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Chapter 177.

Olivia's POV.

The last time I was this scared was when Donald raped me. I haven't said a word since I found the phone and blood on the floor. Many scenarios are running in my mind and I don't know which one could be it, but what I am most scared about is Kyle. He is just a kid, innocent and now he is in the hands of a psychopath. Jessica at least has dealt with guys like David.

"How the hell did David escape? And how am I hearing this now?" Tay's voice brings me out of my thoughts.

Tay called one of the trusted cops and made sure the media was left out of it, and it turns out David escaped. He made the police believe that he was seriously sick and they took him to the hospital yesterday where he escaped.

"We were going to tell you," the detective I learned is Jessica's friend says. Shawn hasn't stopped pacing. He is trying to be strong but I know he is hurting.

"Your negligence caused Kyle, a kid who has a heart problem and your friend to get kidnapped," Tay yells and I grab the bottle of water from the coffee table, and take a huge gulp to calm down. I really thought all the bad things went away and now we were going to live happily ever after but—. Future is still in her wedding dress shocked as I am. Andrew tried to get her to change when we got to our house but she wouldn't.

"I promise we are going to find them," the detective I learned his name is Bruce says.

"Forget it, I will find them myself. I don't want your help," Tay says and pushes his hair back.

"Why would David kidnap a kid though?" Nate asks this is the first he has spoken since we found the blood. I have never seen him so speechless before and I realized that at that time I really needed him to crack one of his jokes.

"I don't know but when I find him I will fucking kill him," Shawn says and sit on the couch. Dad took Nora and Kyles mom home to rest.

"I know you are angry but let us help, you need us. You don't have a gun," Bruce points out and Tay sighs and sits on the couch next to me.

"Fine but we are doing it my way," Bruce nods.

"Are you okay?" Tay asks me and I nod. A phone ringing has our heads turning and Andrew takes out his phone.

"It's a private number," he informs.

"Put it on speaker," Tay instructs and Andrew presses something on the screen of the phone and puts it on the coffee table.


"Hi, little second nephew!" David's voice rings in my ears.

"I assumed that your superhero brother destroyed his phone after our little talk so I tried another number," he laughs. I can feel the tension in the room.

"Where is my son you asshole?" Shawn spit.

"Ah! You are the father. A little birdie told me that little Kyle has a heart condition and it is just tragic that he doesn't have his medication. Don't worry I will send you his body, I am not that cruel," I cover my mouth to stop more cries coming out.

"You little—"

"Save the insults. I am not done yet," he laughs and I feel sick to my stomach.

"You see Tay, you made a big mistake helping that bitch Emily and taking my company away from me," David says.

"What does Kyle have to do with this?" Nate asks.

"The kid was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let's just say he is collateral damage, "

"Please get him medication, I beg you," Shawn begs.

"God! I love it when people are begging. Beg again, " David torments and I feel like I am going to puck.

"Please, I beg you," Shawn begs again.

"Okay—" We all sigh but I guess it was too early.

"I will think about it, "

"What about Jessica? What do you want with her?" Tay asks.

"Just tired of her getting into business that doesn't concern her so I decided to teach her a lesson," David informs us.

"What exactly do you want David?" Andrew asks.

"I thought you would never ask, "

"I want Olivia in exchange for Kyle and Jessica," my heart sinks and my breath hitches in my throat.

"What!" I say for the first time since the reception.

"You heard me and I want her husband to deliver her to me. I want to see Tays face when I take his wife, his life away from him! Why don't you be a good Samaritan Olivia and save two people's lives? You have 3 hours to decide. Kyle and Jessica have 3 hours to live, their lives are in your hands. Tik Tok!" and he hangs up.

"Not fucking happening," Tay booms.

"Tay we can make him believe that she is replacing them and then plan a rescue plan—" their voices fade away.

Two lives are in your hands,

My decision will determine the fate of Kyle and Jessica, it seems something you would see in a movie and I never thought I would live to experience it. What do you do when you can save two lives but at the cost of your own life? Do you just turn a blind eye? Or do you save a kid who has a chance to live, get a new heart, and achieve his dreams? Kyle is just a kid, he still has so much to do and to see. And Jessica, she is young, beautiful, and smart. She also still hasn't seen so much of the world. She still has to fall in love, get married, and have children. How can I turn a blind eye to that?

I got married, fell in love although I didn't have children, I still experienced it.

What choice do you make?

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