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Chapter 176.

Olivia's POV.

Two days have passed by as blur since we got back from the trip and I had back to back interviews. Everyone knows who wrote Behind Closed Doors and that the sequel is coming soon. I had to open an Instagram and twitter page in Rachel's words. I got millions of followers within a week and that blew my mind away. A lot of DMs about how they love me and how much I have changed their lives. It was so crazy and I had to help Future with her wedding. We managed to find a venue and she designed her own wedding. It's so beautiful that she wants to open a boutique to sell wedding dresses only and this will be her big come up into the industry. The venue is not big since Future wanted a small intimate wedding with friends and family. We managed to get Sofia to agree to cater for the wedding in a short notice. I have never worked so much pressure in my entire life as I did two days ago.

Tay and I have been so busy with our work that we haven't done anything since we got back. He would come back tired from work and I would also be tired from planning the wedding.

"For fucks sake!" A voice brings me out of my train of thoughts and I look at Rachel trying to cover her body. I follow her line sight and see Nate shutting the door behind him.

"Oh come on! It's not like I haven't seen anything," I chuck a shoe at him and he tucks down in time, and the shoe hits the door.

"It's the women's dressing room you idiot. Don't you know how to read?" He ignores me and stands in front of the mirror fixing his tux.

"You look beautiful by the way, sister- in -law," he says and winks at me, ignoring Rachel who is waiting for his compliment.

"What are you doing here Nate?" Future walks out of the bathroom and almost yells when she sees Nate.

"What the—"

"Will you ladies chill out? I got tired of Andrew and Tay sob pep talk. Like you would bet he is going to have a kidney transplant!" I smack the back of his head and he swears.

"Really! Sister-in-law? What did I do?"

"You need to go," Future tells Nate.

"Please don't send me back there! It's so depressing!" A chuckle escapes my lips.

"Then take Eric with you, I'm sure Kyle won't mind entertaining you," Future puts baby Eric in Nates hands and opens the door for him.

"But—" Future gently pushes him out before he can finish his sentence.

"He is a pain in the ass," she says and I laugh and help her into her wedding dress. Her make is no point and she looks beautiful.

"How do I look?" She asks and turns around.

"You look beautiful," I smile brightly at her.

Tay's POV.

This is the moment I am fucking proud of my little brother. I may not say it to him but I am. I am happy to see him getting ready for his own wedding. Our parents may not be here with us but I am here to support him. To be his brother, mother, and Dad at the same time. Joe left to check on Nora and as for Nate, you can never know. I just hope he is not causing trouble wherever he is.

The door opens and Nate walks in with Eric in his hand and Kyle walking closely behind. I am sure both Andrew and I jaw dropped to the floor at what we were witnessing.

1 because Nate hates kids, I mean he loathes children and anything to do with them.

He walks straight to me and pushes Eric into my arms.

"Why do you have Eric?" I ask and try to get him to stop crying.

"Well, you might need to sit down for this one," he says looking at Andrew and Andrew sits down looking confused. I was sure that I mirrored him.

"I need you to be calm when I tell—"

"Nate!" I warn.

"Okay! Future ran away," he blurts out and my heart quickens, worried for Andrew.

"What?" Andrew stands up.

"I told you to be calm, "

"Don't tell me what to do," he yells and runs his hand through his hair.

"Did she tell you why? Did she leave a note or something?" He looks at Nate with a pleading look.

"Well, she said that she can not do this anymore, that she was crazy to even think of marrying you. You ruined her life and that your family is crazy and she can not handle it—" Nate gets cut off by the door opening and Nora walks in.

"What's going on?" She asks as she looks between us.

"Why did you let Future leave?" Andrew asks and she frowns.

"What are you talking about?" She asks and I notice Nate backing away from us and walking towards the door.

That dipshit!

"That Future ran away, "

"Huh? Who told you such nonsense?"

"I wouldn't open that door If I were you," I warn him and Nate turns around with a smile on his face. I place Eric in Nora's arms.

"I'm sorry okay! But you guys were too serious like we are in a f—" Andrew launched at Nate and I quickly got between them.

"Andrew!" I warn him.

"I swear to God when I get my hands on you I wi—"

"You won't do anything, "

"It's done," a small voice says and my eyes move to a small voice beside Nora. Kyle is holding a phone and it seems like he was taking a video.

"You are so easy to mess with!" With that Nate bolts out the door laughing and I pull my lower lip between my teeth to conceal my laugh.

"I will fucking kill him" he growls and Kyle laughs.

We finished dressing up and I had to get Andrew and Nate away from killing each other most of the time.

"Do you think she will show up?" Andrew asks as we are waiting for the bride and bridesmaids to show up.

"Nah, " Nate says and I glare at him to shut up.

"Of course she will don't listen to this dipshit. You know how much he hates commitments, " I have never understood Nates hate for commitments. He hates being tied down to one person and I sometimes wondered how him and Rachel would end up. I feel sorry for the poor woman because if she was expecting Nate to marry her then she was in for a huge surprise.

Music starts and Andrew sighs, a smile appearing on his lips and I watch as Jess, Rachel, and my Olivia walk towards us with bright smiles on their faces. I mouth 'I love you' when Olivia passes me. Seconds later Joe walks in with Future. She looks so beautiful and it was so beautiful of Joe to agree to walk Future down the aisle. My eyes move around the people in the church. Nora is sitting in the front row seat with Eric in her arms. Kyle besides Shawn, Kyles's mother, and that dipshit doctor that wants Olivia. And the rest of Futures friends from college and Andrews friends that I haven't met.

Joe hands Future to Andrew and goes to sit down beside Nora. I listen to Andrew and Future say their vows to each other and after what felt like forever the priest pronounces them wife and husband. We all cheer for them and make our way to the receptionist.

We ate and danced, everything was just perfect. We were all happy, my brother was married and happy.

"Did I tell you how gorgeous you look tonight?" I say into Olivia's ear and hear a sharp breath leave her lips. I love how easily I can get her so worked up with desire.

"No," she says, her eyes on the dance floor and before we can continue our little tease, Nate interrupts.

"I haven't danced like that in a while," He says panting and I lean back against my glass chair.

"Did I interrupt something?" He asks, eyeing us and I shrug.

"Watch out," Andrew says sitting with us on the round table pointing to the dance floor. Women are gathered around and Rachel is also with them waiting for Future to throw her flowers. We watch as the flowers go in Rachel's direction and her reaching out.

"Oh no! No, no, no, no!" The flowers end up Rachels hands and Nates bangs his head on the table and Andrew and I laugh.

So much for not the commitment guy!

"Have you guys seen Kyle?" Shawn asks, worried.

"I have been looking for him for the past half an hour," he says pushing his hair back.

"Now that you are saying, it's been a while since I saw him or Jessica," Olivia says, looking worried.

"We will help look," we all stand up and walk in different directions. I look in the food sections and under the table for Kyle but don't find him. A scream coming from the direction of the restroom had me running like never before.

I find Olivia frozen, her body shaking and others approaching from behind. I stop in my tracks when I see Kyles's phone crashed and a small pool of blood on the floor. None of us say anything, our breath caught in our throats.

My phone ringing in my pocket startles me. I take it out and answer.

"Miss me, little nephew?" The voice of the man I thought I will never hear says, and my blood runs cold.

"Missing Someone there? or should I say two someones? "

"You fucking—"

"Call the cops and your little girlfriends Jess and the kid are dead," he hangs up and I throw the phone away.

Fucking David and how the hell did he get out of jail!

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