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Chapter 174.

"Do you like it?" Tay asks and wraps his arm around me from behind.

"I love it," I say looking at the blue water around us. We arrived at our cottage a while ago. It's so peaceful and beautiful.

"And I love you," he kisses my cheekbone, and a smile forms on my lips.

"What are we going to do for the rest of the day?" I turn around to look at him.

"I want to show you something, but first you have to change," I peck his lips and walk to the bags. I take out white shorts and a tank top I bought at the mall. Tay is leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest dressed in shorts and a white t-shirt.

I take off my jeans looking at him. He raises an eyebrow at me with a smile forming on his lips. I take off my hoodie and he clears his throat. I slip into the shorts and tank top, and lastly, my flip flops.

I walk to him and he takes my hand in his, "That was not very nice," he whispers in my ear and I laugh.

We walk out of the cottage and follow the path to the small island.

"This place is beautiful, "I comment, kids are playing around. Some people are swimming, some playing games.

" It is, "Tay agrees and we walk to a small food track.

"Hi, how can I help you?" a woman asks with a bright smile on her face.

"Hi, can I please have two Samosa and two sago pudding?"

"Coming right away, you can sit down in the meantime," she points to the tables and we walk to them.

"Have you been here before?" I ask as I sit down across him.

"Yes, Nate, Andrew and I," he informs and I nod.

"Why haven't you traveled? I mean your mother was a woman of class."

"I didn't want to go anywhere with my mother." I laugh and a woman places a big tray on the table.

"Enjoy your meal!" She says and leaves.

I follow Tays lead and grab a plate but wait for him to eat.

"Is it good?" I ask and he looks up to me with a smile.

"Yes, try it." He points to my untouched plate.

"What is it called?"

"Samosa," he laughs

"I promise it doesn't taste bad as it looks," I laugh at that and cut a piece. I close my eyes, chew, and moan.

Tay laughs and I open my eyes.

"Told you," he says and we spend the rest of the day with Tay getting me to try new things.

We went back to the cottage around 8 pm and I went straight to take a shower. After a while, I wrap a towel around my body and walk out of the bathroom. The room is quiet. I put my pajamas on and walk out of the room.

I walk in the kitchen to find Tay drinking water. I sit on the barstool.

"I spoke to the architectures and he sent a picture of the design, do you want to see it?" I nod and Tay opens his laptop and turns it.

"I bought a land close to the beach in Cape Town to build it. It's quiet, " he informs.

"Don't you think 8 rooms is quite a big number?" I ask.

"I don't think so, we might have eight children, " he says and I laugh. The plan has 8 rooms, a living room, a kitchen, a study, and a movie room.

"When will the house get built?"

"As soon as you approve the plan," he informs, and I nod.

"I love it, you can give them a go-ahead," he smiles and pecks my lips. He walks out and I walk back to our room.

My phone rings when I walk into the room and I answer,


"Hey! Do you still want to come out? About the book and you know?" Rachel asks.

"Yes, "

"Great! I will get you an interview with one of my friend's studio, "

"Okay, did you get a chance to look for a publicist for me?"

"Yes, you will meet him when you get back. Future told me that you are on a vacation with Tay, how is it?"

"Beautiful, he took me to Maldives!" I say and the door opens, and Tay walks in.

"Oh my God! I am jealous of you right now..." Tay kisses my neck and Rachels voice becomes distant.

"Tay, I am on the phone?"

"Rachel will understand," he says and continues to kiss my neck and I let out a moan.

"Okay, I think I am going to hang up. Don't want....." Tay grabs my phone and throws it on the couch. He turns me around and attacks my lips. I wrap my hands around his neck, he hoists me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. I tug the roots of his hair and he groans.

" God! I can never get enough of you," Tay says and seat down on the bed with me on his lap.

I help him take off his t-shirt and crash our lips together. This time the kiss is fast, rough, and passionate. He takes off my pajama shirt and grabs my breasts causing me to throw my head back in pleasure.

"You are so beautiful," he says seductively. My hands go to his shorts and he gets up. I stand in front of him as he takes off his shorts. He takes off my shorts after and turns me around. There is a small mirror in front of me. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me back. He seats down on the bed and adjusts me on his length and a moan comes out.

"Fuck! I am in love, " he says and watches me through the mirror. He opens his legs wider and pounds into me. His arm moves to my breast and I throw my head back moaning. He pounds faster, deeper, and rough.

"Oh!" I moan out and he places sloppy kisses on my bare shoulder.

"Watch how sexy you look getting fucked," I open my eyes to watch us in the mirror. Sweat covers all our bodies and it's a beautiful sight to see.

He holds my body tight and pounds into me like a crazy animal. I can feel the pressure building in the pit of my stomach.

"Tay!" My wall clenches around him and he releases his seed inside me. My back falls back into his chest and Tay pulls me ever closer to him.

"I am addicted to you, your body, and everything that you do," Tay says and a smile forms on my lips. He pulls out and we stand up and walk to the bathroom. We take a quick shower and go to bed.

The next morning, I woke up alone on the bed. I grab Tays t-shirt and walk out. I hear music walking down the stairs. I enter the kitchen to find Tay cooking shirtless and a small radio on the kitchen counter, and your song by Rita Ora blasting. I lean against the wall and watch him with a smile.

After a while, he turns and almost jump when he sees me.

"Rita Ora huh?" I tease when I sit on the barstool.

"Uhm, it's not what you are thinking, "

"I am not thinking anything," I laugh and he rubs the back of his neck.

"I was listening to the morning news," he defends.

"I am sure it did," I shake my head and grab a piece of bacon.

He turns off the radio and we eat our breakfast.

"Do you have a dress?" Tay asks as I apply sunscreen lotion on my legs.

"Uhm, yes. Why?" After breakfast, we went out to the pool.

"Just want to do something for you tonight," he says.

"Okay?" I finish and walk to the pool.

The days went by pretty quickly and now I was preparing for tonight. I finish curling my hair at the end and dress up in a crisp monochrome pleated flare dress. I put on heels, grab a purse, and walk out.

I find Tay waiting for me at the door with flowers. I pull my lower lip between my teeth to stop a laugh from coming out. He looks so cute holding flowers.

"You look beautiful," he comments and hands me flowers. This is the first time he gave me flowers.

"First date," I say and Tay laughs.

I place the flowers on the couch and we walk out. He holds my hand as we walk to a small cottage restaurant.

He opens the door for me and there are red petals on the floor, and a round table in the middle.

"Mr. Payne welcome," a voice says and I turn to find Tay shaking an old man's hand.

"You rented this whole place?" I ask even though I already know the answer to the question.

"Come," he places his hand on my back and we walk to the table. A waiter places plates in front of us and glasses. I go with red wine.

After desert, Tay asks me to dance.

"You are kidding right?" I laugh.

"No," he says, grabbing my hand and music starts.

"This is crazy," I comment. He let go of my hand and kneel in front of me.

"What are you doing?" I ask while laughing. He takes out a red valet box and reveals a ring. My eyes widen.

"You married me because you were forced. You are the most strong woman I have ever met in my life and I love you so much. I know I have hurt you more than I could count and I promise I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you. We tried to stay away from each other but we ended up in each other's arms. It's clear we belong together. We are allergic to other people, you are the one for me. I want you to marry me because you love this time so, Olivia Payne will you please marry me, again?" He asks and I wipe my tears.

I nod my head yes and he gets up and turns me around

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