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Chapter 178

Olivia's POV.

"I will do it, " I interrupt their arguments and the living room goes silent.

"Listen to me Olivia," Tay grabs my hands in his and makes me look at him.

"I will not hand you over, you hear me? Not now not ever," he says, his eyes dark.

"It is not up to you to decide Tay. I will not be able to live with myself if something happens to them. We don't have a plan, we have no idea where they are and we have only one hour left." I point out and he sighs.

"I am still not going to hand you over to your own death. I would rather die," he says and I sigh.

"Okay then, I think we need a plan and fast," Nate says and Tay stands up. What Tay doesn't understand is that a kid's life is at stake if he doesn't get his medication. How can I sit by and do nothing? He might not be ready to hand me over but I am.

"What about money? We can offer him money," Andrew suggests and Tay shakes his head no.

"He doesn't want money, he wants revenge. He has nothing to lose and even if he took the money, it still won't get rid of his crimes. He will still be a wanted man for the rest of his life," Tay points out.

"Then what?" Shawn asks, frustrated.

"I don't know," Tay pushes his hair back.

"You don't know? You don't fucking know!" Shawn yells in Tay's face.


"Don't Shawn me, this is your fault. My kid is kidnapped because of you. He is innocent, he doesn't know anything damn it! We don't know anything about this fucking family feud you have going on and if my kid dies I promise you that I will kill you." Shawn promises and Andrew pushes Shawn away before a fight can break off.

"Okay, that's enough. No one is going to kill anyone here." Shawn sighs and backs away. I have never seen him like this. He is usually calm and I remembered when he provoked Nate. I guess I don't know him anymore.

"This is what David wants. He wants us to fight and we can't let him win. Pull yourselves together and come up with a plan." He yells and Future rubs his arm. I slowly grab Andrews phone from the coffee table without noticing and steal Davids number and place the phone back on the coffee table.

"I know some abounded, buildings we used to own and my guess is that he took them to one of them," Tay opens a map and they move to the living room. I walk behind them and slowly make my way to our room and lock the door.

I dial the number and wait with a pounding heart for him to answer.

"I take it as you guys have made a decision?" Davids voice rings in my ear and my heart pounds faster than ever.

"Not they, I did," I correct.

"Ah! I see." He laughs.

"Well, I must say you made the right decision my dear, "

"I will hand myself over on condition, "


"You let Kyle and Jessica go, "

"Once I have you then I will gladly let them go. You are the one I want not them," he promises.

"Okay, "

"See you in half an hour," he hangs up before I can say anything and my phone buzzes after with an address where to go.

I unlock the door and walk to the guest room that has a balcony. I walk to the balcony and climb the latter, down to the ground. I sigh and walk around the house and almost scream scared out of my mind at the sight of Nate standing in front of me.

"What the hell?" I whisper yell.

"I could ask you the same thing. You are the one acting like a thief," he points out and I roll my eyes at him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I fire back.

"I want in whatever you are doing or else you are not going anywhere sister- in -law," he says and crosses his arms over his chest.

"Fine. Now let's go," I grab his arm and drag him. He walks for a couple of minutes before catching a taxi to the address David gave me.

"Tay is going to kill us when he finds out that we are gone," Nate says as we climb out of the car in the middle of nowhere. There is a black SUV parked not far from us and there are trees around us.

"Are you sure this is the address he gave you?" Before I can answer, a man dressed in black climbs out of the car walks to us. Nate pushes me behind him when he notices a gun.

"Your phones?" We both take out our phones and hand them over. He grabs them and throws them away.

"Hey!" Nate says and I almost whack him for worrying about his phone.

"Do you know how much that phone cos—" he shuts up when the man points a gun at him.

"Put these on," he hands us covers to cover our heads and guides us to the car.

We get in the back seats and seconds the car roars to life. About ten minutes later, the car comes to a halt and the backseat opens. He yanks us out and takes off the covers. A small abounded, building stands in front of us with David, Kyle, and Jessica in Davids bodyguard arms.

"I am here, let them go," I demand and David laughs.

"I will let them go once you are in my arms," he says and Nate grabs my arm.

"I am not letting you go to him," Nate says and I pry his hand off me and take a step forward.

"Olivia!" Nate yells for me to stop but I don't look back until I am in front of David. He grabs my arm and makes me look at Nate.

"Let them go, drive them back, and make sure they don't see anything that could make them come here," he orders and drags me inside the building. I wince as he drags me up the stairs and pushes me into a dirty room. One of his bodyguards ties me to a chair and walks out.

"You fucked up my life," David says in my face.

"Because of your existence and the ability to attract men ruined my life." He yells in my face and I flinch.

"I didn't ruin your life you psycho," I yell back with a pounding heart.

"You don't know how much I want to strangle you to death but I was ordered not to touch a single hair on your body. The luck you have!" He chuckles and my heart sinks.

"You were ordered?!"

"Oh, honey! You are in for a surprise." He says and backs away from me at the same time the door opens and enters a familiar face.

"It's good to see you again baby girl," my eyes widen, my mouth opens and closes at the loss of word and the only word I manage to get out was,


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