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Chapter 164.

The fresh breeze makes my hair shield my face and I bring my hand to face and tuck my hair behind my ear. My elbow is out the window. I watch as the other cars speed along with Tays rental grey Audi A4. I turn my head to look at him at the same time he turns to look at me. He stares at me for a while and look back on the road, his elbow also out of the window. One hand on the steering wheel. We are headed to the grocery store.

Tay woke me up with kisses all over my face. We took a shower together. I am surprised we were able to get out of the shower, to be honest. It was very tempting to have sex in the shower.

Seconds later, I feel a had on mine and I turn to find Tay bringing my hand to his mouth and he places a quick kiss on my knuckles. My heart warms up at his sweet gesture. I just hope it stays like this forever. We deserve it after so many struggles we went through. I hope everything falls into place from now on.

Tay pulls in front of the mall and we both climb out. People are holding shopping bags and some grocery bags.

"Which one should we start with? Clothes or groceries?" Tay asks as we walk to the entrance of the mall.

"Clothes," I say and he holds my arm.

"When are you leaving?" I ask. Tay turns to look at me and we step on the escalator going up.

"Tomorrow afternoon. I can only come here on weekends since they need me at the office." He informs and my mood changes. I really thought he was going to stay longer. How will we work on us if he is so far away?

"But, that's until I open a branch here in CT," I turn to look at Tay and find him already looking at me. We step off the escalator and turn left.

"Really?" I ask, excited.

He laughs, "Yes, that's what I will be busy with and when I get time I will come see you," he says and we enter Edgars.

We walk to the women's section.

"I don't need any clothes," I tell him but he continues to drag me.

"You need them for the beach. We will spend the rest of the day there before I leave." He informs and grabs a red high leg out cut knotted one-piece swimsuit.

"Go try this" he doesn't wait for me to comment on the swimsuit and pushes me into the direction of the fitting room. I roll my eyes and open the fitting room curtains and step in. I place the swimsuit on the small bench and close the curtains. I take off my clothes and put the swimsuit on. The necklace Tay gave me rests between my breasts. My hand goes to the 'T' and I play with it while looking at my reflection. I have never worn a swimsuit before because of the small scars on my belly. I didn't want people staring at me and thinking about wearing this tomorrow makes me nervous.

The curtains open and Tay walks in and closes the curtains behind in. I pull my lower lip between my teeth as I watch him watch me in the mirror. He stands behind me and places his hands on my hips and I release a small moan.

"You look..." He lifts his head to look at me in the mirror and bring his mouth close to my ear.

"Like you are ready to get fucked here right now on the small bench and against the mirror" he whispers in my ear and I close the space between us.

"Imagine watching yourself get fucked. Imagine me behind you and my arms around and pounding into you like my last breathe. The thrill of fucking in a store full of people," he pulls my earlobe into his mouth and I moan. The idea of watching Tay and I having sex thrills me and I don't know if I should be more scared or happy.

He grabs my hand and places it between my breasts.

"Trail your hand down slowly," he instructs.

"Imagine as if it is me doing that." He says into my ear and my mind takes control and imagines Tay trailing his hand down my naked body.

"Relax your body," he says and his breath fans my neck.

"Now, slip your hand in." He says and my hand goes inside the swimsuit panties and to my clit. I release a moan and rock my back against Tays already hard member. He grips my waist to still me and a whimper comes out of my mouth.

"Circle your clit," he says seductively into my ear and I imagine his hand rubbing my clit.

"Yes, like that" he encourages and my pace quickens.

My back arches and I reach my climax and throw my back against Tays's chest. My eyes to find Tays in the mirror. I smile back at him and he kisses the back of my neck.

"How was it?" He asks grabbing the hand I used to pleasure myself and bring it to his mouth. I watch as he licks my folds off my fingers and I pull my lower lip between my teeth.

"Go...good" he kisses my neck and takes a step back.

"You will find me outside" with that he walks and I run my hand through my hair. My eyes catch my reflection and my cheeks turn red thinking of what just happened. I can't believe I just did that in a fitting room. I shake my head and take off the swimsuit. I dress back up in my jeans and white pullover. I walk out to find Tay seating on a couch typing on his phone with two more red swimsuits, red sundress, shorts, and a couple of his jeans and t-shirts. I love this sight of him. He looks carefree like he is not some big shot businessman in just jeans and a t-shirt with messy hair.

He looks up and places his phone in his jeans. He stands up and grabs the clothes from the couch. I help him and we walk to the cash register. Tay pays for the clothes.

"Let me take these to the car" he grabs the shopping bags and walks off. I walk to the grocery store. I grab a cart close to the entrance and walk-in.

I grab a package of cheese. Yogurt, and random stuff. I have never been good at doing grocery shopping. The first thing I think about entering a shop is Doritos.

A cart hits mine, "I am so sorr.."

"Olivia?!" Kevin says and I half-smile at him.

"Kevin! where is Dick?" I ask looking around.

"He went to grab bag of onions," he says.

"Its good to see you again," he says showing me his perfect white teeth.

Before I can respond a familiar voice says behind me sending a chill down my spine, "Hey, babe." A hand goes around my shoulder and I angle my head to look at Tay and find him staring at Kevin with the most hateful glare I have ever seen.

"Am Tay. Olivia's husband" a smile plays at my lips at how serious face is. Kevin meet my eyes and half-smiles at me.

"The territorial type, I see. Don't worry am not planning to make a move on your wife. I already..." A familiar voice cuts him off.

"You didn't call me" Dick accuses looking at me.

"Sorry, I forgot" he pulls me into a hug.

"I take it as this hunk of a man is the husband?" Dick points at Tay and I nod.

"Damn girl! If I had a man like that.." He again points to Tay checking him out.

"I would lock him in my room forever. He should illegal" he whistles.

"Am still here you know," Kevin says glaring at his boyfriend.

"Hush, you know I only have eyes for you." Dick chuckles.

"Call me okay?" Dick says and I nod. We watch as they push their cart to the cash register.

"Well, that was interesting," Tay comments and pushes the cart.

"Where did you meet them?" He grabs bread and put it in the cart.

"I met Dick in the plane and later found in the dinner across the street when I went to get food. He introduced me to Kevin" I inform and watch as he fills the cart.

"So, Trisha said she can see us at nine in the morning. Are you okay with it?" Tay asks.

"Yes. Is her name Trisha?"

"Yes." He answers.

"Would like to have alone sessions with her? "

"No, I think our sessions with be fine."

(What are you guys going to do with yourselves when this book ends? Book is 2 months away from celebrating its one-year anniversary from tomorrow, how crazy is that🎉 )

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