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Chapter 168

A hand shakes me and I groan.

"Babe?" A thumb caresses my cheek and I groan yet again. Lips peck my lips and my eyes shoot open.

"We are here," Tay says and I turn my head to look at the small window. I only see the lights. I yawn and Tay scoop me in his arms taking me by surprise.

"Mr. and Mrs. Payne," Hailey says with a smile on her face and I bury my head in Tays's chest.

I lift my head off his chest and look at the city. I never thought I will be back here so soon. I thought I was living for good. A man in a suit opens the passenger seat for Tay and he places me on the seat and buckles me up. Tay jogs around the car and hops in the driver's seat. Tay drives the car into the less busy road and I rest my head on the window and close my eyes.

"Are you okay?" Tay asks. I open my eyes and turn back to look at me.

"I don't know," I say truthfully. I only came back here because of Donald. I feel calm now but I don't know what will happen when I go to see him.

As if he can read my mind he says, "You will be fine. I will go with you?"Tay offers and place his hand on my thigh.

"No, I have to do this on my own. I need to be independent. I can't always bring you with me." I say and lean my head against the seat.

"I love this brave Olivia more," Tay says and I chuckle and turn to look at him.

He grabs my hand and place a light kiss at the back of my mind and my smile grows.

"I love you,"

"I love you too," I say and look at him as he drives.

Thirty minutes later, Tay pulls into our house driveway and I look at it remembering the last time I set foot here. I unbuckle my seatbelt and climb out of the car. Tay grabs my bag from the boot and we walk to the front door. He unlocks the door and we walk in.

The house is quiet and we walk up the stairs to our room. Tay puts the bag down and walks to the bathroom. I grab the bag and take out my pajamas and change. I check the time on my phone and it reads at 3 am. I get under the duvet at the same time Tay walks out of the bathroom in just pajama pants only. He gets under the covers and pulls me closer to him. Our chests touch. His breath fans my face and we look at each other.

He brings his thumb to my face and touches my lips. I keep quiet and watch him.

"Do you think we will ever have children of our own?" I ask all of a sudden. I have never given my chance to really think about the situation.

Tay stops and continues.

"Of course we will," he says.

"Why the question?"

"I don't know. I guess thinking of going to see Donald tomorrow just brought back memories that were caused by him." I tell Tay and he nods in understanding.

"We will have children. Lots of them and we will live after ever happy." He says and I chuckle and yawn.

"Sleep. You are still tired." He says and I close my eyes to sleep.

In the morning, I wake up alone on the bed. I yawn and rub my face. I climb out of the bed and lazily walk to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and take a shower. I dress up in a sweatshirt dress that ends on my mid-thighs and white sneakers. I blow dry my hair and leave it hanging down my shoulder. I make the bed and grab my bag and walk out.

I enter the kitchen and find Tay busy on his laptop and a mug next to the laptop.

I grab an apple from the fruit basket and he hasn't even noticed me. I take a bite and walk around the counter and to his side.

"You look stressed?" I point out when he frowns at the laptop. He jumps a little startled.

"I didn't hear you walking," he says and closes the laptop.

"What has you so stressed?" I ask as he puts the laptop in the laptop bag.

"I will tell you in the car," he says and grabs his car keys.

I get in the passenger seat and Tay in the driver's seat. He drives into the empty road.

"I am trying to find the money that was stolen in the company accounts," Tay informs and tightens his grip on the steering wheel.

"Do you know who stole it?" I pry.

"Not yet. Every time I investigate I reach a dead end. I don't know what to do anymore." He says and stops at the red light.

"Why don't you set a trap? and see who will fall it. Maybe you will get the thief." I suggest.


"I take it as the person who stole the money already knows what you do to investigate right?" Tay nods as he drives through the intersection.

"Then try something different. Don't ask me what because I also don't know. You are the one who is able to think like a criminal. Am sure you will come up with something," I shrug and Tay laughs. The car comes to a halt and I look out the window to see big prison gates staring back at me.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Tay asks and I shake my head no. I take a deep breath and peck Tay on the lips. I climb out of the car and Tay drives off. I walk to the gate. There is a security guard, he asks for my ID and I show it to him. He opens the gate for me and directs me to where visitors need to go.

I join the line and when my time comes I had over my ID and sign in. I nervously seat on the steal long chair. My palms are sweaty and push them down on my sweatshirt to try and calm down. I look around and take a deep breath. There are prisoners in orange overalls and their families. Security guards walking around and warning visitors and prisoners with the 'no-touching rule'.

The sound of a door opening has me snapping my head in that direction and I lock eyes with Donald. I have only seen him in the pictures and seeing those familiar blue eyes staring back at me makes me want to just the hell out of here.

You can do it, Olivia. Just take a deep breath. My subconscious encourages.

I take a deep breath and watch as he walks in my direction. He seats across from me and keeps quiet, probably waiting for me to say something first. I open my mouth to say something but close it again not knowing what to ask him.

"Thank you for coming to see me," Donald breaks the silence and I just stare at him.

"I know what I did to you is unforgivable and I don't expect you to forgive me." He crosses his hands on the steal table.

"I didn't mean to do what I did to you please believe me. I didn't even know what I did until the next morning. I was high on drugs that night and I still don't remember half of what happened at that party. I know no matter what I say won't erase what happened,"

"I first saw you at school. You were always reading a book whenever I saw you. I thought you were the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I tried to talk to you a couple of times but you didn't even give me the time of the day, " my eyes widen at his confession. I don't remember him.

"You were on every boy's lips and you didn't even know. I am not trying to justify my actions, I am just trying to tell you that I didn't mean to hurt you. I tried to go to the police the next morning when I saw the video I took on my phone and the blood on clothes but David stopped me. He switched me to another school and made sure I didn't go to the police. I dedicated my life to helping women from men like me and I hope one day you will really find it in your heart to forgive me. I really didn't mean to hurt you, I loved you way too much to do such a thing knowingly."

( sorry for the late update guys. Things have been hectic lately. Am busy editing book1 with my best friend to enter to the wattys on Wattpad. Maybe it will win and holy shit(excuse my language) but did you guys see the kissing booth 2 trailer? It is so good and better than the first one. So proud of beth reckless.)

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