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Chapter 179

Tay's POV.

I have never been so scared in my life like I am right now. The feeling is like when Olivia got in an accident. I should have known she would have done something like this.

"I'm sorry I couldn't do anything," Nate apologizes and I push my hair back to Calm. He came back with Kyle and Jessica but not Olivia.

"Why did you go along with her stupid plan? huh?" I yell.

"I'm sorry, "

"Your sorry won't bring back Olivia Nate! What you two did was stupid and selfish. What Do you think it will do to me? To Nora and Joe?" I yell again and a hand pulls me back.

"Calm down. Right now is not the time for this. We need to find Olivia," Andrew states, and I calm down enough not to kill my stupid little brother.

I thought he was smarter than this. Kyle was taken to the hospital and Jessica is resting. I have no idea where to start to look for them, there are so many old buildings.

Olivia's POV.

I open my mouth to say something but close it again when I can not form any words. I am sure my face is pale from the shock and confusion.

"W...what are you doing here? And what the hell is this?" I demand and glare at him.

"I am going to tell you a story," he grabs a chair at the corner and sets it in front of me, and sits down.

"There was this boy who loved his mother so much that he would do anything to see a smile on her face. He didn't have a father, you know why?" He looks at me.

"No, why?" I am not sure if I want to know the answer.

"Because he killed his own father. His father was a monster who used to beat the crap out of his mother. He used to sit in the corner every night of his little house and watched his mother get beaten to a pulp. One day he had enough and defended his mother. A part of him didn't want to kill him but he was too angry to control his anger or stop, so he stabbed his father over, and over and over again until he was satisfied," he pushes his hair back.

"And instead of calling the police the son, grandmother and the mother covered a murder. Well, the mother and grandmother and the little just watched them burying the body from a window," he chuckles.

"The little guy didn't feel anything and from that, he made a vow to protect his mother for the rest of his life but he failed because his mother was murdered and he wasn't there to prevent it. He became an Orphan," a tear falls from his eye.

"Do you know what it feels to become an Orphan? To have someone be taken from you?" he asks and I shake my head no.

"The grandmother and the boy changed their identities and the boy started to call his granny his mother. They made sure not to leave any clue behind and the body started to plot, to avenge his mother's death." He says and my heart pounds against my chest.

It can't be.

"You are him," I whisper with tears falling down my cheekbone.

"Say it," he demands and I shake my head no.

"SAY IT OLIVIA?" he yells and I close my eyes.

"You are Andrew's half brother," I say and sob.

"Yes, I am." He pushes his chair back and stands up.

"Why did you kidnap Kyle and Jess?" I ask and look up to him, and the man my eyes see is not the man I knew. The man standing in front of eyes is cruel, scary, and psychopath.

"Kyle was the only way for you to come to me and as for Jessica, I was planning to that bitch for sticking her nose where it doesn't belong." He informs and my eyes widen.

"What do you want from me?"

"You," He brings his hand to my face, and before he can touch it, I turn my head to the other side.

"I wanted you, I still do. We would have been happy together but you had to choose him! I tried to separate you but you always go back to him. I gave you a job, killed his mother, and sent that video of Donald and you all over but you still went back to him. Why?" He informs and my eyes water at the new information.

"You killed his mother!"

"Oh no! My hands are clean and besides I did her a favor. She was going to die. You know sometimes the people that stab you in the back are the ones closest to you. A few thousand was enough to have a maid finish her boss," he chuckles with a smirk.

"I made sure the video went viral but you still went back! This—" he points around us.

"Wouldn't have happened if you just came with me. I would have forgotten my plans to avenge my mother. I would have forgotten that the Paynes caused my grandmother to have Alzheimer's because of the loss of her only daughter. They also took her away from me, the Paynes took everything from me and I will make sure they pay," he roars.

"The person who did it is dead, "

"Not enough. I will make sure every one of them suffers, starting with Tay."

"Okay, this is getting boring now," David says.

"You got what you wanted, now give me the money you promised to get me out of the country," I don't have time to react when Chad turns around grabbing his gun from the back of jeans and shot right on the forehead of David causing me to scream

"Good riddance to bad rubbish, " he blows the smoke coming from the bullet hole.

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