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Chapter 180

"Open your eyes little one," Chad says to my face but I keep my eyes closed. He is a psychopath. How can he kill someone so easily! I have never in my life seen anyone die in front of me and what I just witnessed was pure horror! I don't know if I will ever get the image out of my mind.

"Open your eyes, Olivia?" I shake my head no while tears stream down my cheekbones. I am scared to open my eyes because I know he really killed David. A part of me hopes that it is all in my mind, that he didn't just put a bullet in David's skull right in front of my eyes. I feel a gun on my head and my breath hitches in my throat.

"Open your fucking eyes, Olivia?"

"Please don't shoot me!" I beg, my eyes still closed.

"I won't if you open your eyes," I slowly open my eyes to face the monster of every child's dream. David's body on the floor with blood around him. I feel like puking.

"Good girl!" He tucks my hair behind my ear.

"If only you returned my love for you, none of this wouldn't be happening," he leans against the wall in my sight.

"You don't have to do this Chad? I know you are hurt and feel like the whole world is against you but it's not," he keeps quiet and I continue.

"You can still have the life you dreamt of if you only just drop this and move on. Don't let the anger you are feeling right now turn you into something you are not. There is someone out there that can love you," I try to reason and he walks towards me.

"Can you?" His thumb caresses my cheek and I try not to show how much I hate him right now. How much I want to remove his hands off my face.

"Can you love me?" His voice is vulnerable and I realize at that moment how life has been unfair to him. He watched his mother get beaten by his father every single night, watched his mother and grandmother bury his father, his mother got murdered and his grandmother also died. He is all alone in this world and he is trying to hurt everyone who played a role in his misery.

"You can teach me," I swallow the lump that has formed on my throat. I don't why I said that but it just came out. A part of me hopes he believes me and lets me go. He leans in to try to kiss me but I turn my head at the last second.

"Lies!" He yells and kicks the chair next to him causing me to flinch.

"All you do is lie. I hate liars and you just lied to me, Olivia?" He looks madder than the last time.

"I had everything planned from the beginning, way before you came into the picture." He starts.

"Ria," he laughs and my eyes bulge out of their socket.

"She was easy to manipulate, easy to get her to sleep with Tay while giving me information about his life," more tears fell down my cheeks as he revealed more information.

"David, poor David! The man was stupid I tell you," he laughs again while rubbing the gun against his head like a mad person.

"He was willing to screw his family over a few million. I almost forgot the part where I enjoyed watching Tay search for the money that didn't even know where it went when it was right under his nose."

"What do you mean?" I manage to ask.

"I transferred the money to his dearest father. No, I'm lying. I set him up." He confesses and my heart is beating so fast I don't think I will handle any more of his bomb.

His phone beeps and he takes it out. A smile breaks on his face.

"Looks like dearest husband has come to rescue," he tucks his phone back to his jeans pocket. Tay is here!

"Okay, you have—" he checks his wristwatch.

"20 minutes to decide whether you are coming with me or you die," he drops another bomb.

"You are going to kill me!"

"Me? No. But your husband will. Believe me on that, "

"So, what is your decision?"

"I am not going anywhere with you," I say my heart pounding against my chest. There is no way in hell I am leaving with him. I would rather die.

Twenty minutes later, I am tired to a chair, my mouth covered and a wire from my chair going close to the door where there is a gun pointing at me. The door closed and if anyone opens it the gun goes off. Gun shoot rings in my ears and all I hope for is for Tay not to open the door even though I know that is lightly never going to happen.

"Olivia?" A voice that can turn me on at any moment yells in the building but no matter how much I try to get free, I can't.

"Olivia? If you can hear me please give me something, anything?" Tay's desperate voice rings in my ears and I struggle against the chair. His voice gets closer and closer and my heart beats faster and faster.

The doorknob turns and Tay's face comes into view. My eyes stay glued to the gun that is close to going off hoping he will see it and close the door but instead, he opens the door wider rushing to me and the last thing I remember were voices around me.

(Sorry for the late update guys. I travelled home this week before I start writing my exams. The internet connection here is very poor so the next update will lightly be on Tuesday when I'm back at Gauteng but if I get internet connection I will be sure to post another update. What is keeping you guys busy? I am enjoying my mother's cooking since I suck at that department 😹 just like Olivia. Which similarity do you share with Olivia?)

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