up about what I'm feeling to other people," I say and continue to draw circles on his hand.

"I know, my love. Which is why I booked us this appointment, I want us to be able to communicate better about our feelings and for you to talk about everything that happened to you." He turns me around so that I am facing him.

"I am here to listen to you whenever you want to talk. I will always be here for you but some things need a professional. I can take some of the pain away but I can't take all of it away. You need to face your fears like visiting Donald in jail to get closure. The nightmares need to go away forever and not a little while. I don't want you to depend on me to have a good sleep. I need you to be able to sleep peacefully without me being near you. I want you to live a healthy life. I want us both to both a healthy life together with our children." He finishes his speech and tucks my hair behind my ear.

"I love you," I tell him meaning every word. Words can not express how much I love him. He is the best thing that's ever happened to me. He has my soul and without him, life is nothing.

"I know angel. Sleep, you are tired. We will go grocery shopping when you wake up" he places a long kiss on my forehead and I bury my face in the crook of his neck breathing his scent as sleep creeps in.

( who else felt the emotional rollercoaster for the past 17 chapters? )

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